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April 2019


2.49.0-0 12/Apr/2019

  • Feature - "Only X Left" Threshold can now be set per Product! For Simple Products open the Product, scroll down to Inventory, click on +Advanced Inventory Settings and you can set it there. For Configurable Products, you can find it under the Variation Inventory Options.
  • Feature - Show Variation Product Attribute Value.For example, you may want to show the variation's shipping weight, detailed description, SKU, or other Custom Attributes when the customer selects the variation on your product page. This feature allows you to do that. Learn more at https://support.zoey.com/docs/showing-attributes-from-variations

2.48.1-0 11/Apr/2019

  • Fix - Product Image Gallery - click to enlarge not working when resize is disabled
  • Fix - Login Issues
  • Fix - Frontend Filter Display Distorted
  • Fix - Image not visible in admin screen when creating new product

2.48.0-0 10/Apr/2019

  • Feature - Within Setup->Shipping->Free Shipping you now have the option of hiding all other Shipping Methods if Free Shipping is eligible.
  • Feature - EXIF Support - All images uploaded now support EXIF metadata to ensure correct orientation and other EXIF parameters

  • Feature - Rotate Image - It is now possible to rotate an image directly in Zoey. Click on the Cog Icon next to the image in Product/Categories or use the File Manager and click on an Image and then "Edit Image".

2.47.0-0 05/Apr/2019

  • Feature - Address Type - Within USPS, UPS and FedEx settings, you can enable Delivery Service = Customer Specifies at Checkout. Then during the checkout process, the customer will be asked if this is a residential or commercial address. Address Type can be updated and saved on the customer's addresses.
  • Feature - Quantity Box +- buttons now respect Quantity Increments and will step up/down to match the specified increments for the product.
  • Feature - Ability to change Cart, Quote and Account icons in the Header blocks within Edit My Design
  • Fix - Zoey Admin asks you to login again even if you're not idle
  • Fix - Stamped.io not taking you to review
  • Fix - Northern Ireland - missing counties

2.46.0-0 01/Apr/2019

  • Feature - Customer Group & Translated Product Attachments - You can now restrict product attachments to specific customer groups as well as upload different attachments for your different languages
  • Improvement - Customer > My Account > Address Book Page Improvements
  • Improvement - Update Wishlist Page to Match look & feel of Ordered Items Page
  • Improvement - Mobile View - Language & Currency now have their own settings
  • Improvement - Orders -> Advanced Filter: You can now search orders by Customer or Admin Comments/History
  • Improvement - Customers -> Pending Approval now goes to the Order List with the Pending Approval tab expanded.
  • Fix - "Custom Carrier" Tracking Codes will now be plain-text in emails and my account
  • Fix - Product block is broken on hover
  • Fix - PDF Picklist not sorting by Attribute Option Sort
  • Fix - YotPo missing data
  • Fix - Variation grid table prevents different quantities for children
  • Fix - Product Page Quantity Box Padding Issue
  • Fix - Password reset email - logo missing max dimensions
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March 2019


2.45.0-0 28/Mar/2019

  • Improvement - Quantity boxes change from text to number for browser +- arrows
  • Improvement - Admin Menu Change - Added: Quotes > Create New Quote direct link
  • Fix - Compare visually broken - and compare for grouped products?
  • Fix - Product page bundle items - Qty shows 0 on page load
  • Fix - Product page bundle items - related produces show $0
  • Fix - New Order Form Address Field Refresh
  • Fix - Customer "Pending Aproval" filters are not working
  • Fix - Header Navigation: click twice issue when click to expand is enabled
  • Fix - Bundle Products show Stock 0 in Admin Order Create
  • Fix - Quote - incorrect totals calculation
  • Fix - Quote - Title missing from breadcrumbs
  • Fix - Category - Redirect to external URL does not 301 the original category URL
  • Fix - Order page button overlap
  • Fix - Category price display bug

2.44.0-0 22/Mar/2019

  • Feature - Customer Registration Terms and Conditions - From Customers > Agreements you can now add a Terms & Conditions agreement for Customer Registration. You can also require a signature to register for an account. Learn More Here
  • Feature - "Read More" feature added to Product, Category & Blog WYSIWYG Editor - The "Read More" button has been added to the WYSIWYG for Products, Categories, and Blog.
  • Feature - "Cost" Attribute added to Product List Columns, Bulk Edit, and Inline Edit

2.43.0-0 19/Mar/2019

  • Feature - Pick List Items - Print a Pick-List for multiple orders and group the Order Items by Product Attribute (like SKU or BIN #) or by Order Attribute (like Shipping Method). Learn More Here

2.42.0-0 12/Mar/2019

  • Feature - Quotes and Orders can now have Sales Reps (Staff Accounts that are flagged as Sales Representatives) assigned to them! Learn more at https://support.zoey.com/v1.0/docs/sales-rep-overview
  • Feature - Customer Group: Customizations - Customizations now support pricing per Customer Group! You can enable this feature under Product->Settings->Customizations->Enable Option Customer Group and set that to Yes. You can then go to a Product and go to the Customizations tab and add any Customer Group Pricing that you need.
  • Feature - Product Grid - Import/Export - You can now directly Export from the Product Grid by going to Products->Product List selecting Products and clicking on Bulk Actions. You can also Import directly by clicking on the Import icon
  • Feature - VDE: New Informational Banner

  • Feature - Product -> Attributes | Limit to Category DC Template / Category
  • Feature - Admin Order Create - Extend GA to capture revenue
  • Fix - Abandoned Cart Filters in Grid do not load correctly
  • Fix - Downloadable Products show View Details button and not Add To Cart button
  • Fix - Mini cart changes the order of product options
  • Fix - Checkout Address Validation error not displaying in certain circumstances
  • Fix - Product List does not load in certain circumstances
  • Fix - Account Button Alignment in FF & Safari
  • Fix - B2B Setting hides options when it shouldn't
  • Fix - Search Results page not showing SKU if no other attributes were indexed
  • Fix - Add proper redirects to B2B restricted links when logging in
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Custom Options Not Staying
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Cannot change price/qty if filter
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February 2019


2.41.10-0 28/Feb/2019

  • Fix - Invalid Saved Address Validation
  • Fix - Breadcrumbs now missing the Home link
  • Fix - Blog Page Canonicals
  • Fix - custom shipping charge doesn't get charged when entering a new order at backend
  • Fix - Product List issues

2.41.9-1 28/Feb/2019

  • Fix - Export Full Order Data - missing weight
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Trigger for shipping methods only on Product/Email

2.41.9-0 27/Feb/2019

  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Recalc takes a long time when multiple real-time shipping methods enabled
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Advanced Search
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Not required customizations are required
  • Fix - Category Products Add to Cart Not Aligning
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Errors when placing order

2.41.8-0-3 26/Feb/2019

  • Improvement - Order Success Variables: Subtotal minus discount code
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Editable Custom Customer Attributes
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Recalc takes a long time when multiple real-time shipping methods
  • Fix - Changing default line items to show based on customer selection
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Set as default address
  • Fix - Staff accounts logged out when app is first permission code
  • Fix - filtering on page>1 doesn't start back at the beginning of the list

2.41.7-0 25/Feb/2019

  • Improvement - Configurable product - implemented pricing range scenario
  • Fix - Update Sitelink Search URL to be more complete
  • Fix - Custom shipping discount sets weight to zero
  • Fix - No product info showing up on bundle product pages

2.41.6-0 22/Feb/2019

  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Avalara Issue
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Not respecting Setup->Checkout Settings->Require Phone Numbe
  • Fix - Navigation bar disappeared in certain situations

2.41.5-1 21/Feb/2019

  • Improvement - Ability to remove link from Information Banner in VDE
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Guest Checkout Addresses Disabled

2.41.5-0 20/Feb/2019

  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Reorder fetches Shipping Rates before Items finish loading
  • Fix - Category List - Specific Categories rendering issue
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Did not select customer
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - "Change" button renamed
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Auto Expand Address
  • Fix - Pick List bug fixes
  • Fix - Breadcrumbs not rendering correctly
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Customer -> Customer List -> New Order going to the old screen

2.41.4-0 19/Feb/2019

  • Fix - Visual text editor not behaving right with 'enter' key
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Customer Attribute not appearing
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - cannot place order with just downloadable items
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Products Disappearing After Selecting Shipping

2.41.3-5 18/Feb/2019

  • FEATURE - Pick Lists (Pick & Pack Lists)
  • Improvement - Order & Quote Comment Now Maintains Line Breaks
  • Improvement - Admin Order Create - Specify Product Quick Search Attributes in the "Advanced" filter area.
  • Fix - Product list displaying restricted products
  • Fix - Customer Attribute does not show up in email
  • Fix - Not Able to Re-Order Cancelled Order
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Text Field Text Disappearing
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Ability to change customer group

2.41.3-0 13/Feb/2019

  • Improvement - Sales Emails - Send Copy per Customer Group: In Setup > Emails > Settings you can now set "Send Order Email Copy To" per customer group.
  • Fix - Admin Order Create: Reorder fetches Shipping Rates before Items finish loading
  • Fix - Admin Order Create: Custom Discount issues fixed
  • Fix - Admin Order Create: Permission Error for Create Customer
  • Fix - Admin Order Create: Search Customer by Postcode/Zip code
  • Fix - Unable to duplicate Theme in EDIT MY DESIGN
  • Fix - Product list displaying restricted products
  • Fix - Bundle Product - "From/As low as" showing when no price variation

2.41.2-0 12/Feb/2019

  • Fix - Switching currency shows a discount when it should not in the shopping cart. This never impacted the actual price of the product it was a display issue only.

