Creating an Order from the Admin

To create an order from the Admin, select Orders > Create New Order

Step 1: Select Customer

You can choose an existing Customer, create a new Customer or continue as a "Guest" order for which you have the option to add an email address.

Step 2: Add Products

In the "Items" section you can click Add products.


Step 3: Billing & Shipping Address

Next you can add saved addresses from the selected customer or enter new addresses into the order address form.



The Addresses section also includes a link to add Gift Messaging (if enabled for your store)

Step 4: Shipping, Discounts & Payment

In the bottom section of the page you can choose from available Shipping methods, apply discount codes, custom discount amounts, gift cards and enter payment information.


Once all required information has been filled out, the Place Order button will light-up and you can submit the order.