Matrix Rates

If you've looked into Table Rates Tutorial and decided this is the one for you, but you want to add on additional service levels like Express, Overnight, or Ground, it's time to move into Matrix Rates.

You can find a lot of the information and documentation on which methods and rules to use by viewing the Table Rates Tutorial. Once you're comfortable with this concept, come back to this one to get started.

Add the Matrix Rates Shipping Method

  1. In your Control Panel, go to Set-up > Shipping. Click on Add Shipping Method, choose the Matrix Rates box, and click Click the Add Shipping Methods bar that appears at the bottom of your page.

  2. Click on Set-Up next to the Matrix Rates section to view your configuration settings.

Configure your Settings

EnabledSet to Yes
TitleEnter a name to refer to this shipping option during checkout (example: Preferred Shipping). Note: This will be visible to the shopper.
ConditionChoose one of the following:
Weight vs. Destination
Price vs. Destination
* Number of Items vs. Destination
Use Numeric Zipcode RangesIf you are planning to use Numerical Zipcodes in your rules, set Use Numeric Zipcode Ranges to Yes. If you are using Zipcodes / Post Codes that include letters or are just not using these for your rules, leave this as No.
Free Shipping PromotionsIf you are offering Free Shipping over a certain monetary amount set this to Enable.
Only Display Free ShippingIf customers who spend over your specified amount will not be given additional options such as express shipping, you can change Only Display Free Shipping to Yes.
Free Shipping Display TextSet the text visible to the Shopper upon checkout for the free shipping option.
Minimum Order Amount For Free ShippingSet how much a shopper needs to spend before they are eligible for free shipping.
This should be a numerical amount with no currency symbols.
Include Free Shipping Items in Rate CalculationIf you have items that are given free shipping through a promotion, you can set this to Yes. This will add the items to the quantity, weight or price that your Matrix is set on.
Include Virtual Products in Rate CalculationIf you are using # of Items or Price vs. Destination to determine the shipping cost, you can set this to Yes to include virtual products. The prices for these items will be added to those that are being shipped and used in the calculations.
Calculate Handling Fee (optional)Fixed amount or Percentage of the order subtotal.
Handling FeeEnter a numeric value for fixed or percentage amount. Otherwise leave empty.
Ship to Applicable Countries All Allowed Countries
Specific Countries (select from the list)
Displayed Error MessageThis message appears when a selected method is unavailable. You can edit this text.
Sort OrderEnter a number to determine the sequence in which this shipping method appears when listed with other shipping methods during checkout.


Specific Countries

Note that any country you allow this rate to be used for either must be specified in your CSV file or use * (asterix) for all unspecified countries.

When complete click the Save button to save your changes.

Here's an example of what this may look like once you're done


Configure your CSV

Once you have set up and saved your basic configuration, change the Store Scope in the top right from Default Config to the main website.


From here click on EXPORT CSV to have the basic CSV file you need to work with. Once the file is ready click on Choose File to upload it.


You can learn the basics of what this sheet does and requires in the Table Rates tutorial. The only difference is you now have a column called Delivery Type. This will allow you to have the multiple delivery types (such as ground, express, courier...) with different prices, but the same rules will apply.

Here's an example of rules ready to import:



This file must be saved and uploaded as a Windows CSV file. xls or Mac CSV files will not be recognized by the system and will not properly save.