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Product Lists


Product List blocks allow you to add a collection of products to any page in your theme. You can display Featured And New Products or Products from a specific Category

Add Product List

In Edit My Design, select a page to edit. Then Click on the + Add menu. In the Products section of the +Add Menu: click or drag & drop to add a product list to your page.

Edit Product Lists

Once the product list is on your page you can click on Edit Product List settings or Design.


The below settings allow you to specify which products are pulled in, how many products to show and different options for how they are displayed:

Types of Products

New - Newest Products added to your catalog
Featured - Products Marked as Featured = Yes (in CSV - pix_widget_featured_product = 1)

Number of Products

Number of products to display

Number of Columns on Desktop

The number of columns of products when the user is viewing the store on desktop.

Number of Columns on Tablet

The number of columns of products when the user is viewing the store on a Tablet device.

Number of Columns on Mobile

The number of columns of products when the user is viewing the store on a Mobile device.

Image Proportions

The proportions (image ratio) that the product images will be displayed. (i.e. 1:1 = Square)


Show Add to Wishlist link

Compare Products

Show Add to Compare link

Add To Cart

Show Add to Cart button

Show Status Flags

Show New or Sale flags on the product.

  • New - Based on Product New From/To attribute
  • Sale - Based on if product has Sale Price

Show Low Stock Notice

Show Only X Left Message
Based on Products>Settings>Inventory Only X Left threshold setting.

Add Product Attribute Above Name

Add any product attribute (like SKU, Color, Brand etc...) Above the Product Name.

Includes Additional Setting to place the attribute below the name or below the price.

Updated about a year ago

Product Lists

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