Step 3: Create Integration in NetSuite

Get “Consumer Key and Consumer Secret”

Navigate to Setup > Integrations > Oracle NetSuite > Manage Connection

Create a New Integration

  1. Name: Zoey SOAP Integration

  2. Concurrency Limit: At least 2. Using the max can potentially block other integrations from using the API. Other integrations can potentially block the Zoey integration from using the API if they use a high number.

  3. Token-based Authentication:

  4. Oauth 2.0

  5. Save the Integration


IMPORTANT: Copy and save the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. They will only be shown ONCE.

Create Access Token (Get “Access Token & Secret”)

Navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > Access Tokens

Click New Access Token

  1. Application Name: Select created Zoey Integration.

  2. User: Select desired user.

  3. Role: Select role created in previous step.
    Note: a new role must be used, “Administrator” roles cannot be used for the API.

  4. Token Name: This should autogenerate. Otherwise use value with the format: “Integration Name - User Name, Role Name”

  5. Save access token.


IMPORTANT: Copy and save the token ID and Secret. They will only be shown ONCE.

Create Zoey Payment Method (for Sales orders with Credit Card)


This step is only needed if you are actually collecting credit card payments through Zoey.

Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Lists

Click New. Select Payment Method

  1. Name: Zoey Credit Card
    You may set the Name to any value. It will appear in the NetSuite Payment Method list on the Zoey Integration page with whatever name you provide.

  2. Type: Offline

  3. Account: Select desired Deposit to Account

  4. Save Payment Method

  5. Repeat these steps and create a Payment Method called Zoey Refund