Creating An Order In The Admin


The Zoey Admin Order Create screen allows Admin Users (Staff Accounts) to place orders on behalf of customers.

How To Create An Order

Step 1 - Click Create New Order

Click Create New Order from in the top right of the Orders List or through the option in the pull-out menu.

Step 2 - Select/Create a Customer Contact (or Continue as Guest)

The first screen you see allows you to select an existing customer, create a new customer, or continue to create a guest order where a customer account is not required.


Here you are selecting the individual Contact for whom the order is being placed.

The default Account for that Contact will be selected the Order!

You may need to click Change Customer and select a different Account.


Continue As Guest

Continue As Guest will not require an email address, only a customer group. If no email address is entered, the customer will not receive any sales emails.

After clicking Continue As Guest you will have the option to select an existing customer or create customer if needed. After placing the order, it can later be assigned to a customer account by clicking "Change Customer" on the View Order screen.


After selecting the Customer Contact, you can click Change Customer to change the Account, Contact, or Account Location which the order is for.

OPTIONAL STEP - Set Order ID, Language, and Currency

In the Information Section of the Order Create screen, you can specify a Language (Store) or Currency for the order. You can also set a custom Order ID by clicking Edit next to where it says "Generated Automatically".


Custom Order ID

The Custom Order ID will always begin with a number that references the Language selected. For your default language, the order will begin with a "1". For other languages: 2, 3, 4 etc...

The Custom Order ID field is Numeric Only (0-9) and must be a minimum of 9 numbers. You also may not use an order number that has previously been used.

Step 3 - Add Items

Use the Items section to search for and add products to the order. This section gives you access to quickly find products in the customer's cart, wishlist, and items they recently ordered. You can also search for all products, search using advanced filters or even quick-add by copy/pasting comma-separated values of SKU and Quantity.


Items Section

Clicking Add Products will open a "drawer" that can be used to search, select, configure and bulk-add products to the order. When you are finished adding products, click "Done" in the bottom right corner, the "X" in the top right corner, or just click back onto the left side of your screen to close the drawer.


Add Products Drawer

Step 4 - Edit/Manage Items

Once Products are added to your order, you can now manage or edit them. Apply custom prices, edit the configuration, update the quantity or even remove items from any discounts applied from promotion rules. There is a search bar to quickly find the product you wish to edit. And there is an Add Products link in the top-right corner of the Items section that will open the Add Products drawer.

You can also Move To Cart, Move To Wishlist, or Remove the products from the order using the checkboxes and "Bulk Actions" or the Gear Icon on the far right of each item. If Gift Messaging for Individual Items is Enabled in Setup > Checkout Settings > Gift Messaging, the option to add a gift message will be available using the gear icon next to each item.


Product Prices & Tax

Product Prices will be shown here according to the configuration specified in Setup > Tax > Tax Settings

Step 5 - Billing & Shipping Address

The Billing & Shipping Address section allows the selection of existing addresses from the customer address book, editing of those addresses or adding new addresses.

Step 6 - Shipping & Payment

Once the order has items and addresses you will be able to complete the Shipping & Payment for the order.

  • Available shipping methods will automatically update as you make changes to the items and addresses on the order.
  • Payment Methods will only be available after selecting a shipping method.

Once all required information, shipping, and payment methods are entered, the "Place Order" button will turn blue allowing you to submit the order.


Within the Information Section of your New Order screen, you can click to add and edit Comments. This gives you access to:

  • Customer Order Comments (Comments from the Customer)
  • Admin Order Comments (Can be Public or Private - not visible to the customer)


Learn more about Order Comments here.

Gift Messaging

There are two types of gift messages that can be added to an order:

  • Order Gift Message
  • Item Gift Message


Enable Gift Messaging

To show in the Admin Order Create Screen, Gift Messaging must be enabled in Setup > Checkout Settings > Gift Messages

The Order Gift Message can be added by clicking the "Add Gift Message" in the Shipping & Billing Address section.

Item Gift Messages can be added by clicking the Gear icon next to the product in the Items section.

Custom Shipping Amount

In the Shipping & Payment section, there is a shipping method that allows a custom shipping amount to

Discounts & Gift Cards

In the Shipping & Payment section, you can click the buttons to add Discounts and Gift Cards

Discount (coupon) codes can be added into the "Drawer" that opens up when clicking "Apply Discount Code".

Custom Discount Amount

Within this same drawer, you will see a checkbox for "Use Custom Discount". Using this interface you can apply a custom discount amount as -$ or -% (see below)

Order Attributes

Order Attributes will appear in the appropriate places in the Admin order Create screen. See below for examples of Order Attributes in the Billing Address, Shipping Address, Shipping Method and Payment Method sections.

To create an order from the Admin, select Orders > Create New Order

Step 1: Select Customer

You can choose an existing Customer, create a new Customer or continue as a "Guest" order for which you have the option to add an email address.

Step 2: Add Products

In the "Items" section you can click Add products.

Step 3: Billing & Shipping Address

Next you can add saved addresses from the selected customer or enter new addresses into the order address form.



The Addresses section also includes a link to add Gift Messaging (if enabled for your store)

Step 4: Shipping, Discounts & Payment

In the bottom section of the page you can choose from available Shipping methods, apply discount codes, custom discount amounts, gift cards and enter payment information.

Once all required information has been filled out, the Place Order button will light-up and you can submit the order.