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Pick Lists

Pick & Pack Lists


A Pick List is a PDF File that can be printed/downloaded to help with the picking and packing of products for your orders. Unlike a Packing Slip, the Pick List can be printed before the shipment is created and it contains only the information needed for your fulfillment personnel to gather items for shipping.


The Pick List will only include items that HAVE NOT BEEN SHIPPED. If all items in an order have been shipped, the document will contain the message "There are no items in this order left to be shipped."

How To Print Pick Lists

From your Orders screen, you can select single or multiple orders, then from the "Bulk Actions tab, you can select Print > Pick List Single or Pick List Multiple

There are two types of pick lists to choose from depending on which option works best for you and your fulfillment process.

Pick List Single

The Pick List Single option will print a pick list for each order selected. If you select 5 orders, it will print 5 pick lists.

Example of a Single Pick List

Example of a Single Pick List

Pick List Multiple

The Pick List Multiple Option will print all selected orders as a single document.

Example of a Multiple Pick List

Example of a Multiple Pick List

Pick List PDF Settings

In Orders > PDF Settings > Pick List you can add/manage product attribute columns on the documents, and choose to show images on the Single Pick List PDF.