2.41.1-0 11/Feb/2019

  • Improvement - Email Shopping Cart Form Now Includes From Name & Email Fields when not logged in and sharing the cart
  • Improvement - Asset Manager - Save | Save & Close buttons added
  • Improvement - Shopify Migration - Fixes
  • Fix - Category item count incorrect when subcategory products are included

2.41.0-1-4 07-11/Feb/2019

  • Feature - Ability to manually change Order State and Status. This can be found by clicking on an Order and then clicking the "Change State/Status" button at the top.
  • Fix - Product list displaying restricted products
  • Fix - HTML element rendered in the after body overlaps with the footer

2.41.0-0 07/Feb/2019

Zoey releases a brand new interface for Admin Order Creation with new features including:

  • Custom Shipping Rates
  • Custom Discount Amount
  • Order Attribute Integration
  • Quick-Add Items via CSV Copy/Paste

Learn More Here: https://blog.zoey.com/our-admin-new-order-screen-completely-redesigned

2.40.3-0 05/Feb/2019

  • Improvement - Read More button for WYSIWYG
  • Improvement - Order Comments History - Ability to Toggle Visibility
  • Fix - Blog reCAPTCHA Error

2.40.0-0 01/Feb/2019

  • Feature - New Admin Order Create UI (BETA)
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January 2019


2.39.0-0 29/Jan/2019

  • Feature - Multi-Select Filters - All Zoey Stores now have Multi-Select product filters on category pages.
  • Feature - [Third Party App] Paybright
  • Improvement - Re-login using "Enter/return from timeout screen
  • Improvement - Add Attribute to Product Bulk Edit: Add to Cart Quantity
  • Improvement - Change how b2b restricted products work in the sitemap
  • Improvement - Info Banner needs padding setting for around image
  • Fix - Products do not save if no changes
  • Fix - Quick order form
  • Fix - archive order over and over
  • Fix - attribute - changing a created attribute doesn't replace it, just creates a new one
  • Fix - quotes - unable to access quote stays on the screen
  • Fix - Add Quotes > Attributes link to Orders > Attributes
  • Fix - Delete Robokassa PG and Delete Robokassa Order Statuses
  • Fix - Images in Emails and Orders Screen
  • Fix - Issues With New Products & Sort Orders
  • Fix - Product List Page not always showing the expected number of items.
  • Fix - Order grid does not respect time zone
  • Fix - Related Products - Select All button is not working
  • Fix - sort customer group
  • Fix - quotes screen broken
  • Fix - Search results when searching the Blog
  • Fix - b2b - message shows up when it should not
  • Fix - Search results when searching the Blog
  • Fix - Product List Quickview Button Always Showing
  • Fix - Favicon not working in checkout

2.38.3-0 21/Jan/2019

  • Feature - [Third Party App]: Fundbox

2.38.0-0 16/Jan/2019

  • Improvement - Min/Max Qty Setting for Group Product Group Items
  • Fix - Remove Aviary
  • Fix - b2b sales theme - qty wrong & additional inventory info doesn't work
  • Fix - UL/LI Styling not applied to attribute blocks
  • Fix - Dataflow is broken after downloadable dataflow added

2.37.0-0 15/Jan/2019

  • Improvement - Quote Attributes Learn More
  • Fix - Scrolling during slideshow causes the page to go further down
  • Fix - Review Stars not loading on the Product Page
  • Fix - Quotes - Aqo and Quick Order can add restricted products
  • Fix - Added a Warning on "Back" from Change Customer within Quotes
  • Fix - Shipping estimator disappearing when no carrier rates
  • Fix - Quotes - not respecting having to create an account to create a quote

2.36.5-2 8/Jan/2019

2.36.5-0 7/Jan/2019

  • Improvement - Pricing Display on Grouped Products - Group Products now display "Price As Configured" as quantity is updated.
  • Fix - Scrolling during slideshow causes the page to go further down
  • Fix - Order grid just shows (...)

2.36.4-0 3/Jan/2019

  • Improvement - Added ability to enable Swatches on product lists and individual product blocks in the VDE
  • Fix - Website Video Banner will not autoplay
  • Fix - Image Gallery - Duplicating Images
  • Fix - Gift Card Won't Add To Cart
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December 2018


2.36.1-0 through 2.36.2-2 20/Dec/2018

  • Improvement - Add images to quotes PDF/emails
  • Improvement - HTML component editing in VDE now has more room for easier editing
  • Fix - Converting quote to order - billing address becomes shipping address, but shouldn't
  • Fix - Mapped Categories Not Updating Store View
  • Fix - Header Logo URL not working
  • Fix - Category List sometimes disappearing on the front-end
  • Fix - Attribute Label (Design tools on product essentials) not displaying what was typed

2.36.0-0:1 19/Dec/2018

  • Improvement - Ability to Filter Orders by Product SKU
  • Improvement - Only X left Threshold for configurable products display qty for each variation after selected
  • Improvement - New Category Products block with information on-hover
  • Improvement - New Accordion Block that allows blocks to be drag & dropped into each section
  • Improvement - Custom Breadcrumbs Block
  • Fix - Intermittent Mini-Cart not showing in the header
  • Fix - Account links not always showing on mobile

2.35.0-0 17/Dec/2018

  • Improvement - Performance Boost

2.34.0-0 13/Dec/2018

  • Improvement - Structured Data for Breadcrumbs (Schema.org BreadcrumbList
  • Improvement - New "Randomize Order of Related Products" setting Products > Settings > Related Products
  • Improvement - New setting for limiting the number of Cross Sell Products that can appear on the Shopping Cart Page. Products > Settings > Related Products
  • Fix - Quotes - Cannot search and add products if Staff Account does not have Manage Products Permissions
  • Fix - Can't change or add customer's to quote's
  • Fix - "N/A" Showing for Category Column in Product List

2.33.0-0 12/Dec/2018

  • Improvement - Multi-address checkout improvements
New UI for managing which products are sent to which addresses.

New UI for managing which products are sent to which addresses.

Apply Shipping Method and Gift Message to each address.

Apply Shipping Method and Gift Message to each address.

  • Improvement - Improve Gift Messaging in Checkout
  • Improvement - My Account - Bulk Upload Addresses
Upload and import addresses.

Upload and import addresses.

  • Improvement - Improved attachments upload interface
  • Improvement - Gift Card Bulk Action Resend Email
  • Improvement - Order Confirmation emails to multiple email addresses
  • Improvement - Email Shopping Cart
  • Fix - Checkout endless loop
  • Fix - Cart2Cart - fix images to go to S3
  • Fix - Search Page Results information
  • Fix - Duplicating items on the category page
  • Fix - Bundle Item not respecting "Display Product Prices In Catalog"
  • Fix - QuickOrder Page Issue
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November 2018


2.32.1:4-0 30/Nov/2018

  • Fix - Shipped orders page display issues
  • Fix - Problems with product low stock alert tab
  • Fix - Cannot drag in product slider in the Visual Design Editor

2.32.0-0 29/Nov/2018

  • Improvement - Product List: Featured Products from Category option for grid display
  • Improvement - On orders, you can mark as unviewed to keep it as an unviewed order in the order grid
  • Fix - 404 when logging in to admin Don Desroches
  • Fix - Tracking # not showing on customer account
  • Fix - Product Tab fixes after launching editing
  • Fix - SEO section missing from Products in certain circumstances

2.31.0-0 27/Nov/2018

  • Improvement - Add Tab Editing to Customers and Products Lists
  • Fix - Grid Performance for Order, Shipment, Credit Memo, Invoice
  • Fix - Microdata tags passing wrong price
  • Fix - Shopping Cart Preview - Mobile
  • Fix - Checkout Information - Not Saving Changes?

2.30.1-0:2 20-21/Nov/2018

  • Improvement - Stronger Validation to Prevent JS From Rendering in HTML Blocks in the VDE
  • Fix - Unable to Manage Category Products Sort Order for Default Language
  • Fix - Sale Tax Rates - State Field not Showing When Creating or Editing Rates
  • Fix - Unable to Search Customer Grid by Full Name
  • Fix - State/Provence not Auto-Completing on Admin Order Create screen

2.30.0-0 19/Nov/2018

  • Feature - Ability to Manage Category Products Sort Order by Language (Store View)
  • Feature - Ability to set Max/Max Qty in cart per customer group: Learn More
  • Feature - Ability to Display stock level (Qty) to customers on the product page restricted by customer group. Learn More
  • Fix - MAP setting "See price before order confirmation." doesn't work with the Zoey Checkout
  • Fix - Orders > Credit Memos is missing number Credit memo # in column
  • Fix - Tracking Link will always take user to carrier website in Admin, Front-end and Emails
  • Fix - VDE - "Map Templates" Modal Not Appearing when switching themes.

