Link Your Domain

Going Live with your customer portal means linking your Domain.



If you will be linking a "SUBDOMAIN" i.e. - Click Here



Zoey does not provide Nameserver Hosting. Please use a third party DNS provider such as your Domain Registrar.

STEP 1: Change your DNS Settings



Propagation times vary. You should change your DNS settings between 1 and 24 hours before you want to go live. It will take the length of time your TTL (Time To Live) in your DNS settings is set before Zoey will recognize the new information.

Start by logging into your DNS provider such as GoDaddy, Google Domains, etc..
Once logged in, find your Zone File or DNS Records and make the following updates:

1. A Record

NameTypeData (points to)

2. AAAA Record

Zoey Supports IPv6 Routing so if your DNS Provider allows you to add an AAAA record please do so!

NameTypeData (points to)


NameTypeData (points to)

Some DNS providers will require a dot (.) at after .com to properly save. This is provider specific and if yours requires it please add it so it reads:

4. SPF (TXT)

Your emails sent from Zoey (Orders, Shipments etc...) will likely go to SPAM if you do not make the following change. If you currently have an SPF record (generally found inside a TXT record) configured in your DNS Entry, you will need to change the SPF Record to have: - see below

NameTypeData (UPDATE)


For example, if you use Office 365, it may look like this:
v=spf1 -all

STEP 2: Set Your Domain (In Zoey)


You must be the Account Owner to manage these settings.
The URL when logging into the Control Panel is an internal URL and cannot be modified

Navigate to Web Settings > Domain in your Zoey Admin and click Manage Store URL.

Then select or enter your domain. If typing it in, do not include https:// or www.
Click Change Sore URL.


Do I Need An SSL Certificate?

NO! All Zoey Stores automatically are Secured using HTTPS


Need help?

To create a support ticket please click here. Tickets are answered Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm Eastern Time. Initial response time during these hours is typically within 30 minutes.

Remove a Domain Name

Below the Store URL click "Remove Domain". Follow the instructions as prompted. This action is non-reversible.

What’s Next

Need to point an additional Domain to Zoey?