Terminology For Categories

Category Name

Click on the Category Title to change it.


To the right of the URL Key click on "edit".
Note: You can't change the ID. The ID is useful for when you create Promotions or Sales Prices.


Use the Text Box tools to edit and format your text.


You can upload a Category Image and Thumbnail. The image will be shown in the frontend in your Category Page, as long as you have a Category Image Block added to your Catalog Template.
The thumbnail will be displayed in the Header Navigation drop down, depending on your Navigation style.

Search Engine Preview

The description text you entered is also your SEO Meta Data. If you want to add the description for SEO purposes, but you don't want it to be visible in the frontend, make sure to remove the Category Description Text in Edit My Design > Catalog Template.
We recommend keeping the description under 255 characters.
You can customize the SEO title by clicking "edit", otherwise it will pull the Category Title.

Edit My Design

Change the Catalog Template for your Category design.

Manage Products

This opens the Product Management screen where you can Add/Remove and Organize products within your category.

Allow this category to be visible in my store.

This will enable/disable the category. Unchecked will completely hide it from your store.

Show this category in the Header Navigation.

This setting controls if the category will appear in your header navigation.

Show products from all subcategories.

This will show products from your subcategories on the parent category page.