B2B Sales Portal Theme


Only available for Premium Plans


The B2B Sales Portal Theme is an optimized front-end experience for the quick purchase and re-ordering of products.


Step 1: Install Theme

The B2B Sales Portal Theme can be installed from Edit My Design > Browse Themes
Click to learn more about how to install the B2B Sales Portal Theme

Step 2: Edit Homepage

The homepage has a title and brief descriptive text that you can edit. If you are familiar with using the Visual Design Editor you can click to edit anything on the page. Otherwise Click to learn more about editing your B2B Sales Portal Theme Homepage

Step 3: Enable Table View

To take full advantage of the quick-ordering functionality on category pages, enable Table View
Click here to learn how to enable Category Table View

Step 4: Configure Advanced Quick Order

This theme comes with a page called "Quick Order", but This Page Will Be Blank until you enable and set-up an Advanced Quick Order form.
Click to learn how to set-up Advanced Quick Order forms

Step 5: Set-up "My Catalog"

This theme utilizes the "Wishlist" as a place for your customers to build their own "Catalog" for quick-ordering.
Click to learn how to set-up My Catalog for this theme

Step 6: Optional Customizations


If you would like to update the colors of your theme, simply us the Fonts & Colors Tool.


Tips for updating colors:

  • The Header and Sidebar use the Secondary Color Palette Background and Headings colors
  • All other theme elements utilize the Primary Color Palette.

Sidebar Links and Icons

The Sidebar can be edited by clicking "Edit Page Content" inside the pencil icon, or by clicking Edit Body. Then you can edit the links, icons, categories etc... (see below)