Configurable Products Additional Settings


When it comes to Configurable Products, there are settings which control how items are handled throughout the ordering process.

How to Display Variation Product Images on Emails and Admin Order Create

In Web Settings > Cart Settings > Shopping Cart Settings you can decide which Product Image to use in Cart. This impacts what your customer sees in their cart, as well as the image displayed in the Admin Order Cart.

Configurable Product Image in Cart has the following options:

  • Product Thumbnail Itself will display the configurable product variation's image.
  • Parent Product Thumbnail will display the configurable product's image.

Displaying Variation Attributes in PDFs

in Web Settings > Product Settings > Configurable Products & Variations you can set Swap Simple Product Custom Attribute Data When Selected to Yes.

  • When set to Yes, if a Simple Product has a Custom Attribute that is configured to show data, it will be displayed even though the purchase was done at the Configurable, Group, or Bundle Product level.