How Invoices are Paid

Invoices are sent to your customer to be paid online through Credit Card or ACH.

Through Zoey Admin you can collect Online Payments through Pay Now, or mark the invoice paid by collecting the payment offline and simply marking it as paid in Zoey.

Paying an Invoice in Zoey Admin

  • Capture Offline

You can mark the Invoice paid by selecting Capture Offline. The Order's Payment Method will be recorded as the invoice's payment method by default.

You can set the payment method which is actually being used to pay this invoice by changing Invoice Payment Method is.

  • Pay Now

Pay Now will let you pay the invoice through the Online Payment Methods allowed by for this Account/Contact. After clicking Pay Now at the bottom, the Pay Now page will open to accept the customer's payment by CC or ACH.


Marking an Invoice as Paid will also create a Payment Receipt

Only the Payment Receipt Email will be sent to your Customer, not the New Invoice Email, when the invoice is paid at the time of creation.

How Customers Pay Invoices

Your customers are notified of their current Invoices by email. They can view all of their unpaid orders by logging into their Account on your store.

Invoices can be paid a few ways:

  • Online Payment through Zoey
    An online payment is processed through a Zoey integration such as Stripe or
    These payments can be tracked through Zoey or within the control panel of the payment gateway.
    Customers make online payments through the Pay Now links in their My Orders page or through emails and PDFs sent to them.
  • Offline Payment
    An offline payment is made through Cash, Check, or any external transfer of funds.
    When a Customer pays you via an offline method like Check or COD, you must mark the invoice as paid manually in Zoey Admin > Order > Invoice.
  • Integrations
    QBO, NetSuite and Data Mapper integrations can also mark invoices as paid depending on their settings and where payment is collected.

Invoice Notifications

Customers are emailed when the order is invoiced. The Invoice email and PDF will contain a Pay Now button which directs customer to make payment via an Online Payment Method.


The methods available to pay an invoice will depend on Invoice Payment Methods on the Account


You can use Invoicing Automation to send reminders and follow-up to customers with unpaid invoices!

You can resend the invoice email by opening an Invoice and clicking the Resend button.

Changing the Payment Method used to Pay Invoice

Invoice Payment Method is can be changed before and after the Invoice is paid. This enables you manually adjust what payment method the Invoice records it was paid by.

A comment is required when changing Invoice Payment Method is. This change is recorded to the Invoice Audit Log. Changing the Invoice Payment Method will not effect the order or any existing payment records.


Invoices that are paid by Credit Card or ACH (Online Methods) will not allow you to change their Invoice Payment Method.

Online payments are guaranteed to record the right method of payment to the invoice and therefor shouldn't need to be edited.

Viewing/Exporting the Payment Method used for Invoices

The payment method which was used to pay the Invoice will often differ from the payment method listed on the order.

You can view all your paid invoices and the method used to pay them in the Invoices Grid. Click Orders > Invoices to get there.

Click the Paid tab so that you're only looking at paid invoices. Then click the gear icon to add more columns to the grid. Search for Invoice Payment Method and click the + symbol to add that column.

You will then see the Invoice Payment Method listed for each paid invoice. This is the method by which the invoice thinks it was paid.

You can select your Invoices by checking them off, and then open Bulk Actions and click Export Current Grid to download that data to a CSV file.