File Manager & Product Attachments


Product Attachments and File Manager allow for the upload and management of PDF and other non-image file types, and the attachment of those files to specific products for download by customers on the Product Page of your store.



This feature is available free on some plans with 5GB storage included. For plans where this feature does not come for free, this feature can be purchased for an additional fee per month. When trying to use the feature you will be asked to upgrade and be presented with costs.

Additional storage can be purchased at $10/mo for each subsequent 5GB of space.

Purchasing This Feature

This feature can be purchased from the File Manager, or from the new "Attachments" tab in your Product Edit Screen. Click "Learn More" which will prompt you with options to buy.


Purchase from Advanced > File Manager


Choose to upgrade plan or purchase monthly subscription.


Purchase from Products > Edit

Using The File Manager & Product Attachments

Follow the below tutorials in the "What's Next" section to learn how to use the File Manager & Product Attachments Features.