Allowing Backorders

Go to Web Settings >Product Settings > Settings > Inventory Settings.

Under Stock Options change Display Out of Stock Products to Yes.

Go to Products > Settings and select Inventory Settings.

Click on +Advanced Options and change Backorders to Allow Qty Below 0 and choose whether or not you will notify the customer that this is a backordered item.

Save and you are done.


Changing the Pre Order Message

If you set the "Backorders" setting to "Allow Qty Below 0 and Notify Customer" by default the system will use the message:

This product is not available in the requested quantity. %s of the items will be backordered.

You can use the Translation Engine ( to change this string of text to whatever you'd like for it to say. This message will appear on the shopping cart and on the Product Page.

CSV file Headers

If you are using a CSV file to update your products or export your product list you will find the following headers:

use_config_backorders0 = Use default settings
1 = Do not use default settings
backorders0 = No backorders are allowed
1 = Yes, but don't tell customers it's a backorder
2 = Yes, do tell the customer it's a backorder

Allow Backorders for Specific Products

You can change the inventory setting on specific products, where the default doesn't apply.
Open the product within your Product List and go to Inventory & Shipping. Click on +Advanced Inventory Settings and Configure Allow Customers to Purchase This Product when It's Out of Stock, then select from the dropdown menu the backorder setting.


Setting Backorder On Variations

Follow the above steps, but Variation Products can only be found in the "All" tab (unless visibility on those products is set to something other than "not visible individually")