Importing Variation Tax Classes

Configurable Product Variations may have different tax classes (when specified). Use this guide to import different product tax classes to each variation.

Navigate to Import & Export > Products > Variation Tax Classes

Importing Variation Tax Classes via CSV

Create a CSV file with the following columns

CSV Column

Example Data



Value or Blank

Value means a previously assigned Override ID. This ID will exist only after the import and appear in an Export. To modify an existing Tax Variation the ID must be used.

Leave this column blank to import new Variations



The SKU of the Configurable Product the Variation belongs to



The SKU of the Variation Product you are assigning a Tax Class to


Variation Taxes

The full name of the Tax Class as found in the Tax Class Grid within Setup->Tax->Product Tax Classes

Exporting Variation Tax Classes via CSV

Simply click the Export button.