2.29.0-0 15/Nov/2018

  • Feature - Filter Orders & Customers by Address Data (City, State, Postcode, Country etc...)
  • Feature - Flat Rate Shipping: Hide Shipping Cost Learn More
  • Fix - HTML being pulled into social previews - such as with Facebook
  • Fix - Unable to Remove Checkout Setting > Information

2.28.0-0 14/Nov/2018

  • Feature - Search Shipments by Tracking Code
  • Feature - Ability to hide Category Filters and Price Filters per-category. Learn More
  • Improvement - Filters does not expand large enough to be easily usable
  • Fix - Homepage layout weird and missing left column menu

2.27.0-0 13/Nov/2018

  • Feature - Stop Free Shipping with Discount Rule Learn More
  • Feature - Ability to change Page Type (Homepage < > CMS/Information Page) Learn More
  • Feature - Category List (Menus) - Specify Categories & Show Only Sub-Categories of Current Page Learn More
  • Feature - Discount Highest Priced Item in Cart Learn More
  • Improvement - Blog Post VDE Setting to Hide/Move the Featured Image Learn More
  • Fix - Size Filter not working if value = 0
  • Fix - Customer Attributes ending in _ won't save on registration

2.26.0-0 12/Nov/2018

  • Feature - VDE: Accordion Block for FAQ: Learn More
  • Fix - Export Order Data Currecy Issue
  • Fix - Zoey Checkout / PayPal Issue with Tax & Shipping Rates
  • Fix - Design Editor Page Setting feature is broken
  • Fix - Cannot delete blog template

2.25.0-0 8/Nov/2018

  • Improvement - Quotes: Added the ability to search for disabled/not visible products
  • Improvement - Customer Group Multi-Select UI - Change Placeholder to show that leaving field blank = all customer groups
  • Fix - Search Results Page does not have Add To Quote button
  • Fix - cannot add javascript to checkout information text wysiwyg
  • Fix - Schedule Reindex via API does not check >2 hour old job
  • Fix - VDE Save Draft Issues
  • Fix - VDE Error when duplicating theme

2.24.0-0 7/Nov/2018

  • Improvement - Product Bulk Action > Assign to Category
  • Improvement - Bundle Product - Use Item Final Price in "As Low As" display
  • Improvement - Category: Show in Category Filters setting
  • Improvement - Status Flags now display on search preview and product page when enabled
  • Improvement - Search orders by Phone number
  • Improvement - Add Inventory Options Button to Config Product Variations Card
  • Improvement - Login Page Redirection selection when Site Restriction Enabled
  • Fix - Adv Quick Order - Add Row Issue
  • Fix - Bundle Products: When Fixed Price - hide "price as configured" from FE
  • Fix - Issue with Bundles and Pricing

2.23.1-0 6/Nov/2018

  • Fix - Export of url_path does not work for multiple languages
  • Fix - Unable to import store-view URL Key using standard import
  • Fix - Editing products with bulk actions is not allowing multi-select values for the multi-select attributes
  • Fix - Prices do not appear on variations
  • Fix - Category: Overview Jumping to Additional Information

2.23.0-0 5/Nov/2018

  • Improvement - Performance improvements when a site has a lot of subcategories
  • Fix - Shopping Cart disappearing under certain conditions
  • Fix - When a product is Sold Out - the swatch will be slashed out
  • Fix - Homepage - Blog Feed (Month & Image Fit fixes)
  • Fix - Table View Qty field not respecting rules

2.22.0-0 2/Nov/2018

  • Improvement - File attachments no longer are required to be downloaded, but can now be read inside the browser
  • Fix - Trial banners were missing with key information during trials
  • Fix - Maintenance mode was not able to be turned on with B2B tools in use
  • Fix - M2E inaccessible by staff accounts

2.21.0-0 2/Nov/2018

  • Improvement - New Customer Emails can now be cc'd to internal emails, like others. New customer emails can also be resent at the click of a button.
  • Fix - When a file attached during customer registration had spaces in its name, a problem occurred.
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October 2018


2.20.0-0 30/Oct/2018

  • Improvement - Order # Filter now has Less Than and Greater Than options
  • Improvement - Ability to add "Info Text" to the Shopping Cart Shipping Calculator
  • Improvement - Bundle Product - Non-Editable items: The ability to add items to a Bundle Product that are automatically added to the order and can not be edited by the customer. Learn More Here
  • Improvement - Bundle Product - Fixed Weight: Ability to set Fixed Weight for a Bundle rather than having the weigh be determined by adding all selected bundle items.
  • Improvement - Bundle Product - Price Adjustments: Ability to remove the "+$0.00" Price Adjustment from showing on the front-end.
  • Improvement - Bundle Product - Fix Display in My Account, PDF and Email
  • Improvement - Added New Information Block in Visual Design Editor
  • Improvement - Ability to Search OR for Multi-select attribute values in Advanced Search
  • Fix - Manage Stock filtering not working in admin
  • Fix - Customer was able to order a restricted product
  • Fix - Issue with Additional Checkout Info

2.19.2-7 26/Oct/2018

  • Fix - Added scrollbar in VDE to resolve Page Settings issue on smaller screens

2.19.2-5 25/Oct/2018

  • Fix - Fixed bug around use default when saving config
  • Fix - Fixed issue around logging in when only granted permissions to quotes

2.19.2-4 23/Oct/2018

  • Fix - Display issue when running a sale on a product with tiered pricing

2.19.2-2 19/Oct/2018

  • Fix - If a product was not set to be allowed as part of a quote, it could still be added to a quote from the Advanced Quick Order screen. That has been corrected.
  • Fix - Issues fixed with product price meta data

2.19.2-1 18/Oct/2018

  • Improvement - When left blank, the mobile logo URL will take customers back to the homepage
  • Improvement - A reindex and refresh will automatically be triggered when a CSV import is completed

2.19.1-0 17/Oct/2018

  • Improvement - You can now Select All on the category admin screen when filtering for products
  • Fix - Resolved issue with quantity fields sometimes disappearing on Table View

2.19.0-1 15/Oct/2018

  • Fix - Fixed issue with display of tiered pricing

2.19.0-0 15/Oct/2018

  • Improvement - The gift message from/to data is now available in the Zoey API
  • Improvement - Ability to Duplicate sales/discount rules
  • Improvement - Allow Amasty Product Parts Finder to be added to the header
  • Improvement - Ability to disable sticky header for santi header
  • Improvement - Font size setting for sticky header vs. top of page for Santi now available
  • Improvement - You can now override the default Facebook image with one of your own for pages covered in the Edit My Design section
  • Fix - Customization Field displaying both percent and dollar amount
  • Fix - Amnesty Product Parts Finder: "Please specify the Parts Finder ID"
  • Fix - Customer Group Pricing was not properly reflecting on the homepage product list
  • Fix - Incomplete Meta OG URL

2.18.6-0 10/Oct/2018

  • Improvement - Previously Quick Order SKU entries were case sensitive.

2.18.4-0 5/Oct/2018

  • Fix - Importing product images from full URLs already in the bucket won't work

2.18.3-0 4/Oct/2018

  • Fix - The blog was not displaying the right date format when certain choices were selected.

2.17.0-0 1/Oct/2018

  • Improvement - You can now specify an internal page title for the VDE that differs from the public Page Title shown in a customer's browser
  • Improvement - A Global Branding option has been added to declare an Error Message link color
  • Improvement - Allow removal of Min Height on Mobile
  • Fix - Spacing adjustments in a couple of places for better design alignment
  • Fix - Change Error "There are no products matching the selection" to be more descriptive where used
  • Fix - Item Quick View-Tier Pricing Displaying wrong info
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September 2018


2.16.0-0 27/Sep/2018

  • Improvement - B2B Order Portal Theme now available for Premium plans. See announcement on our blog.
  • Improvement - Auth.net Authorize Only and PayPal Authorize will not change State to Processing
  • Improvement - Terms & Conditions per customer group introduced - you can have a terms checkbox during checkout that is only displayed for specific customer groups. See https://support.zoey.com/docs/enabling-terms-conditions-on-checkout for further instructions.
  • Fix - Homepage infinite scroll - duplicate product
  • Fix - B2B - Registration Form (Multi-Select Order not reflecting the order chosen in the admin)
  • Fix - Wishlist not saving variations or custom options
  • Fix - Corrected issue with configuring Wishlist items
  • Fix - Exports of Order Data, Invoice Data, Credit Memo were adjusted to resolve issued reported by customers.

2.15.0-0 24/Sep/2018

  • Improvement - Account Panel: Manage Staff Accounts Role added to allow for roles others than the Account Owner to be able to add, edit and delete staff accounts. Staff Accounts with this role cannot set a new Account Owner for security reasons. The setting can be found under My Account -> Account Manager -> Staff Accounts. A setting was only added for those with full access.
  • Improvement - Category List Block - Collapse for Mobile option added to allow more flexibility on smaller devices.
  • Improvement - New Information Block that allows for a mix of content types (headline, copy and image) without needing to drag in separate blocks
  • Improvement - Sub-Category Pages can now just show a title if images are used on the category level but not needed on the sub-category level
  • Fix - Credit Memo not working when Gift Card was used
  • Fix - Slideshow Not Showing Image after selecting
  • Fix - Exports of Order Data, Invoice Data, Credit Memo were adjusted to resolve issued reported by customers.

2.14.1-2 20/Sep/2018

  • Fix - Error with the Stripe Subscriptions app displayed an Invalid license key error when unrelated actions were taken.

