Printing Orders & Statements


We will explore a few ways that Order data can be printed or exported.

Getting to Orders

You can see all your Orders in the Orders List. Or go to Customers and open an Account. Select the Sales tab for a list of the customer's Orders.

You can apply filters here or search for results. We'll be selecting a few records and using Bulk Actions on them.

Print Orders

To download PDF copies of your orders, use Print Orders.

Print Receipts

To download payment receipts, use Print Receipts.

Print Packing Slips

To download packing slips of orders that were shipped, use Print Packing Slips.

Print Credit Memos

To download credit memos issued to your customers, use Print Credit Memos.

Print Invoices

To download all invoices on selected orders, use Print Invoices.


Print Statement

To generate an order statement with orders in rows, you must be looking at orders in Account > Sales and choose Print Statement.

Pick List Single, Multiple, and Items

Each of the Pick List options will download a list of items in each order for picking and packing. Single can only be used for packing one order at a time.