Tax Rates are the percentage added to the product sales price to be collected from the customer to account for a local, state, or federal tax. These are paired with Tax Classes to create Tax Rules you can apply across your store.

Visit Tax Page

From your Control Panel, hover your cursor over Set-up and select Tax.


Select Zones & Rates

From your Tax page, Zones & Rates.


Add New Tax Rate

On the Manage Tax Rates page, click Add New Tax Rate in the upper right:


From the New Tax Rate page, configure your rate information.

Tax IdentifierThis is the title of the newly created tax rate. Do not use spaces. This identifier is not visible to customers if the alternate Tax Titles section is used.
CountrySelect the country to which the specific tax applies. Country is required.
StateAvailable for countries that have states. You have the following options:
To apply the tax rates to all states, click (asterisk), a wildcard character that enables you to apply the same tax rate to all states in the selected country.
* To select a state, click the name of a state to which to apply a tax rate.
Zip/Post Code If you click No, specify the zip or postal code in the Zip/Post Code field. You can use the (asterisk) wildcard character in this field; for example,90 means all zip codes from 90000 through 90999.
Click Yes if you want this tax applied to a specific range of Zip codes.
Range From / Range ToSpecify the starting and ending Zip or postal code ranges.
Rate PercentSpecify the tax rate percent as a value of 0 (zero) or greater. For example, enter 9.75for a tax rate of 9.75%.
Tax TitlesThis option applies only if you have a store in different languages and you want to have the languages displayed differently. Tax Titles let you name your tax rate if you have a store that is translated into different languages and you use the same tax rates for all languages.


All required fields are marked by a red asterisk.

Editing Existing Tax Rate

From the Tax Rate page, you can sort and edit existing tax rates. Select Enable Filters to sort and search existing rates.


You can sort and search by Tax Identifier, Country, State/Region, Zip/Post Code and Rate.


Exporting Tax Rates

Use the Export to drop down to choose between exporting to a CSV and an Excel XML file.


Then, click Export to create a file with information on all your existing tax rates.


When you've finished configuring your settings, click Save


The Manage Tax Rates page is displayed, where you can arrange your tax rates by using the sort filters at the top of the grid, and by clicking the column headings to sort the tax rates.

Importing Tax Rates with a CSV File

Follow the below tutorial
Importing Tax Rates