Creating Products - Product Types

Zoey has 7 Product Types. When creating a product, select the one that best fits your needs.

Creating A New Product


Click "New Product" or Select A Product Type Directly


Simple Product

A basic product type that does not have variations such as size and color. An Example would be a pair of headphones.


Simple Product

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Configurable Products

A product that contains variations such as Size, Color and Price that may need their inventory tracked. An example would be headphones that come in 4 different colors.


Configurable Product

A Configurable product will have "Variations" which are links to simple products that define the SKU and Inventory of each option.

For instance, the example above will be 1 Configurable product and 4 Variations. The 4 variations will be Red, Blue, Green and Black. For each variation, you can have different SKUs, Inventory and Images.

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Group Product

A "Parent" product type that allows your customers to purchase multiple quantities of multiple Simple products on one page.


Group Product

With a Grouped Product, your customers can choose how many or few they want of the Simple Products on a single page.

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Bundled Products

A "Parent" product type that gives options to bundle together different simple products.


Bundle Product

Different from a Group in that your customers can select from different options for each item.

And different from a Configurable Product in that the Bundle allows the user to simultaneously select and add multiple simple products to their shopping cart.

Bundle products also allow more dynamic or "fixed" pricing, making it easier for you to sell a bundle of products together for a discounted price.

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Virtual Products

A non-shippable product. Often a service, warranty or virtual item. Use Customizations to allow customers to specify options.


Virtual Products are those that do not have a physical or digital counterpart. They do not ship, nor do they have a download link. This product type might be used for services like:

  • House Cleaning
  • 1-Year Newsletter Subscription

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Downloadable Products

A product that upon purchase allows the customer to download a file.


Downloadable Products are similar to Virtual Products, with the option to add one or more digital files for download. Files can be uploaded one of two ways:

  • Directly on the product through the control panel
  • Saved to a third party host such as Amazon S3

When a customer buys a Downloadable Product, Zoey will generate a secure, encrypted link for the download to disguise the file’s actual location from the customer. This category might include products such as:

  • Music/MP3s
  • Computer Software

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Gift Card Products

A “virtual” gift card that can be redeemed online using a code sent by email to the recipient.


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