CRM - CSV Changes: Importing Accounts/Contacts


Important changes for CSV Accounts/Customers tentatively scheduled for April 3, 2023

With the launch of the new Zoey 2023 CRM, there will be some structural database changes made that will impact how data is imported/exported via CSV the below changes should be made to support the upgrade.

The New Account Import Template

Please review the below template. A majority of it will be familiar and you should be able to easily transform your current import templates to match the new template.

Click below to View or Save a Copy

Download the template and start to convert your old sheets. Note: you will not be able to use this import template until the new CRM launches.

Most significant changes explained:

Billing Addresses are being separated from Shipping Addresses

Account addresses can no longer be both billing and shipping. For this reason the address type column is being removed. Billing Addresses will have their own set of columns in the CSV template separate from Locations/Shipping Addresses. The new Bill To addresses are global by default (available to all locations, unless flagged to specific locations).

Shipping Address & Locations are Merging

Locations and Ship To Addresses will more closely align. The Location columns are now labeling and settings for a Shipping Address. A Shipping addresses can no longer be assigned to multiple locations.

Customer Changes

The "Customer" object is being renamed "Contact"

  • A Contact (customer) will only be assigned to an Account (company) - no longer to individual locations.
  • A Contact can be configured to have limited access to one or more Locations with different Roles for each location.
  • Location Role is being removed for customers assigned to both company and location.
  • The concept of "Account Owner" is changing to a new designation of "Main Contact" or "Additional Contact"
  • Main Contacts will be assigned to a Main Contact Role
  • There can be multiple Main Contact Roles and multiple Additional Contact Roles
  • The Account Owner settings are being deprecated - previously assigned role (owner settings) will continue to work (will be displayed as "(Legacy Account Role)"), but can no longer be edited. to edit the role of a main contact customer, a main contact role will need to be assigned.

Account Customer Group will Override Customer's Customer Group

The Customer Group assigned to the Account will override what is assigned to the customer. On the Web Portal, if a Contact (customer) belongs to multiple accounts, they will have an "Account Switcher" at the top of their browser window.

** Shipping Address and Location merging means there should not be an instance where two different locations have the same shipping address. This was also true in the old data-model but not enforced so we do not believe this will be a major change, simply enforcing a model that makes sense.


Questions about the changes?

If you have any questions about the CSV changes above, please Create a Support Request

Be sure to include the CSV file you have questions about.

Importing Contacts (customers)

Zoey is taking steps to remove the ability to manage contacts (customers) independently from Accounts. The template mostly stays the same, however we will be deprecating Customer Net Terms and Customer Store Credit later this year.