2.14.1-0 19/Sep/2018

  • Improvement - For performance reasons, the Mini Cart was restricted to only load a certain number of items. The setting by default is set to 25 items, but can be adjusted (with an absolute maximum of 100). You can adjust the setting under Setup -> Checkout Settings -> Shopping Cart Settings. Look for "Maximum Display Minicart Item(s)" at the bottom.
  • Fix - Gift Card was not showing on Invoice

2.14.0-0 18/Sep/2018

  • Improvement - Cart Count - You can now choose to present Total Qty or # of unique products in the cart. Setting is located at Setup -> Checkout Settings -> Shopping Cart Settings. Look for the item near the bottom labeled "Minicart Item Count Display"
  • Improvement - Increase # of available shipping flat rates to 15
  • Improvement - Clearer error message when a specific theme is already installed
  • Fix - Out of Stock Notification App not working on Configurable Products
  • Fix - Advanced Filter not working on Low Stock tab of Product List

2.13.4-0 14/Sep/2018

  • Fix - Swatches incorrectly displaying OOS variants on Category Pages

2.13.2-0 13/Sep/2018

  • Fix - Product list Table View displayed more than one qty box

2.13.1-1 12/Sep/2018

  • Fix - Product > Can't Switch Between Tabs

2.13.1-0 11/Sep/2018

  • Fix - Print Invoice link missing from My Account View Order
  • Fix - Homepage Ajax Products loading same products
  • Fix - Category Sidebar Block Padding not working when collapsed

2.13.0-0 11/Sep/2018

  • Improvement - Configurable Product Variations can now be limited to specific Customer Groups
  • Fix - B2B Access Restrictions on Bundled Products were sometimes leaking prices in drop downs
  • Fix - "Add to Links" font styling in the Visual Design Editor was not working
  • Fix - Product List Component lets you set the number of products to too high of a value which could cause the page not to load. The Products will now lazy load as the user scrolls down
  • Fix - Category Template in Categories was sometimes pulling in the wrong value causing products to not appear on the category page.

2.12.4-0 07/Sep/2018

  • Fix - Ordered Items Add All to Quote was always visible
  • Fix - Ordered Items Page loading invalid cached layout assets (Visual Design Editor fix)
  • Fix - Security (XSS Bug) with Customer Registration Form / Customer List resolved. Thank you Muhammad for the report.

2.12.2-2 04/Sep/2018

  • Fix - My Account Ordered Items page was empty - Print Order was empty - both resolved

2.12.2-1 04/Sep/2018

  • Fix - Meta Title/Descriptions were not always saving

2.12.2-0 01/Sep/2018

  • Fix - OrderNumber Variable on Order Success Page was giving the wrong value
  • Fix - Order Status sometimes was not showing in the Order Grid just an endless loop
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August 2018


2.12.1-0 30/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - Billing Role can now be assigned to Staff Accounts by either selecting "Full Access + Billing" or "Limited Access" and enabling the "Billing" option. This will enable Staff Accounts to be able to access the account's Billing Portal as well as be able to receive email/invoice PDFs about the account.
  • Improvement - Limit "Add to Quote" to specific SKUs - this is a setting within the Product Page
  • Improvement - Sale Price now accepts value of 0
  • Improvement - Category List Block can be collapsed in the Mobile view
  • Fix - Various fixes to the Visual Design Editor

2.12.0-1 29/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - "Edit Tab" buttons were cutoff on shorter screens
  • Fix - Created date/time on order list was incorrect

2.12.0-0 29/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - Order Attributes launches! You can now add fields to the checkout. See Orders->Attributes for more information.
  • Improvement - B2B Last Ordered Items Page in My Account launched. You can add a link to it from the Visual Design Editor and opening up the My Account template
  • Improvement - New user interface for Order Statuses found under Orders->Order Status Settings
  • Improvement - Advanced->Import&Export->Image Import->Manage you now have an "Export Image Paths to CSV" button to produce a CSV
  • Improvement - API Improvement: When making the standard API calls for salesOrderList and salesOrderInfo, details for created invoices, shipments, and credit memos are accessible in the API response by the following keys: order_invoices, order_shipments, order_creditmemos
  • Improvement - API Improvement: New field in the WSDL for Customers "zoey_customer_confirmation" when set to 1 will bypass the confirmation needed and set to 2 will send the email for the account to confirm
  • Improvement - Force Cancel an Order. If cancelling an order fails, the option to force cancel will now appear
  • Improvement - Ability to change the color of status in the Custom Account
  • Improvement - Ability to view "Unviewed orders". The Viewed Orders column appears at the far left, before the checkboxes, when enabled in a grid. A filled dot indicates a viewed order, so if you see an empty dot, it hasn't been reviewed yet.
  • Improvement - Product->Attributes "Send in emails" is now possible to include the attribute in emails sent to customers

2.11.0-3 22/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - Setting to not show "There are no children category of <xyz>"
  • Improvement - Removed 'description'/'short description' from the default product export. You will now need to manually add those columns if you want them

2.11.0-0 21/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - You can now create your own filters in the Orders List screen
  • Fix - Product Export missing child products in category filter
  • Fix - The way taxes were represented on the Invoice PDF is now clearer
  • Fix - Currency warning emails for deprecated Fixer.io service should no longer be triggered
  • Fix - Visual Design Editor bug fixes to data structures

2.10.3-1 17/Aug/2018

  • Fix - Orders were not being able to be properly loaded, this has been resolved.

2.10.3-0 17/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - Contact Us is now a component in the Visual Design Editor and can be placed on any page.
  • Fix - Unable to Bulk Change Status on a large number of orders
  • Fix - Archiving Credit Memos increased stock amounts

2.10.2-1 & 2.10.2-2 & 2.10.2-3 16/Aug/2018

  • Fix - Visual Design Editor not loading Blog if put on homepage
  • Fix - Verbiage on Invoice, Shipment and Credit Memo cleaned up
  • Fix - Unable to add Mini-Quote to Header
  • Fix - Third Party App - ShipTheory made compatible with new Order Grid
  • Fix - 1 Variation out of stock made the entire Configurable Product out of stock under certain configurations

2.10.2-0 15/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - Minimum Order Quantities can now be set to be calculated across variations! Enable this feature under Product->Settings->Inventory->Enable Product Min Qty Across Variations

  • Fix - Various fixes throughout the application

2.10.1-0 13/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - Quick View Modal will now scroll as needed to show the appropriate amount of text
  • Improvement - Added Shipping & Payment Method Columns to Invoice, Shipment and Credit Memo Grid
  • Fix - Blog URL Breadcrumb had "/index/index" sometimes in the URL
  • Fix - Staff Account Data Restrictions

2.10.0-0 13/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - The Order, Invoice, Shipment and Credit Memo grids are all new! We hope you enjoy them.
  • Improvement - You can now set attributes to be used in the Product search in Products->Attributes.
  • Improvement - Within the Product Grid under Bulk Actions you can now Change Order Status
  • Improvement - Advanced Quick Order can now show the Name/Image of Pre-filled Products
  • Fix - Advanced eCommerce Analytics Properly Tracking Add To Cart
  • Fix - Blog Feed Component was not visible in the Visual Design Editor
  • Fix - Duplicate Schema Conflict issues resolved if you were using third party reviews
  • Fix - Mega Menu thumbnails not always showing on the front end
  • Fix - Mobile Nav Links lost formatting
  • Fix - Gift Message missing from Packing Slip PDF

2.9.0-0 06/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - Added an option to only expand the Active Category in the side bar filter
  • Improvement - My Account Links in the Visual Design Editor can now be specified by Customer Groups
  • Improvement - Mobile Header WYSIWYG Sections now available
  • Improvement - Third Party App - Stitchlabs Updated

2.8.0-0 02/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - Within Product->Attributes the ID of the Attribute is now shown
  • Improvement - Within Product->Attributes a "Merge Attribute Value" now exists to merge values such as "purple" and "Purple" which may cause duplicate dropdown choices
  • Improvement - Warning when account is in a "Past Due" billing state
  • Fix - Several small Visual Design Editor fixes

2.7.1-0 01/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - Third Party App - BizSyncXL Updated
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July 2018


2.7.0-0 31/Jul/2018

  • Improvement - You are now able to add information throughout the Checkout Process! You can find this under Setup->Checkout
  • Improvement - Quantity Increment Column can now be added to the Product Grid
  • Fix - Original Price issue on Variations in Cart was fixed
  • Fix - Advanced Quick Order Search for Products in the Admin not always working
  • Fix - Change Customers will now work even if a space is at the end of the email address
  • Fix - Visual Design Editor sometimes loading the wrong page when switching layouts before full load
  • Fix - Product Filter by Category not working

2.6.1-2 30/Jul/2018

  • Fix - RemoveOption missing from WSDL for SOAP API - added.
  • Fix - Visual Design Editor fixes for saving and publishing draft layouts

2.6.1-0 27/Jul/2018

  • Fix - Amazon Button in mini cart is now centered
  • Fix - Tax Class for Variations will now properly function
  • Fix - Address Region was not shown in Set-up->Site Configuration
  • Fix - Product OG/Meta Tagging was leaking information even if B2B settings were enabled
  • Fix - Classic Reports "Last day statistics" link was missing

2.6.0-0 24/Jul/2018

  • Improvement - Customer Attributes have been updated to use the newer grid technology found in other parts of the Zoey Admin
  • Fix - "Starting At" price is now correct in the search results
  • Fix - Additional PDF fixes

2.5.0-0 24/Jul/2018

2.4.6-1 24/Jul/2018

  • Fix - Duplicating Pages in the Visual Design Editor may have caused problems which are now resolved

2.4.6-0 24/Jul/2018

  • Fix - PDFs now accept accents e.g. é
  • Fix - Category Pages Google SEO Schema Errors
  • Fix - Product Search for Single Product Widget & Customization Sync was not working
  • Fix - Customer List Tab took a few minutes to load sometimes, performance improved
  • Fix - Featured Product component was not listing all selected SKUs

2.4.5-0 20/Jul/2018

Internal Release, no notes.

