Credit Memos, Returns and Refunds



A Credit Memo is a full or partial refund of a paid Invoice.

If you are looking to give your accounts Store Credit which is not tied to an existing order, see our article on Store Credit here.


Credit Memos cannot be reverted.

Learn more about Issuing Refunds here.


Learn More About Issuing Refunds

Refund Totals and Completing the Process

Create A Credit Memo

  1. From the Control Panel, select Orders
  2. Locate the Order in the list and click to open.
  3. In the upper left, click the Credit Memo button.


The Credit Memo button appears only if an Invoice has been Paid.

An unpaid Invoice can be Voided by clicking Void within the Invoice.

If there is no Invoice, the Order can be edited instead of issuing credit.

The Credit Memo page looks similar to the Invoice page, with a Refund Items section that allow you to select which items are being refunded and whether to return them to stock.

You can also click the Refund Amount bubble to refund a specific amount.

Select the Payment to refund. Usually this is your first and only payment for the order.

Return To Inventory

If the product is to be returned to inventory, check the Return to Stock check box.
If the Product will not be returned to inventory, leave the check box blank.

In the Qty to Refund box, type the number of items to be returned.


The Return to Stock check box appears only if you have set the inventory stock options to Decrease Stock When Order Is Placed.

Refund Amount

You may choose to issue a refund without the return of products. In the top left corner of the Refunds page, click on Refund Amount. On the right side of the page, you may enter a Custom Refund Amount.

Here you also have the option to refund the Shipping amount, or charge a Re-stocking fee, which will reduce the amount of the refund total.


Learn More About Issuing Refunds

Refund Totals and Completing the Process

ACH Refunds

When a customer makes payment via ACH they can only be refunded by Store Credit, or an Offline Refund.


ACH payments can't be returned to the customer's bank account through Zoey.

The payment will need to be returned outside of Zoey. You can then create the Credit Memo to document the refund in Zoey.

Issue a Store Credit

Refund to Store Credit or apply Store Credit to a Customer or Account. Store credit can then be used by Sales Reps or Customers to pay for their future orders.


Learn More about Store Credits

Issuing and Using Store Credits