The Blog category of the +Add Menu will present you with different blocks depending on which page you are editing. There are blocks for building or Editing your Blog Pages. And there are the Recent Blog Posts blocks which are available on any page.


Blog Blocks only show if your Blog is Enabled

To learn how to enable your blog, read our Creating Your Blog tutorial.




Recent blog posts will only display information if your blog has posts.

Blog Blocks: Blog Homepage

Post List

The Post List is used on the Blog Homepage to list out a preview of all blog posts with links to read more on the Blog Post Page.



The Blog Sidebar is used on either the Blog Homepage or Post Template to provide a list of Recent Post Links and Links to Categories and Tags.



Breadcrumbs can be found in the +Add Menu under Building Blocks. It is used to provide the user with a path from the Blog Homepage to the Post Page and back again.


Blog Blocks: Post Page

Post Content

The Post Content Block contains the Post Title, Body, Featured Image as well as the Comments.


The Featured Image can be hidden or shown in different locations by updating the settings. Other settings include Enable/Disable Social Media Sharing, Enable/Disable Commenting and how many comments to load before pagination.


Recent Posts

Recent Posts blocks can be added to any page in your theme. It will display 2-3 of the most recent published blog posts.