2.4.4-0 20/Jul/2018

  • Fix - Credit Memo PDF had no date
  • Fix - Invoice PDF had Custom Attributes missing
  • Fix - PDFs did not translate SKU

2.4.3-0 19/Jul/2018

  • Improvement - Product->Attributes can now be marked as "Required". When creating new Products, Required Attributes will automatically be listed to be filled in.
  • Improvement - We appreciated all the feedback we received on our new PDF Templates. We're happy to say that several features have been improved: Translation of "SKU" was not working, ability to hide SKU column, item sorting now should work, awkward breaks in the template have been resolved, fonts have been made larger, invoice template has more spacing between sections, invoice date no longer shows the time.
  • Improvement - A new PDF Template has been released (Classic/Modern). You can choose a template in Orders->PDF Settings. https://support.zoey.com/v1.0/docs/pdf-templates

2.4.2-0 19/Jul/2018

  • Improvement - Bundled Products that have a Default Product chosen can now be unset as default without having to remove the product entirely
  • Fix - Visual Design Editor drag & drop generally improved

2.4.1-0 19/Jul/2018

  • Improvement - Product Attributes can now be shown on the search preview and search results on the front end of your store!
  • Improvement - Category Products Visibility Filter within the Product->Category->Manage Products section now takes into account the setting to hide out of stock products.

2.4.0-0 18/Jul/2018

  • Improvement - PDFs have received an overhaul! New design for PDFs available for all pricing plans, Ability to display attributes created in Product->Attributes, Ability to make text customizations in various parts of the PDFs, PDFs managed in new location: Orders->PDF Settings and more. Read the full announcement at https://blog.zoey.com/major-update-to-pdfs-offers-more-control-cleaner-design

2.3.0-0 16/Jul/2018

  • Improvement - Staff Account Customer Group Permissions is now live! Restrict a staff account to see only certain customer/order data in the admin. Great for limiting salespeoples' access to only their accounts.
  • Improvement - The Customer Grid has been completely revamped! It is now powered by the same technology as the Product List grid. The Customer Grid List now supports adding and rearranging your own columns, showing and approving pending customers, an improved search and more. We hope you enjoy this improvement!

2.2.9-0 12/Jul/2018

  • Improvement - Email Templates can now access Customer Address and Customer Company - see more at https://support.zoey.com/docs/global-email-variables
  • Improvement - Product Custom Attributes can now be used to search in the Product Grid. You can go to Product->Attributes and select "Use in Product List Search" then save.
  • Fix - Amazon Payments can now be unselected when checking out after selecting it

2.2.8-0 11/Jul/2018

  • Fix - Setup->Checkout Settings was missing Shipping Origin
  • Fix - Visual Desgin Center pages were sometimes shifting when repositioning.

2.2.7-0 10/Jul/2018

  • Fix - Exporting Products with spaces should now work
  • Fix - Zoey Media Manager sometimes showed an SQL Error which has been resolved
  • Fix - "Starting From" shows in all Visual Design Center blocks
  • Fix - ShipperHQ will now allow information text to be shown

2.2.6-0 05/Jul/2018

  • Improvement - The SKU can now be shown in the Mini Cart. You can enable this under Setup->Checkout Settings->Display SKU in Minicart
  • Fix - Mailchimp emails will now contain correct Image URLs
  • Fix - Bundles Product was not retaining certain data on save

2.2.5-0 03/Jul/2018

  • Improvement - Google Sitelink Search SEO Added. You can find this under Setup->Site Configuration->Sitelinks Search
  • Fix - Product List was not showing more than 10 items in certain cases
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June 2018


2.2.4-0 29/Jun/2018

  • Improvement - Ability to add Search bar to the body of the pages instead of just the header
  • Fix - Under specific conditions Bulk Actions would delete Group & Tiered Pricing from products, this has been resolved
  • Fix - Under specific conditions importing a CSV with "Replace Complex Data" would delete related products, this has been resolved

2.2.3-0 27/Jun/2018

  • Improvement - Payment Methods: Check, Money Order, Bank Transfer, Purchase Order can now be set to automatically invoice when the order is placed. You can go into the individual Payment Method and set this option
  • Fix - Various fixes for the Visual Design Editor

2.2.2-0 26/Jun/2018

  • Improvement - You can now have the ability for the Header Navigation Items to be clicked on in order to open the navigation items!
  • Improvement - Quantity Totals now appear in Cart, Order Success, Emails and PDFs
  • Fix - Abandoned Carts were sometimes sent even after an order was placed
  • Fix - Image Thumbnail Carousel on Product Pages performance improved

2.2.1-0 26/Jun/2018

  • Improvement - When viewing Grouped Products the individual products can now be clicked on to go to the product itself. Turn this feature on from Product->Settings
  • Fix - Various fixes for the Visual Design Editor

2.2.0-11 25/Jun/2018

Internal Release, no notes.

2.2.0-10 21/Jun/2018

  • Improvement - Order Comments now can be filled out when creating an order in the admin
  • Fix - Hide "Minimum Qty" from Category Pages from being pre-filled in
  • Fix - Duplicate Product not always working

2.2.0-9 21/Jun/2018

  • Fix - Stamped.io Integration fixes
  • Fix - Low Stock Notice showed too much inventory
  • Fix - Customer CSV for certain customers showed "Last Logged In" as "Never"

2.2.0-8 20/Jun/2018

  • Fix - Stamped.io Integration fixes
  • Fix - If certain fields contained HTML they showed no value in the Admin
  • Fix - Mobile wishlist menu turns purple when 'active'
  • Fix - Social icons now open in a new browser tab by default
  • Fix - Yotpo star reviews were not showing up in the Single Product Block
  • Fix - Jumpy behavior on slideshows now corrected

2.2.0-1 through 2.2.0-7 19/Jun/2018

  • Improvement - Customer Group has been added to Order/Invoice/Shipment Grid + CSV Export
  • Fix - Various fixes from previous releases

2.2.0-0 18/Jun/2018

  • Improvement - Stamped.io Visual Design Editor Component Launches. Install the Stamped.io App from https://www.zoey.com/apps/stamped-io/ then within the Visual Design Editor click on the +Add Menu and drag in the Stamped.io component from the Apps section.
  • Improvement - Information Banners can now be added to the Footer
  • Fix - Social Media Links in Footer not always showing correct links
  • Fix - Open in New Window was not always working
  • Fix - Additional Columns not taking styling from Product Attribute Design Settings

2.1.15-0 13/Jun/2018

  • Improvement - B2B Replace Prices with Custom Message based on Customer Group

2.1.14-0 07/Jun/2018

  • Fix - Fixed internal errors, not affecting users
  • Fix - Rounded corner borders with keylines on boxes were not showing corners
  • Fix - Orders Item Quantity Total was not shown on the Edit Screen

2.1.13-0 07/Jun/2018

  • Improvement - Make Category in Nav not clickable
  • Improvement - "Login to view price" can now be clickable to a URL
  • Improvement - B2B Product Restrictions has two new options: Show Variations and Show Customizations

2.1.12-0 05/Jun/2018

  • Improvement - Meta Descriptions can now be up to 350 characters to take advantage of Google expanded Meta Description fields for better SEO
  • Improvement - Fixer.io has been deprecated for rate imports and replaced with Open Exchange
  • Fix - Customer Attribute Field Export showed the ID not the Value
  • Fix - Advanced Quick Order sometimes loaded a 500 error

2.1.11-0 01/Jun/2018

  • Fix - YotPo Badge Component in Header was not loading on Search Result Page
  • Fix - GDPR App Fixes
  • Fix - Context Menu > Child Menu not aligned somtimes
  • Fix - Navigation cutting off
  • Fix - Page broken when returning from PayPal Checkout

2.1.10-0 30/May/2018

  • Improvement - Quantity Totals in Invoice/Shipment/Credit Memos PDF can now be enabled via Orders->Settings
  • Improvement - Show/Hide "Tax" Column in Invoice/Shipment/Credit Memos PDF can now be modified via Orders->Settings
  • Fix - Switch Stores on smaller monitors can now scroll
  • Fix - Blog posts said Category was "0" instead of actual value
  • Fix - Related Products "Below Product Name" was not displaying below the Product Name
  • Fix - Quantity in Category Page not always respecting how much to add to cart

2.1.9-0 29/May/2018

2.1.8-0 26/May/2018

  • Improvement - Added paragraph text align option to the Info Banner block design
  • Improvement - Blog Feed Block now has text align control

2.1.7-0 18/May/2018

  • Improvement - Out of Stock Variations can now be shown. You can enable this via Product->Settings
  • Improvement - YouTube videos now have an option to not play related videos at the end
  • Improvement - Admin messages were moved to the top of the screen instead of the bottom
  • Improvement - A default option can now be set in Customizations for Drop Downs, Radio and Checkbox options

2.1.6-0 17/May/2018

  • Improvement - New Design Center Component! Information Banner With Ability to Add Columns
  • Improvement - Image Gallery now has the option to have text below the image
  • Improvement - The default administration messaging has been moved to the top to be more visible
  • Improvement - Advanced Quick Order can now be placed on the Homepage
  • Fix - Deleting an image when still associated as a main image in a different locale will produce a more verbose error message
  • Fix - B2B Product Restrictions still take effect even when restriction is disabled

