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Welcome to the brand new Zoey Support developer hub. We've completely revamped our Support Center to make it easier to find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Zoey as quickly as possible.


Welcome To Zoey Support!

This site is meant to be your guide in helping you create, launch and manage a Zoey store. If there's something that you cannot do with Zoey, we encourage your feedback and have more information on how to submit an idea below. If you're running into problems you can't resolve or need to speak with someone on the Zoey team, follow any of the suggested methods below. We look forward to helping you in the development of your eCommerce site!

Creating A Support Ticket

To create a support ticket please click here. If you are a Zoey Customer be sure to Sign In before creating your ticket for fastest service. Tickets are answered Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm Eastern Time although for tickets marked Urgent the coverage is larger.

Suggesting & Voting A New Feature/Idea For Zoey

We love and welcome new ideas! Zoey is dedicated to building the best product for you. Please visit our feature page to read current ideas, vote on them or submit your own idea!

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Welcome To Zoey Support!

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