Managing Your Blog

Managing Posts

From the Control Panel, hover over Blog > Post

This section allows you to Delete or Change Status of a post.

The Post Status can be changed to:

  • Published
  • Unpublished
  • Hidden

Managing Comments

To set up and enable/disable the Comment Section, navigate to Edit My Design > Blog Post Page and click "Edit Blog Post" on the blog post design block.


To further manage comments section, from the Control Panel, hover over Blog > Comments

You can manage the content of comments left on blog post, by choosing to:

  • Delete Comment
  • Approve Comment
  • Unapprove Comment

Managing Categories

From the Control Panel, hover over Blog > Categories

You can then edit or add new categories by filling out the category information.

  • Title
  • Identifier
  • Sort Order
  • Keywords
  • Description


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