Invoiced Report

This report will show the information on orders created and invoiced:

  • Period
  • Number of Orders
  • Number of Invoiced Orders
  • Total Invoiced
  • Total Invoiced Paid
  • Total Invoiced not Paid

From your control panel go to Analytics > Reports > Sales and click on Manage next to the report field you want to run (Invoiced):


Select Report Data (Filters)

  1. Select Match Period To
  • Order Created Date
  • Order Updated Date
  1. Select Period
  • Day
  • Month
  • Year
  1. Select the From and To date
  1. Order Status
  • Any
  • Specified (if this is selected a new field opens from where you can select the different order status)
  1. Empty Rows > Yes/ No

Generate and Export Report

Click on Show Report in the top right to run the report and display it at the bottom of the page:


Click on the Export button to generate a CSV file - it will automatically be downloaded onto your computer.


Refresh Lifetime Statistics

If you see an incomplete report you need to refresh the lifetime statistics.