Customer Quote Experience

Add To Quote

The Add To Quote experience on the front-end is very simple and easy to use. When enabled in Quote Settings, The Add To Quote button will automatically appear for all products anywhere the Add To Cart would appear. The Quote Mini-Cart will automatically appear in the Santi theme header and other NEW Zoey headers.
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Ajax Add To Quote

Submitting A Quote

After adding products to the quote, the customer can click "Review Quote" from the Quote Mini-Cart. This will take the customer to the Submit your Quote Request page.
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Editing A Quote

The customer will have the ability to edit the quote depending on Quotes Settings > Customer Permission and Permissions set on the individual quote.
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The Quote will always have a "Print" button that will allow the customer to Print/Save a PDF of the quote in its current status.

That means if the quote is in a status where prices are hidden, the PDF will not have pricing information.



The customer can choose to cancel a quote anytime. Within their My Account > My Quote page they will see a "Cancel" button. Clicking this will change the Quote Status to "Quote Canceled"


The customer can also "Duplicate" a quote for the purpose of re-submitting or building a new quote starting from the data added to a previously submitted quote. Within their My Account > My Quote page they will see a "Duplicate" button.

Clicking this button will open a window to name the duplicate quote and confirm.

Clicking Confirm will create the new quote and put it into the new quote status specified in the Quote Creation Settings. By default, this is "Quote Pending"

Converting to Order

Once a Quote is "Available" and has all the required information filled out (items, addresses, shipping methods), the customer can convert the quote to an order.
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