Zoey does not support TaxJar - this integration must be used "as-is" and may contain issues. TaxJar support may or may not be able to assist. Zoey is currently running TaxJar Version 3.0.1

Add the TaxJar App

Go to https://account.zoeysite.com/apps/install/taxjar_salestax and install TaxJar


This will ask you to Log-In and Install the TaxJar app on your store.
Once installed you will be redirected to the TaxJar Settings Page.

If you need to find the TaxJar App at a later time, you can click on Apps in your Admin panel and you will see TaxJar in your MyApps Page. Click manage to edit the TaxJar settings.


Connecting Your TaxJar Account

Inside your TaxJar App Settings Page (see below) you can click the "Connect To TaxJar" Button.


Connect To TaxJar Button

This will open a pop-up that allows you to connect an existing account or create a new account.


Connect or Create Account Screen

After Creating a new account or Logging In with an existing account, you will get a screen with a button to "Connect To TaxJar". Click the Connect button and wait for your Zoey Admin screen to refresh.


Connect To TaxJar after Logging-In

Enabling TaxJar Calculations for Checkout

Once Connected you will need to set Enabled For Checkout to YES, then click SAVE in the upper-right corner of your screen.

From there you will have several other settings for Managing your TaxJar account, Downloading "Backup Rates", Specifying Backup Product and Customer Tax Classes and Debug settings incase TaxJar and Zoey Support need to diagnose an issue.


TaxJar Settings

Helpful Links


If you encounter any issues with linking your accounts, please reach out to TaxJar directly: [email protected]



If you have imported rates from TaxJar, then set "Enabled for Checkout" to "NO", your Downloaded Rates WILL NOT WORK. If you would like to disconnect the TaxJar App, you will have to click the "Disconnect TaxJar" link but this will DELETE the Tax Rates downloaded from TaxJar.