Prevent Spam - reCAPTCHA


Why is reCaptcha Required?

Due to malicious users, without reCaptcha you would be vulnerable to attacks by automated software that spams websites. reCaptcha helps prevent this and keeps Zoey's standing as a Service Provider on the Internet in better standing.

Setting Up reCAPTCHA with Zoey

First you will need to register for reCAPTCHA and receive your Site Key and Secret Key

You may need to log-in to your Google Account.
Once on the reCAPTCHA sign-up screen, you can specify the below settings and click "Register".

reCAPTCHA Registration FormreCAPTCHA Registration Form

reCAPTCHA Registration Form


Zoey currently only supports reCAPTCHA V2

Make sure to select the "I'm not a robot" Checkbox

After Registering, you will be presented with a screen that contains your reCAPTCHA Site Key and Secret Key.

reCAPTCHA Site and Secret KeysreCAPTCHA Site and Secret Keys

reCAPTCHA Site and Secret Keys

Step 2: Copy/Paste your reCAPTCHA Keys into Zoey

In your Zoey Admin Panel, navigate to Zoey Web > Web Settings > Site Configuration > reCAPTCHA

There you will find fields to copy/paste your Site Key and Secret Key. Once you have done this, click Save

Copy/Paste Site and Secret KeysCopy/Paste Site and Secret Keys

Copy/Paste Site and Secret Keys

Step 3: Configure reCAPTCHA Settings

By default, reCaptcha will be used for

  • Contact Us Form
  • Blog Posts
  • Customer Registration
  • Newsletter Registration
  • Product Review Form

We recommend you disable the Checkout reCaptcha unless you specifically need it. To make this change click on the "Checkout" tab and change "Enable Checkout ReCaptcha". To save this change please click on "Save Config"

Step 4: Refresh and Test

To complete the set-up simply click Refresh > Flush Cache then go test your ReCaptcha form throughout your site.

Newsletter reCAPTCHA

The Newsletter reCAPTCHA works on the Newsletter Sign-up form, most typically found in footers (see below)

Newsletter Sign-up formNewsletter Sign-up form

Newsletter Sign-up form

After the user enters their email address and clicks the submit button, they will be redirected to a page to confirm they are not a robot (see below)

Newsletter reCAPTCHA pageNewsletter reCAPTCHA page

Newsletter reCAPTCHA page

Once they have successfully completed this step, they will be redirected back to the last page they were on and be presented with a success message.