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Welcome to the brand new Zoey Support developer hub. We've completely revamped our Support Center to make it easier to find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Zoey as quickly as possible.


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Welcome To Zoey Support!

This site is meant to be your guide in helping you create, launch and manage a Zoey store. If there's something that you cannot do with Zoey, we encourage your feedback and have more information on how to submit an idea below. If you're running into problems you can't resolve or need to speak with someone on the Zoey team, follow any of the suggested methods below. We look forward to helping you in the development of your eCommerce site!

Zoey Official Documentation

The articles to the left were written and are maintained by Zoey. We create and update articles very frequently based on evolving features and feedback from our readers. If you have any feedback please create a ticket letting us know.

Zoey Q&A

The Q&A link at the top of the page is where anyone is welcome to ask or answer questions posted by other users. We encourage you to post your question here!

Creating A Support Ticket

To create a support ticket please click here or visit https://tickets.zoey.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. If you are a Zoey Customer be sure to Sign In before creating your ticket for fastest service. Tickets are answered Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm Eastern Time although for tickets marked Urgent the coverage is larger.

Scheduling A Phone Call

We encourage you to first visit the documentation or create a support ticket. If you would prefer to speak with someone you may go to http://phone.zoey.com to schedule a phone call with an agent.

We reserve the right to cancel an appointment for the following reasons:

  • A ticket was submitted and the issue was resolved in there.
  • You haven't provided us with the required information:
    • Email address associated with account
    • Correct Store URL
    • Phone Pin, which can be set up in your Account Manager section.
  • Technical or other issues that can't be resolved over telephone:
    • Cancellation of account and refunds (please submit a ticket)
    • Outage (visit http://status.zoey.com/)
    • Already escalated ticket that is being reviewed at the time of scheduling the appointment
    • Migration Issues
    • Issues with 3rd Party Apps, including payment gateways

You will be informed via an automated notification if your appointment was cancelled.

Suggesting & Voting A New Feature/Idea For Zoey

We love and welcome new ideas! Zoey is dedicated to building the best product for you. Please visit our feature page to read current ideas, vote on them or submit your own idea!

Welcome To Zoey Support!