Creating Your Blog


Before you begin:

Set your Blog Web Address (URL) when prompted or by going to Blog > Settings > General > Route to Blog. Then Save.

Adding a Blog Post

From the Control Panel, hover over Blog > Add Post.

Fill in the blog post fields:

TitleName of Blog Post
Edit Web Address (URL)An optional field that allows you to give the post a specific URL
Featured ImageOptional image to be displayed on post
LanguagesAll Languages or select a specific store view
Hidden- not shown in blog but can be accessed directly
ContentUse the WYSIWYG editor to create your Blog post
ExcerptShort passage of the blog post to be displayed
Created OnDate of post
Categoriesa way to group similar posts together
Tagsoptional keywords to describe the blog post in more detail

When you are finished, click the Save Post button in the upper right hand corner.

You'll want to Index and Refresh Your Store after saving to see changes immediately show up on the frontend.

Have the Blog Appear in Store

In order to have the Blog appear in your store, you will need to create a Custom Link.

You can either create a link in the Header Navigation by going to Edit My Design > Header & Navigation and add a link with the Blog URL key, which is /blog.

You can also add a Link to the Footer Navigation by going to Edit My Design > Footer and add the link from there.