2.1.5-0 15/May/2018

  • Improvement - Product Slider can now be set to multiple rows
  • Fix - "Click Image to Enlarge" will always appear now
  • Fix - Cannot put an anchor link in as a URL
  • Fix - Subcategory Block did not always redirect to the right URL if the Category was set to use an External URL

2.1.4-0 08/May/2018

  • Improvement - Product->Settings->Import/Export now lets you choose to only show the Customization SKU instead of the full SKU of the Product + Customization in the Order Export
  • Improvement - Customize Tooltip is now possible in Customizations
  • Improvement - Customer Export now contains the "Last Logged In" column
  • Improvement - "Show All" has been deprecated in favor of AJAX Scrolling https://support.zoey.com/docs/enable-category-products-ajax-lazy-load
  • Fix - Product Slider showed $0 and no products if it was all Virtual Products
  • Fix - Under certain B2B Conditions Category Filters would show a count of 1 product no matter what
  • Fix - Images were not always showing up in transactional emails for Invoices

2.1.3-0 08/May/2018

  • Improvement - Product Reviews now have pagination
  • Improvement - Category Images now have the option for Auto Height
  • Improvement - New Category Image Block that allows you to set a background image
  • Fix - Mailchimp Modal sometimes did not load properly

2.1.2-0 06/May/2018

  • Improvement - Third level subcategories can now be shown in the sidebar
  • Improvement - Product Attribute Group Block can now specify which attributes to show
  • Improvement - Allow for disabling cart in mobile header templates
  • Improvement - Product Reviews can now be set to enable/disable guest reviews
  • Improvement - File Manager error messaging user experience
  • Improvement - Mailchimp upgraded to Version 1.1.11

2.1.1-2 03/May/2018

Internal release, no notes

2.1.1-1 02/May/2018

  • Fix - Verbiage for "Per Item Charge" still showed if it was disabled

2.1.1-0 02/May/2018

Internal release, no notes

2.1.0-0 02/May/2018

  • Improvement - Wishlists can now be set that when a product is added to the cart it is not removed from the wishlist
  • Improvement - Customizations can now have tooltips added to them
  • Improvement - Glew.io Analytics Launches

2.0.51-0 01/May/2018

  • Improvement - One Time Charges for Customizations can now be exempt from Tax
  • Improvement - Grouped Product Minimum can now be calculated via the sum of the items quantities or their individual quantities. This setting can be changed within Product->Settings->Inventory->+Advanced Inventory Options
  • Fix - Setting zoey_default_variation via CSV is fixed
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April 2018


2.0.50-0 30/Apr/2018

  • Fix - Minor Visual Design Editor fixes

2.0.49-0 29/Apr/2018

  • Improvement - New Dashboard Launches
  • Improvement - Video Banner now supports Vimeo videos
  • Fix - Grouped Products not adding to the cart when a global minimum quantity is set

2.0.48-0 26/Apr/2018

  • Improvement - Google Advanced Ecommerce Analytics Launches
  • Improvement - Ability to show short description on product lists
  • Improvement - Creating a New Category now shows the B2B section before saving

2.0.47-0 24/Apr/2018

  • Improvement - Products->Categories B2B restrictions are now in alphabetical order
  • Improvement - Shipment Emails with Tracking Numbers will now automatically link to their configured shipping provider tracking page (USPS/UPS/DHL/FedEx)
  • Improvement - Slideshow now has the option to "Pause on Mouse Hover" or to keep playing if the mouse is hovered on the slideshow
  • Improvement - Product Listings on Category Pages can now be set to 2 columns for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
  • Improvement - New setting: Products->Settings->Catalog->"+ Advanced Options"->"Maximum Inventory to show". Setting this will limit the maximum quantity shown as available. For example if you put 25 and there are 30 left in stock it will say 25+. Set this number to 0 to always show the true count of inventory.
  • Improvement - YotPo (Third Party App) upgraded to the latest version most notably now correctly renders the product review ratings for SEO and should show the correct star count (average review/total reviews) on search results by search engines
  • Improvement - New Setting: Product->Settings->Custom Options, "Display Option SKUs", "Display Option Prices". This will result in those Customization fields to be shown on the Shopping Cart, During Checkout, Order Confirmation email and Invoice
  • Fix - File Manager will not show a warning for >1MB uploads when non-image types are uploaded
  • Fix - Adding images to a category may add it to other categories.

2.0.46-0 19/Apr/2018

  • Improvement - The compare feature has been re-styled. In addition, within Product->Settings you can adjust the default items that show up. Within Product->Attributes you can now check off "Used in Compare". Drag in the Compare Block
  • Fix - Google Reviews not always showing on the site
  • Fix - AJAX Scrolling lost B2B Verbiage
  • Fix - View Template As Modal not scrolling when lots of products
  • Fix - YotPo Rich Snippets Issue resolved
  • Fix - Comments missing in PDF exports

2.0.45-0 17/Apr/2018

  • Improvement - Massive changes to how the Visual Design Editor renders the front end of sites. All Zoey Version 2 Stores should notice a massive speed improvement. We're excited to continue to deliver performance optimization to continue powering your site as quickly as possible.

2.0.44-0 15/Apr/2018

  • Improvement - Periods "." can now be used in SKUs
  • Improvement - Image Only Slideshow Block Added! Allows you to make the slideshow any size you want.
  • Improvement - Product Essentials now let you add Attributes in specific places within the Product Attributes Block.
  • Improvement - Product Essentials basic spacing/design controls is now possible. If you do not see it, delete the current block and drag it back into your template to get the latest one
  • Improvement - New Tax Settings within Setup->Tax->Tax Settings
  • Fix - Abandoned Carts did not always send the correct currency
  • Fix - PayPal checkout issues relating to One Time Charges, Gift Cards and Tax and Order Status not always being applied properly
  • Fix - Mobile Filter Colors
  • Fix - Header bug and spacing on product attribute table
  • Fix - Deleting customer sometimes gave an "invalid form key" error

2.0.43-0 09/Apr/2018

Internal Release - no release notes

2.0.42-0 09/Apr/2018

  • Improvement - Advanced Quick Order Launches! Learn more here
  • Improvement - Product List Block in the Visual Design Editor now lets you select a category from which to pull the data from.
  • Improvement - Product Image - Click to Enlarge is now available. You can go to the Visual Design Editor, Product Template and in the Product Media Block (Product Image Gallery) enable the setting
  • Fix - Order Success Variables not always printing
  • Fix - Gift Card Styling issues
  • Fix - Filters did not work when placed right of the products
  • Fix - Publishing Issues Resolved
  • Fix - Cart sometimes showed the wrong value for attributes
  • Fix - Attribute selection issue when two attributes have the same label
  • Fix - Product Slider on mobile missing # of products setting

2.0.41-0 06/Apr/2018

  • Improvement - Multi-Column Customization, learn more at: https://support.zoey.com/docs/customization-multi-column-layouts
  • Improvement - Store Locator App added, Stockist.io. Learn more at https://support.zoey.com/docs/store-locator-stockistco
  • Improvement - Related Products Block has additional customizations
  • Fix - View Template As not changing category
  • Fix - Homepage jumping scrolling when stopped below slider
  • Fix - Setting to move custom options after variations now fixed
  • Fix - Overlapping text in Edit My Design page with long template names
  • Fix - Product Media Gallery bottom Border missing
  • Fix - Image Gallery Padding

2.0.40-0 03/Apr/2018

  • Improvement - Large refactoring in the Design Center around Publishing Pages. More options now appear to publish and save as draft. Also resolved issues with pages not always being able to be published or rendering the right template.
  • Improvement - Product List Blocks will now resize images for CDN optimization
  • Fix - Updating the quantity on the cart page rounded up decimal quantities
  • Fix - Duplicating Page in unpublished theme has empty Body
  • Fix - Google Reviews not always showing up on site
  • Fix - Search Result had missing navigation header in certain cases
  • Fix - Customer Import Error for Custom Attributes resolved
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March 2018


2.0.39-0 30/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Design Center was not saving properly

2.0.38-0 30/Mar/2018

  • Improvement - Added a setting to turn on/off the "One time charge" labels in Products->Settings under Custom Options
  • Fix - View Template As was not refreshing the page content from the selected product or category
  • Fix - Customer Account & Cart on Mobile screens was sometimes cut off
  • Fix - API Configuration Screen would not load fully if logged in as a Secondary User
  • Fix - Santi Sticky Header scroll on search page breaks
  • Fix - Default text was getting passed when clicking search icon if nothing else was typed
  • Fix - Scrolling would jump up under certain circumstances
  • Fix - Image Slideshow switching views did not adjust the height of the images
  • Fix - Uploaded fonts will now render properly
  • Fix - Multi-select Customer Attributes could cause an error when creating a New Order in the Admin

2.0.37-0 28/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Importing SKU,QTY deleted the Short Description field. This was only present in multi-language configurations not using Data Flow for import
  • Fix - Blog Sitemap did not render all HREF Lang URLs correctly
  • Fix - Category Products loaded via AJAX (Infinite Scroll) did not have the proper Out of Stock messages showing
  • Fix - Category Product List if there was only one row had inconsistent spacing
  • Fix - Logo Size Settings Issue
  • Fix - Santi Theme Header had a sub-menu background color issue thats resolved

2.0.36-0 28/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Blog Post Date/Time not always rendering correctly
  • Fix - Customer Account & Cart on Mobile issues have been resolved
  • Fix - Tablet Layout - Footer was cut in half on display
  • Fix - Product Essentials Block - Availability Color was not changing

