Translating Your Search Results Page

Edit translations for your checkout in:
Setup > Localization > Manage Languages > Edit Translations


Helpful Tips

  • The Video above is an example of adding and changing the translation " %s Item(s) in Your Shopping Cart" in the Mini Cart to say " %s Item(s) in Your Cart".

  • Translations are Case Sensitive. Please enter them exactly as they are below

  • If a phrase is not found, simply type it in and then click on "+Add Translation"

The following phrases can be translated

//Search Results
  * Search The Blog
  * Blog Post(s)
  * Relevance
  * Price
  * Low to high
  * High to low
  * Items per page
  * Log-in to view price
  * Log-in to view price
  * Starting at
  * No Records Found.
  * No matching products found.
  * Products
  * Type
  * Dismiss
  * Search Result


Duplicate Translations

If you find your language already has a translation for some of the above phrases, edit the existing translation rather than adding a new one.