Before you begin:

You need to have a live account or create an Adyen test account before setting up your payment gateway on Zoey. You can sign up here.

From your control panel go to Set-up > Payments and click on View More Payment Methods.

Configure Adyen Settings

  1. Go to your test account and log in with your test account credentials.
  2. In the main menu click Accounts.
  3. Select the name of your Merchant Account.


To set up Zoey, you need to use the Merchant Account.

  1. In the main menu select Settings > Server Communication.
  2. Click Add next to Standard Notification.
  1. Under the Transport section:
  • Enter your website URL followed by /adyen/process/ins*.
  • Select the Active checkbox.
  • Set the Method to HTTP POST.
  • Click Save Configuration.

*NOTE: If you have turned off URL rewrite in Zoey, you need to use index.php/adyen/process/ins.

Set Up Adyen In Zoey

  1. Merchant account in Zoey must correspond to Merchant Account in Adyen.
  2. Set the required settings* in Zoey as shown in the picture.
  1. Set up your own Notification User Name and Password in Zoey, then copy it over to Adyen. They must be the same in both systems.

  2. To check the Capture Delay in Adyen, go to Settings > Merchants Settings.
    Only set the Capture Mode in Zoey to Manual if Capture Delay in Adyen is also set to Manual, otherwise leave it as Immediate.

  3. Adyen automatically generates a Web Service User Name for every account in the following format [email protected].

To find your default Web Service User Name in Adyen go to Settings > Users. Select System from the dropdown.

  1. To find the Adyen ws password for Test, click on your default web service name.
  2. If you have not set up your web service password in Adyen yet, do so now by clicking on Generate Password.
  3. Fill in the same password from your Adyen web service password into the Zoey Adyen ws Password for Test.


If you hover over the "i" next to the fields, it shows you more information about the settings.

Once you finished filling in the information within Zoey, click on the blue Save button.


Download PDF Tutorial

Please click here to download the full Adyen tutorial as PDF file.

Article courtesy of Sandra Wampach owner of Milk & Green.