2.0.35-0 27/Mar/2018

  • Improvement - Changing Variation Images can now be done as a Dropdown or Swatches. Enable the swatches feature, assign the variation images but do not select that attribute as a selected value in Product->Settings->"Product Attributes to Show as Swatches in Product Detail". When picking an option in the drop down the image will change.
  • Fix - Various fixes for the Visual Design Editor

2.0.33-0 & 2.0.34-0 23/Mar/2018

  • Improvement - Product Custom Options can now have a "Weight" associated to them which will add to the defined Product Weight enabling for finer shipping settings. Enable in Product->Settings->Custom Options
  • Fix - If Terms and Conditions were enabled and PayPal Express was used sometimes a checkout would fail, this has been corrected
  • Fix - Various fixes for the Visual Design Editor

2.0.32-0 22/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Recommended/Upsell Products were sometimes not showing up, this has been corrected
  • Fix - Various fixes for the Visual Design Editor

2.0.31-0 22/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Sessions were sometimes getting invalidated logging you out of the admin, this has been corrected
  • Fix - Various fixes for the Visual Design Editor

2.0.30-0 21/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Placeholder Image will now be used properly in the Search Results. Please note you need to re-upload your Placeholder Image for this to work properly
  • Fix - Various fixes for the Visual Design Editor

2.0.29-0 17/Mar/2018

  • Improvement - Javascript Variables now allow for dynamic information to be used on Product and Category Pages! Learn more at https://support.zoey.com/docs/product-page-variables-for-javascript
  • Improvement - If a Product Attribute is set to "Show Attribute in Cart" it will now appear properly on the Mini Cart, Cart, Order Success Page, Emails and PDFs
  • Improvement - Subcategory List Placeholder Image is now available within Product->Settings
  • Fix - Homepage Carousel jumping when scrolling
  • Fix - Disabling Blog Comments still showed "0 comments"
  • Fix - Customer Screen in the Zoey Admin did not always show the name of the Customer.
  • Fix - Various fixes for the Visual Design Editor

2.0.28-1 15/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Credit Memo Totals were not always updating correctly

2.0.28-0 13/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Category Data was not always displaying correctly in the Visual Design Editor - it was fine on the Front End but made it difficult to use in the Editor
  • Fix - Visual Design Editor will now render assets in the background for slightly faster load times
  • Fix - Various fixes for the Visual Design Editor

2.0.27-0 12/Mar/2018

  • Improvement - WYSIWYG Editors now have "Full Screen" button throughout the Zoey Admin
  • Fix - Various fixes for the Visual Design Editor

2.0.26-0 09/Mar/2018

Internal Release, no notes.

2.0.25-0 09/Mar/2018

  • Improvement - Duplicating a block in the Visual Design Editor will now retain its position
  • Improvement - New column in the sales_order.info APIi which now has product_options in JSON format for easier parsing

2.0.24-0 08/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Sometimes the navigation would be hidden behind the footer
  • Fix - Featured/New Products Block sometimes disappeared
  • Fix - Disabling Related Videos for Embedding YouTube Videos
  • Fix - Asset Manager, adding a new asset could have deleted other assets
  • Fix - Product List 'Visible' Quantity was incorrect

2.0.23-0 07/Mar/2018

  • Improvement - PayPal/Amazon buy buttons are now localized to the store language.
  • Improvement - You can now set Customizations to be charged per product and not per quantity. Within the Customization section of a Product you can set the "Fixed Price Qty" to Yes which means that the Customization will be charged once, regardless of the quantity in the cart.

Implementing this feature has caused some changes to the default display of Customizations within the product page, mini cart, cart, checkout, order success page, order/invoice/credit memo screens & PDFs and emails. In addition new fields have been implemented in the CSV/API to import this setting and export the data generated from it. For full feature information click here.

  • Fix - AffiliatePro (Third Party App) integration has been completed for Visual Design Editor v2
  • Fix - Subscribe Pro (Third Party App) was sometimes clearing out other links in the My Account section
  • Fix - Affirm (Third Party App) Uncaught ReferenceError: AFFIRM_AFFIRM has been resolved
  • Fix - Mini Cart button breaks with long text
  • Fix - Within the Manage Products in Categories toggling the Visibility on/off caused a different sort order of Products which made it not possible to properly organize for viewing on the front end. This has been resolved
  • Fix - Sticky Header mini-cart was not always updating the correct number of items on page load and would only update after adding to cart
  • Fix - If you had a Slider sometimes the transition of the slide would cause the browser to scroll to the top of the page, this has been fixed.

2.0.22-0 06/Mar/2018

  • Improvement - Website Logo will now take you to the homepage of the locale instead of the base URL
  • Improvement - Amazon Payments Button now centered in the mini cart
  • Fix - Mobile Mini-Cart Fixed
  • Fix - Blog Title Filtering Error Resolved
  • Fix - New Product Block - issue with # of Products and incorrect product showing

2.0.21-0 02/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Uploaded Font Not Working on iOS Devices
  • Fix - B2B with Full Access Restrictions caused an issue for some Apps from loading

2.0.20-0 02/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Theme installation did not always work properly

2.0.19-0 02/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Checkout/Password Fields will no longer force text transform to uppercase
  • Fix - Featured/New Products sometimes disappeared, this should now be resolved
  • Fix - HTML Blocks in the Visual Design Editor will be outlined with their name for easier spotting on the page
  • Fix - My Account Recent Order Gear Icons were overlapping
  • Fix - Error in File Manager when sorting
  • Fix - Recent Blog Post alignment
  • Fix - 2-Image Gallery Mobile Collapse Setting Not Working

2.0.18-0 01/Mar/2018

  • Improvement - "Saved Changes May Not Show for 5 Minutes" will now only display once instead of stacking endlessly.
  • Improvement - PayPal can now be localized by switching Store Scope and changing the value of the Title.
  • Fix - Asset Manager Asset Deletion did not always work
  • Fix - "Be First To Review" was broken in Quickview
  • Fix - "Be First To Review" was sometimes showing incorrectly
  • Fix - Moving a Full Width Wrapper made it disappear
  • Fix - Duplicate URL issues resolved
  • Fix - Cart Item Number resolved
  • Fix - Tabs->Set Active Tab now works
  • Fix - Strip wrappers can't remove full with resolved
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February 2018


2.0.17-0 28/Feb/2018

  • Fix - Arranging components in the Visual Design Editor now properly works
  • Fix - Drafted Header Logo Data does not get published

2.0.16-0 27/Feb/2018

  • Improvement - Size / border of the search bar in the Mega Menu is now adjustable
  • Fix - Buttons in cart disappearing with Minimum Order Amount
  • Fix - Cart Element not showing on front-end and products not able to add to cart
  • Fix - Edit Cart Page - If Tax is set to be calculated from the billing origin then the cart will no longer say "Estimate Shipping & Tax" but rather just "Estimate Shipping" as the billing zip code is not entered until the checkout and tax cannot be estimated at this time. The string of text was misleading. The string of text is remains the same if Tax is set to be calculated at the shipping destination.
  • Fix - Edit Cart was Adding Items to Cart instead of Editing them
  • Fix - Related Products Option 'Number of Columns on Mobile' issue
  • Fix - Account is missing from Header

2.0.15-0 27/Feb/2018

  • Improvement - Can now disable language or currency selectors in the Mega Menu
  • Improvement - Ability to control Navigation top-level underline, color and size
  • Improvement - Toggle for Mega Menu to hide/show thumbnails & additional info
  • Improvement - Mega Menu can now control the Active State for top-level nav
  • Fix - "Be the first to review" link not live on store view
  • Fix - Mega Menu Thumbnails causing skewed layouts
  • Fix - Gap in full width banner
  • Fix - Quickview button not resizing to fit text
  • Fix - Quickview button not loading on infinite scroll
  • Fix - Out of Stock message not showing on front-end

2.0.14-0 23/Feb/2018

  • Improvement - New Customer Registration can now force Company to be required
  • Improvement - Third Party App: Affirm - issues with Products and Cross-Sell Products resolved
  • Improvement - Third Party App: Amasty Out of Stock Notification made compatible with new Visual Design Editor
  • Fix - B2B Shipping Restrictions will now properly restrict Matrix Rates
  • Fix - B2B Payment/Shipping Restriction Page would not load if Payment/Shipping did not have a "Method Name" specified
  • Fix - Product Slider, Product Attribute not showing on Front End
  • Fix - Header issue - thumbnails causing skewed layout
  • Fix - Quickview not always showing View More Details link
  • Fix - Swatches showing placeholder image when selecting an option.
  • Fix - Trying to filter by Category on the Blog Post Grid did not work
  • Fix - Cart Element not showing on Front-End under certain conditions
  • Fix - Products not able to be added to the cart under certain conditions
  • Fix - Body covers header and footer when selected

2.0.13-0 22/Feb/2018

  • Improvement - Pre-select default variation to load when a configurable product is loaded.
  • Improvement - You can now choose to replace the SKU with the Configurable SKU instead of just showing them both at once
  • Improvement - Gift Cards now support Bulk Enable/Disable
  • Improvement - "DOES NOT CONTAIN" filter has been added to Product Filter (back-ported to Version 1.6.30-22)
  • Fix - Mobile Tabs Bugs
  • Fix - Product->Categories->Design Drop Down was not styled properly
  • Fix - Social Shares on Products un-selectable
  • Fix - Multiple Columns for Featured Products in Mobile View not working
  • Fix - Blocks not always appearing on mobile phones
  • Fix - Theme installation sometimes failed

