Manage Products In Categories - Adding & Organizing


You can also manage the Categories for each Product via CSV.

Learn how to export and import Product Categories here: Managing Product Categories through CSV

Add Products To A Category

You can now easily assign products to your Categories.
Go to Products > Categories - In the right column you will see the number of products in your Category. Click on Manage Products to add products:

Click the link to Add/Remove and manage products in the category.

You can either check the boxes to the left of the product or click on the blue button to the right to add it directly to the Category.

Product Visibility Within A Category

If you add a product to a category that is only visible in Search and therefore won't be visible in the category, it will appear as so:

Organize Products Within A Category

You are able to sort your products using the Default Sort Order drop-down menu:

  • Manual ("Top Products" in the customer-facing sort options)
  • Name
  • Newest On Top (Sorted descending by ID - newest created)
  • Price Low to High
  • Price High to Low
  • Products on Sale on Top


If you select Manual you can drag the products into a specific order.


These options will also be available to your customers when browsing your category page.



Have a lot of products to sort, and drag & drop is too slow?

Try Sorting Products in Categories with Product Attributes