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This settings section fine tunes the output of Shipping directive from Columns Map.


Make sure you add a column called "shipping" and map it to the Shipping directive.

The options here are helping to construct the output format required by Google Shopping Specification docs.

Only table rates and static shipping methods are available for use here.

Simple rates by price and weight can be defined in Google Merchant Center as well, so you may wish to check those options and skip this section.

Setting up real time shipping methods must be done within Google Merchant Center, under Settings > Shipping > + Shipping Method.

The address used in rates computations is been pulled from Shipping Origin under Setup > Checkout Settings. Make sure that address has been set correctly.

Enable Shipping Feature

If the shipping is disabled here, no output will be generated for the directive.


Allows you choose which of the shipping methods you would want to apply on your products in the feed. Only table rates and static shipping methods are available for use here.


This option should be corresponding to the feed's target country you are choosing when setting up the feed in your Merchant Center. Though you are free to choose multiple countries here, Google only allows one feed per country, so it's advisable to use only one country in this setting

Vary by Regions

This setting is useful with table rates where you have different rates by shipping locations. It is recommended to have this option turned on regardless of how many methods you set in the Shipping Methods

Countries with Regions

This option becomes active when Vary by Regions is turned on, and lets you choose which of the Countries should have variable rates.

Only Minimum Price

If more than one methods apply, you can output only the smallest rate from those that apply.

Only Free Shipping

When more than one rate applies to the same product, and one of them sets free shipping, you can output Free Shipping alone by having this option turned on

Add Tax to Shipping Price

Will include tax rate calculation if it applies to the shipping rate. Most of the times - and especially for US feeds - this should be off.

Format Shipping Price

Whether to format shipping price according to the store's locale settings. It will format the prices according to the locale set under Set-up > Localization

It does not follow the feed's localization, or the general Format Prices from Columns Map section.

Cache Shipping

Because computing shipping rates for each product can bring significant server overhead, the values are being cached throughout feed generation. It's advised to keep this option turned on, especially for large catalogs.

Shipping Cache Expire

Defines the time interval when computed values will expire. Most of the times this value should be more than a few hours to make sure cache is being used from one product to another in the same generation cycle. Setting this value to 0 is equivalent to turning off caching.