Send Invoice

If you want to simple send your customers an Invoice for their order without a determined payment method, you can enable the Send Invoice payment method for your store.


This option will only appear for Admin and Mobile App users. It will create and send the Invoice to the customer when the Order is placed.

To add this payment option, go to Settings > Payment Methods and click Add Payment Method in the top-right.

Auto Apply Surcharge

The Send Invoice payment method has a setting called Auto Apply Surcharge

  • When set to Yes, if there is only one Payment Method available to the Customer, and that Payment Method and Customer Group have a Surcharge, then the Surcharge will be added to the Order automatically.
  • When set to No, the Surcharge will not appear on the Order, Order PDF or Order Email. The Surcharge will only be shown after the customer selects their payment method and goes to pay.