Stripe ACH

The Stripe Payment Method allows you to enable ACH payments

How It Works

Using Stripe ACH payment, the customer will be asked to enter their bank account information.

After the order is placed, two micro-deposits will be made to the customer's bank account with a statement description of AMNTS:. These deposits will take 1-2 business days to appear on their online statement. Once they appear, they can click the link in the order email sent from your store to enter the two amounts into a verification form.

The customer can enter the amounts into the form and click Verify.

As soon as the bank account is verified, the payment will be completed and the order will be processed.


Registered Customers & Saved Verification

If a customer places an order using Stripe ACH while logged into Zoey, they only need to verify the micro-deposits the very first time that they use ACH for each bank account. On Future orders they will still need to enter their bank Account and Routing number, but if they use the same bank account, verification will be automatic. They will receive a second email after their subsequent orders with the message: "We have successfully received a payment by ACH bank transfer and will now be processing your order."

Step 1: Setup Webhooks in your Stripe Dashboard

In your Stripe Dashboard, navigate to the Developers > Webhooks Screen.

Next, click "+Add Endpoint" and in the window enter the following information:
####Endpoint URL
Your Current Version
####Events To Send
Only three events are required for ACH:

  • customer.source.updated
  • charge.failed
  • charge.succeeded

Once the above information is filled in, click "Add Endpoint".

Step 2: Enable Stripe ACH in Zoey

Navigate to Setup > Payments and click Configure on Stripe ACH Payments


If you can't find Stripe ACH Payments, maybe the Stripe Payment App hasn't been installed yet.

Enable Stripe ACH Payments


Optional: If you only want ACH to be available to specific customer groups, you can restrict it using Payment Restrictions

Using ACH with Company Accounts

Bank Account verification is done per-email address placing orders, meaning that each company user will have to go through the verification process the first time they use a bank account for ACH Payment.