Emails and Notifications

You can set up your store email addresses, create and customize your email templates, and manage all email notification settings from within Settings > Emails.


Settings > Emails is a central location for managing all Email Templates and Settings for your store. You can edit:

  • Email Logo
  • "From" Email Addresses
  • Email Header/Footers
  • Customer Email Notifications (Welcome email, contact form etc...)
  • Order Email Notifications (New Order, Shipment etc...)
  • Quote Email Notifications (New Quote, Quote Update etc...)
  • Product Email Notifications (Gift Cards etc...)
  • Blog Email Notifications (New Comments etc...)

Other features include:

  • Adding BCC Emails to each notification
  • Adding "Variable" information from an order, customer or store (like Customer Name, or Order Number)
  • Creating Email Templates for different customer groups
  • Translating Emails
  • Preview
  • Sending a Test Email

Global Email Settings

The Global Settings section allows you to Enable/Disable email sending from your store, as well as setting a default logo and different "From" addresses for your email notifications. You can have up to 5 "From" email addresses, and which one is used can be specified per-email template in the sections below.

Email Header / Footer

The Header/Footer section allows you to edit the default Header and Footer for your email templates. By default the Header simply contains the logo from the "General Settings" section and the footer contains a simple Thank You.

You can click into the Header/Footer templates to make edits, translate or create multiple headers/footers for your different customer groups.

Editing Email Templates

When selecting an email template to edit, you will be presented with the following screen:

From here, you can edit:

  • Template Name - This is for internal use only.
  • Template Subject - what the customer will see as the subject line of the email notification.
  • Customer Group(s) - Leave blank to be the default template for all customer groups.
  • Email Sender - Select from the "From" emails set in the "General Settings" Section of Setup > Emails
  • Email BCC List - Enter a comma-separated list of email addresses you would like BCC'd for that specific email template.
    Template - You are given a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor to make simple text changes to your emails.



Emails and specific email clients may be very temperamental with changes above and beyond simple text edits to the email template. If you are planning to make more drastic edits, we recommend you test the email template by clicking "Send Test Email" or by using a service like that will show you what the email will look like in multiple email clients.



If you feel you have done something wrong with an email template in the WYSIWYG, you can use the "Revert template to "default" HTML" link below the WYSIWYG field.

Additional Email Settings

Certain Email Notifications will have additional settings such as the ability to enable/disable specific notifications, to include product images in Order emails, or frequency to send the Abandoned Cart email.

Customer Group Specific Templates

To add an email notification template for a specific customer group, simply click the +Add Email Template link in the appropriate section of Setup > Emails (i.e. Orders). Then after selecting the email notification type, enter a unique customer group.

NOTE: If you specify a customer group on the only template for that particular notification (i.e. New Order), Zoey will automatically save the template as a new template for that specific customer group. This is to prevent having a notification type that does not have an email template.

Disabling an Email

How to disable an email.

  1. To disable an email from ever being sent, go to Settings > Emails.
  2. Find the email template you wish to disable and click on it.
  3. You could then set Enable to No. That will prevent this email from ever being sent.

Add Recipient to Email

Maybe you need to add recipients to emails referencing invoices, orders, or shipments

Those templates will contain the Send Order Email Copy To field for you to input additional recipient email addresses.

Changing the contents of an email

You can completely change any email in Zoey by editing its template.

The template below is for the New Order email.


You can click <> to edit the HTML. Emails in Zoey can be completely redesigned by a member of your team.

Translating Your Emails

If you have multiple languages enabled in Setup > Localization > Manage Languages, you will be able to translate your emails using the "Globe" icon at the top of the Edit Email screen.

Full List Of Email Notifications


  • Contact Form
  • Customer Registration Pending
  • Forgot Password
  • New Customer Approved
  • New Pending Customer
  • New account
  • New account confirmation
  • New account confirmed
  • Newsletter subscription confirmation
  • Newsletter subscription success
  • Remind Password
  • Share Wishlist
  • Store Credit Balance Updated


  • Abandoned Cart Email
  • Credit Memo Update
  • Invoice Update
  • New Credit Memo
  • New Invoice
  • New Order
  • New Pending Order Template
  • New Shipment
  • Order Update
  • Payment Failed
  • Pending Order Alert Template
  • Pending Order Approved Template
  • Shipment Update


  • Company Quote Require Approval Template
  • New Quote
  • Quote Expiration
  • Quote Reminder
  • Quote Update


  • Gift Card Recipient Email
  • Product price alert (For Product Alerts 3rd Party App Only)
  • Product stock alert (For Product Alerts 3rd Party App Only)


  • Comment Submitted