Stripe ACH

The Stripe Payment Method allows you to enable ACH payments


Stripe must approve your Financial Application to enable ACH

To get approved for Stripe ACH Production, Stripe has to approve your Financial Application. Stripe calls this "Financial Connections." Their email often comes from [email protected].

Once your application is received by Stripe, they may take several business days to approve it. Once approved, you may set ACH to Live mode in Stripe, and then you can switch Zoey ACH to Production/Live.

How It Works

Using Stripe ACH payment, the customer will be able to log-in to their bank account and select an account to link. This "Instant Verification" will allow the user to place the order and immediately initiate ACH payment. ACH Transfer may take 1-4 business days to process depending on the financial institution being linked.

Once a Bank Account is Linked, it will be available to select for future Orders and on the Invoice Payment screen for both the Customer and the Zoey Administrator.

When the order is placed, a payment intent in Stripe will be initiated and processed. In Zoey the invoice/payment will not be created until the Bank Transfer is complete. Please note, if ACH is used for placing the order, the payment transfer will be processed, it will not wait for the order to ship. Depending on the Financial Connection processing the transfer could take a few minutes to a few days. If the ACH Transfer fails, the Order will be canceled.

Step 1: Setup Stripe for ACH

Part 1: Enable Stripe's "Financial Connections"

Use the link below to fill out the application to use Stripe's Financial Connections. This will allow users to connect to their bank accounts.


Note: If you do not complete this step, the following message will be shown when trying to use ACH for Payment: You are not registered to use Financial Connections. Please submit your registration at

Part 2: Setup Webhooks

In your Stripe Dashboard, navigate to the Developers > Webhooks Screen.

Next, click "+Add Endpoint" and in the window enter the following information:

Endpoint URL


Leave blank


Latest API Version

Select events to listen to:

Only four events are required for ACH:

  • charge.captured
  • customer.source.updated
  • charge.failed
  • charge.succeeded

Once the above information is filled in, click "Add Endpoint".

Step 2: Enable Stripe ACH in Zoey

Navigate to Setup > Payments and click Configure on Stripe ACH Payments

Enable Stripe ACH Payments, and set Use Stripe Financial Connections (V2) to Yes.


Using V2 for Stripe Financial Connections is REQUIRED.

You must be approved by Stripe for their Financial Connections and have Use Stripe Financial Connections (V2) set to Yes in order to accept ACH payments.


Optional: If you only want ACH to be available to specific customer groups, you can restrict it using Payment Restrictions

Using ACH with Accounts

Bank Account verification is done per Contact/Email address placing orders, meaning that each Account user will have to setup a bank account for ACH Payment.

Stripe Mandate Text

When customers make their first payment via Stripe ACH, they must provide authorization for you to take payment in the form of an ACH Mandate.

Stripe has this well documented here.

Editing Mandate Text

The ACH Mandate must always contain certain text, so it is not fully editable.

You can prepend or append text to the ACH Mandate so that customer's approval is granted to your ACH terms.

In Settings > Payment Methods > Stripe ACH scroll all the way to the bottom. There are 2 WYSIWYG editor to enter your text into.