Table Rate Shipping


The Table Rate Shipping Method is now called Best Way

Table rate shipping lets you calculate shipping rates with a combination of conditions using editable data. The shipping rate can be based on the following calculations:

  • Weight vs. Destination
  • Price vs. Destination
  • Number of Items vs. Destination


Only one set of table rate data can be active at any time. The data that is used to calculate the rate is prepared in a spreadsheet and imported into your store.

If you need more flexible rates, look at the Matrix Rates Shipping method.

Set up your Table Rate Shipping Method

Add Best Way to your shipping methods

In your Control Panel, go to Settings > Shipping Methods. If Table Rate is not shown, click on Add Shipping Method. Choose the Best Way method, and set Enabled to Yes.

  • You can now adjust the settings of your Table Rate and import the rate sheet.

Modify the following settings:

TitleEnter a name that will be used to refer to this shipping option during checkout (example: Recommended Shipping)
Method NameEnter a name that best describes how these are being shipped such as "Standard Shipping".
ConditionChoose from one of the three options:

Weight vs. Destination
Price vs. Destination¹
* Number of Items vs. Destination
Calculate ShippingFixed Price or Percent of Subtotal
Calculate Handling Fee Fixed Amount based on Flat Rate Price, Fixed (amount per order ) or Percentage (of the order total price)
Handling FeeNumeric value to calculate amount or percentage (e.g. 10 for $10 or 10%)
Maximum WeightNumeric value for max weight to be shipped via table rates.
Displayed Error MessageYou can enter a message, which appears when a selected method is unavailable.
Ship to Applicable CountriesSelect one of:
All Allowed Countries²
Specific Countries
Sort OrderUse a numeric value to determine the sequence in which this shipping method appears when listed with other shipping methods during checkout.
Hide all other shipping methods if Table Rate is eligibleWhen set to Yes, no other shipping methods other than Table Rate will appear in the Shipping Step of the Checkout. Please note that Discount Rules that remove Free Shipping will conflict with this setting and may result in no shipping methods being available when this is enabled.

¹ If you are using Price vs. Destination to determine the shipping cost, you can choose to Include Virtual Products in Price Calculation. The prices for these items will be added to those that are being shipped and used in the calculations.

² Remember, any countries you allow this rate to be used for either must be specified in your CSV file or use * for all unspecified countries.

When complete click the Save button to save your changes.

Here's an example of what this may look like once you're done:

Prepare the Data


Before you start!

The table rates are entered by importing a CSV file, but first you need to export the file by selecting the Export CSV button.

When you click Export CSV button, it will download the file to your computer. You can open and edit it in any spreadsheet editor of choice E.g. Excel or Google Spreadsheets).


Country and US State Codes

Please refer our article for Country Codes or US State Codes.

Table Rate Examples

Price vs. Destination, all countries allowed:

Weight vs. Destination, USA only with different Regions:

The same way you would set up the CSV file when using Number of Items vs. Destination.

Import the Data

Once you have your file ready, you need to import it into your Table Rates shipping method. The upload file buttons is right underneath the Export CSV file button.