Linking Existing Variations To Configurable Products


Before You Begin

If possible, we recommend simply deleting the existing simple products and using the Variations Generator on the Configurable Product. If that is not an option for you, please follow the instructions below.

Verify Your Products Exist And Have The Correct Attributes

Both your Configurable Product and the Variation Product (Invisible Simple Product) must exist prior to linking via CSV.

Note in the screenshot below how each Variation already has the appropriate Size & Color

Create Your Variation Linker Import File

Follow the formatting in the Image below.


Variation Attribute Options Must Exist

In order for the import of variation options (i.e. Size = S,M,L etc...) the options themselves must exist in your Zoey Store prior to running the import.

Verify the options exist in Products>Attributes


As this CSV is only dealing with the association of simple to configurable products, you will only need the following columns in your CSV.




The Configurable Product's SKU


Your Variation (Simple Product) SKU


The Attribute Code you are using for this variation such as size or color. Please check your Attributes for the appropriate code.


The Attribute Option (i.e. Small, Medium, Large, or Red, Blue, Black)


From your Zoey Admin, go to Import & Export > Import Products

Use the following settings:

  • Entity Type = Products
  • Import Behavior = Append Complex Data

Then select your import file, click "Check Data" then run the import.

If you have followed these steps correctly, your Configurable Product's Variation Section will look something like this (see below).


Re-Index & Refresh Required

Often after running imports you may need to Flush Cache and Re-Index (from the "Refresh" menu in the blue sidebar) to see your changes live. to see your changes live.