May 2023 - Cart/Checkout Updates

Checkout Steps reducing for logged In customers.

Impact to Logged In Users

With the release of the May 2023 cart/checkout updates, Logged In Customers will be directed to the shopping cart during Checkout where their default addresses - separated by Ship To and Bill To - will be pre-set based on their Account defaults.

Directly from the Cart page they will be able to Edit or Add New Ship To and Bill To (if they have adequate customer permissions)

Clicking Checkout will then take the logged in user directly to the Shipping Method/Payment Method screens.

Order Attributes

Any Order Attributes configured to show on the Billing Address or Shipping Address steps of the checkout will now show on the Cart - below the new Addresses section for Logged In users.

Address Editing

With this update, Account Addresses can be edited directly from the Cart when writing an Order. Those edits will be saved on the Account's Addresses.

Order Comments

For Logged In Users, order comments can now be added in the Cart. These comments will continue to appear in the "Customer Order Comments" section of your Admin Order-View screen.

Impact to Guest Checkout

The new cart interface will only be presented to Logged In Customers. Guest or not-logged-in customers will continue to use the existing multi-step checkout process starting with "Continue As Guest" with options to Login or Register (if configured). From there they will move directly to the Billing Address step as it exists today.