Discount by Account Attribute


If you're new to Customer Attributes, please click this link to learn a bit about them.


You can create a discount that applies to Accounts or Customers based on a combination of their Attributes. This allows you to create complex discounts which only apply to customers that meet the attribute qualifications.


Customers can be given eligibility for these discounts by assigning them the right attribute values.

How to Create an Attribute Discount

Follow the steps below:

1. Create the Attributes

You must first create the Attributes for your Accounts or Customer. We recommend using Drop Down or Yes/No attribute types.

  • If using a Drop Down attribute, you must then add the Values which will qualify the Account for a discount.
  • Check the box shown to make this attribute visible on the Admin Account Edit Form.

Assigning each Account's new attribute a value

You now need to specify the new attribute's value on each Account. You can set Accounts' values for this attribute in bulk by Exporting and Re-Importing Customer Attributes.

2. Set up your Discount

Begin creating your discount in Promotions > Discount Rules > Create a Discount Rule

The General Information form can be filled out first. We have more information about general discount set up here.

To apply your discount based on an attribute, you simply add Attribute qualifications to the Conditions.

  1. Select Contact / Account attribute combination.
  2. Then choose the value you are expecting to qualify the Account for this discount. Shown in the images below.

Now complete your discount's set up! You'll need to set up the discount's Actions to determine what kind of discount the customer will get.


Be sure to test your discounts before making them available to your customers!

Applying the Discount to Products by their Attributes

You can also set which products can be discounted by using an Attribute!

The steps for this are:

  1. Create the Product Attribute. For example, a Yes/No attribute called Discountable.
    1. You must allow this attribute to be using in Discount Rules by checking off Can Be Used for Building Promotions > Discount Rules and Sales
  2. Set that value on each of your products through Bulk Actions > Edit Products or CSV import.
  3. In the Actions form of your Discount, add a qualification using the products new attribute.
    1. Only products that meet the conditions set under Apply the rule only to cart items matching the following conditions (leave blank for all items) will be discounted.