Importing Customers

To import your existing customer information into Zoey, you must format your files properly. This tutorial will tell you what attributes you need to include in order to successfully import a file.

The file that you upload must be in Comma-Separated Values (CSV) format. Most spreadsheet and database applications can create CSV files- Excel is the most common of these programs. If you use a Mac, save the CSV as CSV (Windows) file- your Zoey store will not be able to read the file otherwise.

The total size of of the CSV file cannot exceed 110M.


Export Customer List First

It is sometimes easier to start by creating a customer in the Zoey Admin and then to Export your Customer List to get a base file to work from. This file will contain all fields and information from your sample customer and will be easy to build off of.

Access the Customer Import and Export pages using the Import & Export menu in the left sidebar of your control panel.

Required Customer Columns

These are written as they should appear in the CSV file column.


The customer's email- this will be their log in.


By default, this will be base


Customer's first or given name


Customer's last or family name


The group to which the customer belongs. By default you already have a few available and you can use 1 for the "General" Group.


Always set this will to 1


If the customer is being imported to Zoey for the first time, this value must be 0. If you are merging or updating a record, refer to their current Zoey Customer Account for their id number.

Optional Customer Columns


Overwrites the Customer Group Tax Class with a specific Tax Class for this customer. The value of this row is the ID number of the Tax Class you want to overwrite found in Setup->Tax->Customer Tax Classes




2 letter country, for example US
Find the Country Code at




First Name


Last Name


Middle Name


Internal reference if migrating from other system, not used within Zoey






State/Province for example New York


Street Address 1 - currently not possible to import a second street address








Residential or Commercial


1 to set this as the default Billing Address, otherwise leave blank


1 to set this as the default Shipping Address, otherwise leave blank

Here's an example of an upload of new customers which will import without error:


Importing multiple addresses for one customer

If one customer has multiple addresses you can add a new row in the CSV file underneath the customer and simply add the address, take a look at the example below for a customer with 3 addresses


2 Address Lines

At this moment it's not possible to import data for the second address line.

Deleting Customers via CSV

You can import a two column CSV file

Column Title

Column Value


The email address of the Customer who you wish to delete from the Zoey System



Then select "Customers" from the Import & Export menu in your left sidebar.

For Entity Type select Customer
For Import Behavior select Delete Entities

Then run the importer, the customers will be deleted.