Product Image Recommendations


Zoey Products allow for a Main Image, and additional Gallery Images. The Main Image is automatically resized to fit in product lists, category pages, shopping cart, checkout, search or anywhere the product image needs to be represented. For this reason, we have compiled the below recommendations.


Upload images that follow relatively square aspect ratios.

Uploading an image that is super tall or super wide will result in potentially undesirable appearances.

Upload large images with the lowest file size possible.

We recommend keeping all product images above 1000px for its largest dimension (height or width) and below 200kb in file size (the smaller file-size the better as long as you don't sacrifice quality too much).

Optimize Image Size for Zoom

The Product Image Zoom will activate only when the natural size of the image is larger than the size displayed on the page. In some themes, the product image can be as large as 700px. If your product image is smaller than that, the zoom will not activate. Alternatively, if your image is too large, the zoom may be too much.

Compress your images to get the smallest file-size possible while maintaining quality.

Uncompressed images take much longer for the web browser to load. So to keep your load times fast, keep your images compressed. If you are not a Photoshop wiz or have some other professional image editing software, you can use the following online tools:

Upload good quality images.

You may have a beautiful new theme, but bad, pixelated product images just don't look very nice.

Don't Ignore your Gallery

Sometimes users upload nice main images, but poor gallery imaged. Gallery images utilize the same logic for zoom as your main image. So, if possible, make sure you follow the same rules.

Keep it consistent.

The key to good looking product catalogs are images with consistent sizes, resolutions and background colors.

Neutral Background Colors.

White, off-white, transparent or black background colors for your images will all typically work well with any theme as long as it is consistent.

Consider Square Images

Square images, in general, are the most flexible for product images throughout your theme. It's also beneficial if you plan on submitting your products to Google Shopping Feed.