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Company Accounts

Company Accounts allow multiple customers to be grouped-up into a company as "users". It also allows for each "user" to have different permissions for the Company such as requiring approval to place orders.

Company Licenses

To use this feature you must purchase a license per Company at an additional cost. Click "Manage Company Licensing". This will take you to your Account Manager where licenses may be purchased. Note: only account owners or staff accounts with billing permissions may purchase licenses.


A Company Account may have multiple Locations and multiple Users. To get started building a Company, click the "Add New Account" button at the top of the Companies > Companies List page.

From here you can configure the following settings:

  • Company Name: A unique name for the company. Not the Location, see below for Locations
  • Status: You can only set status to Active if you have purchased enough licenses
  • Manager(s): The Managers are Customers that have full admin permissions over all locations in the company (see permissions for more information)
  • Manager Email Setting: When set to receive emails, the Manager will receive all Quote and Order Emails from all Locations.
  • Sales Rep(s): The Company Sales Rep will be assigned to any orders for the company that are not overridden by the assigned Customer Group or Customer Sales Rep.

Once the basic information is configured you can Save, or move on to configured "Locations" for the company.


Locations are required for companies. This is how non-manager Users are assigned to a company. You can also specify unique addresses, shipping methods and payment methods for each location.

To get started, click Add Location

From here you can Specify a Location Name and select which Payment and Shipping Methods will be allowed for this location. You may only choose Shipping and Payment Methods that are allowed for the Company.

Location Users & Permissions

Click the Add Users button to search for existing customers to add to this location.

Click "Add" next to the user you would like to add to the Location. Then you will be given a new screen to select the "Role" for that user. See Company Roles & Permissions for more information.

After a user is added, be sure to click "Done" and "Save Location" on the bottom of your screen to save the location information to the Company. Finally, be sure to Save the company to save any changes you have made to the Locations.

Customer Experience

Once a customer is assigned to a Company Location, they will be subject to any Permissions configured for them for that location. Also any Quote or Order they submit will be assigned to the company and will be visible to the Company Managers or any Company User that has Permissions to view Company Orders and Quotes.

Customers may be assigned to multiple Companies and multiple Locations. If a user is assigned to multiple, when they get to the Checkout or Quote Submit screen, they will be asked to select the Company Account (see below).

Depending on the permissions the user has for each location/company, after selecting a Location from this drop-down, they could be blocked from placing orders, or subject to any other Permissions & Conditions for that location.


A Company has an "Address Book" that will be used rather than the individual customer's address book for placing orders and submitting quotes. Each Location can have assigned addresses, or an address can be assigned to multiple Locations. Only Managers or users with permissions to manage addresses will be able to create new, or edit addresses. We recommend manually entering the company address into the Admin for each company to begin with.

Shipping & Payment Methods

Allowed Shipping and Payment Methods can be configured at the Company level and refined for each Location.

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Company Accounts

Company Accounts allow multiple customers to be grouped-up into a company as "users". It also allows for each "user" to have different permissions for the Company such as requiring approval to place orders.

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