Tier Pricing Groups

This feature allows the quantities of products in the same "Tier Pricing Group" to be combined in the cart to offer each product's tier pricing steps.


Make sure Tier Pricing Groups are enabled in your store


You can set the Tier Price Group on the Product Edit Screen in the Tier Pricing section. Start typing the name of an existing group, or type a new group name.

You can also use Bulk Editing Products or a CSV Import with the column header tier_price_group to bulk add products to tier pricing groups.

Use Advanced Filters or add the Tier Pricing Group column on the Products > Product List page to view all products assigned to different Tier Pricing Groups.

How it works

When multiple products from the same Tier Pricing Group are in the cart, the sum of the quantities of those products are used for determining which tier price from each product is used. For example:

  • Products A, B and C are in the same Tier Pricing Group
  • Each of the three products have a Tier Price at 12 and above
  • The customer's cart has 4 of product A, 4 of product B, and 4 of product C
  • The quantities of each of these products will be added together to make 12
  • Each product will be purchased at the tier price for 12 and above