Custom Attributes

Custom Attributes lets you add an unlimited amount of information to your products that is valuable for you and your customers.


Video Tutorial

To gain a general idea on how Attributes relate to configurable products and the frontend of your store, watch our video tutorial here.

Custom Attribute information can be used for things like:

  • Searching for Products
  • Sorting and Filtering Products on the Category Page
  • Displaying additional information on the Product Page
  • Internally labeling, filtering or sorting your product catalog.

Add Custom Attributes To Your Product

Custom Attributes can be added to any product simply by typing the Name of an Attribute.

If you have used this Attribute before, it will auto-fill and ask you if you want to use it. (See Below)


Otherwise it will ask you if you want to create a new Attribute by that name. (See Below)


Creating an Attribute

When creating a new custom attribute you will be presented with three fields. (See Below)


1. Type - This is the kind of Custom Attribute you will be creating.

Drop DownA list of options where each product can only have one option (i.e. Brand)
Multiple SelectA list of options where each product can have multiple options (i.e. Ingredients)
TextA free space for typing text, limited to 1 line (i.e. Part Number)
WYSIWYGA free space for entering Text, Images, Embedded Videos etc...
Yes/NoAn option that is either yes or no (i.e. Batteries Included)
DateA date-entry field (i.e. Date of Manufacture)

2. Use As Filter - Allow this attribute to be used in product filters on your category pages.

3. Visible - Visible attributes can be added to your product template using the Visual Design Editor. It will appear in the "Additional Information" and "Product Attribute" Block.

Click Here to learn more about Attribute Blocks

Once you have selected the appropriate settings, click "Create" to enter the Attribute Value.


The maximum number of characters allowed in a custom attribute text field is 255.

Entering An Attribute Value

Once your Attribute is entered, you can enter an Attribute Value


Drop Down and Multi Select will give you a drop-down with all the available options for this attribute. You can also create a new value simply by typing it.

Text, WYSIWYG, Date and Yes/No will also give you appropriate fields for filling in Attribute Values that will be saved on this product.

Managing All Custom Attributes

You can manage all the Custom Attributes by going to Products > Attributes

Click Here to learn more about Managing Attributes (Product > Attributes)