Customizations allow you to let your customers choose options that will "Customize" a product.

Example: Allow your customers to have a message inscribed on your Product for an additional $10


Customizations can't be imported via CSV due to their complexity. But they can be copied to other Products.

To add the same customization to multiple products, follow this guide: Copy Customizations From One Product To Others

How to add Customization to your Product

Click on your Product to enter the Settings. Then click on, or scroll down to, Customizations.

Here you can create the customization to allow customers to select or provide their customization for the Product.

Creating the Customization

  1. Enter the Title of the Customization.
  2. Choose which Type of Customization this will be. See an explanation of each Type below.
  3. Decide if the Customization is required to order the item.
  4. Pick how the custom will be charged for their Customization.
    1. One-Time Charge for customizing many products but only charging the customer once.
    2. Per Item Charges will charge for customization of each product.
  5. Set Customer Groups if this Customization should only be available to certain customers.
  6. Provide a Tooltip for your customers. This will be displayed on the Customization in your store.
  7. Depending on the Customization Type (Text, File, Select, and Date) different options will appear for you to configure the max characters or selectable options.
  8. Save your customization. If you want to copy this Customization to other products, follow this guide.

The customization option will now appear on the Product Information page of your store.

Customization Types

You can add many type of customizations to your products:

Text FieldLike the inscription above
Text AreaA space for lager space
FileAllow users to upload an image, that maybe you'll print onto a coffee mug?
Drop DownPresent multiple options in a Drop Down and let your customers choose one.
RadioPresent multiple options in a list and let your customers choose one
CheckboxPresent multiple options in a list and let your customers choose several or all
Multi-SelectPresent multiple options in a list and let your customers choose several or all
DateAllow your customers to pick a Date
Date & TimeAllow your customers to pick a Date and Time.
TimeAllow your customers to pick a Time.

Customization Fields

SKU AdjustmentsThis allows you to have an adjustment made to the SKU of the product if the customer selects this Customization.
Price AdjustmentsIncrease the price by a fixed amount or percentage of the Product Price when this Customization is selected.



  • Customizations are not to be used when inventory needs to be tracked on the customization. For example you should not use Customizations for letting customers select a color or size (unless you are not tracking inventory based on color and size)
    • Configurable, Bundle and Grouped products will not show any Customizations from their Variations, Bundle Items or Grouped Products.
    • Grouped Products can not have Customizations
    • You can not add Swatches to Customizations, only Variations can have Swatches
    • Customizations can not have "Dependencies" i.e. if you select option A, it will then present you with options B and C, but selecting option X will present you with options Y and Z.