Importing Products

Zoey allows you to import products with a CSV file. Importing Products can be fast and easy, but if your product information does not match the Zoey format, you will need to re-format it.


Start Simple

We recommend importing only the essential information first, then adding more complex information by Updating Products via CSV file

Create Your Import CSV File

Follow the formatting in the Image below.



Column HeaderDescription
A unique value to identify your product. No two products can share the same SKU.
_typeProduct Type
Product Types
nameThe name of your product. By default this will also define the URL key and cannot be longer than 60 characters.

Name should always be UNIQUE. Having Duplicate Names causes SEO Issues
short_descriptionA short description of your product found by the Add to Cart button.
descriptionA detailed description of your product.
priceThe base price of the product, prior to any sales or discounts.
statusWhether or not to show this product in your store.
Enabled = 1
Disabled = 2
tax_class_idWhether or not to charge tax for this product
Not Taxable/ None = 0
Taxable = 2
visibilityHow your customers can find this product.
Catalog and Search = 4
Search Only = 3
Catalog Only = 2
Not Visible Individually = 1
weightThe weight of your product expressed only as a number.
qtyQuantity available to purchase
is_in_stockIf this product is in-stock or not
1 = In Stock
0 = Out of Stock


More fields available!

Check out the CSV Files Article for other fields you can import.


Unsupported Product Types

Zoey does not support importing Bundle Items or Group Products. The Bundle and Group Product can be imported, but the links to their associated products can not. They will have to be linked manually in the Admin.

Gift Card products must be created manually in the Admin

To import Downloadable Products, see

Import Your CSV

Go to Import & Export > Import Products, select "Append Complex Data", select your file and upload.


Once you are alerted the import was successful, refresh your store and view your newly updated Product List.


Re-Index & Refresh Required

Often after running imports you may need to Flush Cache and Re-Index (from the "Refresh" menu in the blue sidebar) to see your changes live. to see your changes live.

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