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Product filters section mostly allows you to filter out products you don't want in the feed, but also replace values generated with Columns Map definition.

Allow Out of Stock

This filter is applied to standalone simple products or configurable products. Associated simple products have other rules defined in "Configurable products" and "Grouped products"

Include Products only from those Categories

This feature enables you to select which categories will be included in the feed. By default, products from all categories are included. If you want to only include products from some categories, please un-check "Include all categories" and select the categories you wish to include by checking the boxes.

This feature also respects categories that inherit products from sub-categories. This means that:

  • you don't need to select all sub-categories here
  • if you add more sub-categories to an anchor category, you don't need to worry about including them here.

Submit Only Products of theses Types

You can specify by store what types of products should be included in the feed.

Adding configurable or bundle types will also pull associated simple products if it's specified in the Configurable products or Apparel sections.

Submit Only Products that have these Attribute Sets

If you want to include All Attribute Sets, you can select only the first option; selecting the first option along with a few other sets won't include all sets.


Attribute sets are being deprecated by Zoey in 2016. Please be sure to select all.

Replace Empty Values

This set of rules have similar function as Columns Map, the only difference being that columns defined here have to exist. Make sure you save your column map first.

This setting gives the opportunity to stop the feed from delivering empty columns when products are lacking respective data. You can set your empty data to be replaced with Static Values or any other regular Directive or Attributes.

The rules defined here will be applied last in the catalog processing, right before the output, and they will be applied in the order defined by Order column in this grid.

You can actually define cascading rules for the same column to minimize the risk of having empty values in the feed.

Find and Replaces

The find & replace will apply at column output, similarly how replace empty values does. The more rules you apply the slower your feed will be, not recommended for large catalogs.


Save your columns before adding rules here.

Skip Product with Empty

This filter comes predefined with required columns for a Google shopping feed, having selected: id, image_link, link and price, as default values.

This filter will apply at the end of Replace empty values rules, so that only the ones with true empty values will be filtered out.