2.0.12-0 21/Feb/2018

  • Fix - Product Page now fully supports translations
  • Fix - Mobile Version Not Displaying Blocks
  • Fix - reCaptcha at Checkout was not always working

2.0.11-0 20/Feb/2018

  • Improvement - You can now modify who an order was created by so if a Guest Customer created it you can associate it to an account or change the email address that was used.
  • Improvement - You can now hide struck out prices that appear when Customer Group Pricing is different than the base price. This is found under Products->Settings->Catalog Settings:Only Show Final Price of Product
  • Improvement - Category Import now supports multiple store views so you can import the translated values via CSV
  • Improvement - Third Parties can now directly add items to the "My Account" menu through their Apps
  • Improvement - X-Payments, Third Party App, updated to latest version
  • Fix - Broken Pages when switching Pages in the Design Editor resolved
  • Fix - Santi Header - fixed behavior for certain displays
  • Fix - Asset Manager Upload Image into File Asset Screen
  • Fix - Image Import Page would sometimes show a "Chrome Crash" error
  • Fix - Category Displaying 1 column of products
  • Fix - Abandoned Cart Grid was sometimes showing incorrect carts
  • Fix - Blank screen after watching YouTube Video in Full Screen
  • Fix - Renamed Templates retain their original name
  • Fix - Publish page Error (Duplicate URL)

2.0.10-0 16/Feb/2018

  • Improvement - Customer Groups can now define a "Login URL" to be redirected to after logging in.
  • Fix - Header & Cart were not always rendering properly
  • Fix - Slideshow loading askew
  • Fix - Quick Links in Account Page not Translatable
  • Fix - NEW/SALE flag remove width:100% on single product
  • Fix - Ability to Translate Galleries
  • Fix - Infinite Scroll stops Javascript from resizing product list
  • Fix - Font issue on new migrations
  • Fix - Custom Header Nav Links missing on Mobile Menu

2.0.9-0 15/Feb/2018

  • Fix - Multi Language - unable to edit
  • Fix - Downloadable Products now show correctly in the My Account Dashboard as well as various other cleanup items
  • Fix - Quick Action button not hiding when user has a modal open
  • Fix - Unable to duplicate old theme
  • Fix - Cannot add new pages to existing theme
  • Fix - Deleting an image in the file manager does not remove it until you close/reopen the file manager
  • Fix - Logo missing from header on other pages
  • Fix - Error Trying to Duplicate Category
  • Fix - HTML Block has Default Text Styling
  • Fix - Validation says Qty must be >0 on gGrouped/Bundled Products
  • Fix - Related/Cross Sell/Up-Sell not always appearing
  • Fix - Layout Settings Width Type Blank
  • Fix - Bottom Border of Selected State gets Hidden
  • Fix - Move Old Newsletter Blocks to Social
  • Fix - My Account Pages missing Meta Title
  • Fix - Context Menu Goes off screen

2.0.8-0 15/Feb/2018

  • Fix - New Header in some themes were not rendering correctly
  • Fix - Newsletter Component incorrectly showed an image
  • Fix - Information Banner issue in Santi Theme
  • Fix - Ajax Lazy Load did not take into account Filters set properly
  • Fix - Search Page Qty Box formatting

2.0.7-0 14/Feb/2018

  • Fix - Price 'Starting From' on Catalog Pages will not show Starting From is the Price of the Product and all Variations of that Product are the same and the Pricing model is set to Custom
  • Fix - Single Product Widget losing its Product on CMS Save / Re-open - fixed again x2
  • Fix - Customer Group Minimum Order Amounts would not save under Setup->B2B
  • Fix - Mobile Menu Search & Account Links are fixed

1.6.30-16 13/Feb/2018

  • Fix - Customer Group Minimum Order Amounts would not save under Setup->B2B

2.0.6-0 13/Feb/2018

  • Fix - reCaptcha for Checkout should now be fixed and on Advanced->reCaptcha menu
  • Fix - Single Product Widget losing its Product on CMS Save / Re-open - fixed again
  • Fix - Related Products Design Settings
  • Fix - Cannot turn Zoom off on Product Pages
  • Fix - URL in Banners and Buttons not saving
  • Fix - Content Slideshow Issue with the Image block
  • Fix - URLs in Banners and Buttons not saving

1.6.30-14 & 1.6.30-15 13/Feb/2018

  • Fix - reCaptcha for Checkout should now be fixed and on Advanced->reCaptcha menu
  • Fix - Customer Group Minimum Order Amounts would not save under Setup->B2B

2.0.5-0 12/Feb/2018

  • Fix - Add to Cart - sometimes would hang with new V2 themes
  • Fix - Multi-Language unable to edit
  • Fix - Filter setting issue - desktop vs mobile
  • Fix - Santi Header design setting for background color now adjustable
  • Fix - Brand Slider links not working
  • Fix - Quickview - Group Product was showing Add To Cart button when it should not have
  • Fix - Cannot save/close from Manage Asset Screen
  • Fix - Tiered Pricing levels lost after V2 Upgrade
  • Fix - Unable to translate Link in slideshow component

2.0.4-0 09/Feb/2018

  • Fix - Mobile Mini Cart was broken, now fixed
  • Fix - Variation and Custom Option Labels are now uniform
  • Fix - Slideshow slides to the left when trying to drag it in the Design Editor
  • Fix - Version Checker for Design Center Data to avoid accidental overwrite from multiple people trying to work on the same design at once
  • Fix - Cannot upload my Credit Card Icon Logos for Footer
  • Fix - Cannot Export Categories
  • Fix - Drop-down styling for PC Chrome/IE & Mac Firefox issues resolved
  • Fix - Single Product Widget losing its Product on CMS Save / Re-open
  • Fix - Related Product Design Settings
  • Fix - Product List Background set to Cover rather than Contain
  • Fix - Full width blocks not showing full width in the editor
  • Fix - CMS Errors should not overlap
  • Fix - Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking was lost, now restored
  • Fix - Logo missing from header on other pages
  • Fix - ShipperHQ Address Validation Issue

2.0.3-0 08/Feb/2018

  • Fix - Product List Settings Missing
  • Fix - Social Share & YotPo Reviews not loading on Product Page
  • Fix - Blog Feed sidebar does not have a way to select where the link goes
  • Fix - Brand Slideshow not showing in Mobile Footer
  • Fix - Change Blog Recent Posts Blog Subcategory Name
  • Fix - YotPo showing up even when YotPo is not enabled

2.0.2-0 07/Feb/2018

  • Fix - PayPal Express Checkout Button will now always appear on Product Pages
  • Fix - Featured Products can now be edited using Bulk Action in the Product List
  • Fix - Deleting a Homepage now works
  • Fix - CSS Assets will not delete themselves in the new Design Editor any longer

1.6.30-13 07/Feb/2018

  • Fix - PayPal Express Checkout Button will now always appear on Product Pages
  • Fix - Featured Products can now be edited using Bulk Action in the Product List

2.0.1-1 06/Feb/2018

  • Improvement - Apply Font To All Heading/Style Button
  • Improvement - WYSIWYG now has a Remove Format button in Product & Categories
  • Improvement - Forced reCaptcha on Customer Registration to prevent spam.
  • Fix - CMS Scroll Menu Sort order fixed
  • Fix - Nav Preset #4 hover bug
  • Fix - Gallery - full width background is not keeping height on front end
  • Fix - Tier Pricing not taking component font-size settings
  • Fix - Starting From Price not utilizing or taking any style from the design options
  • Fix - Brand slider pagination should show below slides
  • Fix - Design Center cache should not expire as quickly, helping performance
  • Fix - Brand Slideshow not allowed in Footer, now is
  • Fix - Fixed Meta Descriptions on all themes

1.6.30-12 06/Feb/2018

  • Improvement - Forced reCaptcha on Customer Registration to prevent spam.

2.0.0-1 05/Feb/2018

  • Fix - Removed old tours for the new Design Editor
  • Fix - Language & Currency Blocks looked broken
  • Fix - Body content not properly clearly the header

2.0.0-1 05/Feb/2018

  • Fix - Incorrect font set loading for themes

2.0.0 05/Feb/2018

Initial Release of the new Visual Design Editor and Zoey Version 2.0! Over 500 improvements, fixes, new features were released, too numerous to list them all here. We hope you enjoy this new version!

1.6.30-11 02/Feb/2018

1.6.30-8,9,10 and 11 were simply releases to finalize the Zoey Version 1 Product. No changes were made.

1.6.30-7 02/Feb/2018

  • Fix - If you are currently using Webgility you will need to go to the App Store and add it. Previously this App worked regardless of whether it was installed in your store. It is now mandatory to install it.
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January 2018


1.6.30-7 30/Jan/2018

1.6.30-6 30/Jan/2018

  • Fix - Configurable Product Options were not properly changing image when the product was restricted and the customer viewing it was logged out.

1.6.30-5 26/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - Product Names will no longer be validated to be unique. Only the SKU and the URL will now be checked.

1.6.30-4 26/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - Configurable Products will now by default have a "Starting From" price shown. Previously this was not possible. If you want to turn it off you can do so in Products->Settings and look in the Catalog Settings for the "Starting From" option.
  • Improvement - Gift Card Balance can now be checked online. You can enable this in Products->Settings->Gift Card. Access it once enabled by going to /customer/giftcards/balance
  • Fix - Zoey Admin Grids will always have search on by default to prevent a blinking of the on/off search on initial page load.

1.6.30-3 25/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - Customer Attributes now support "File" type to enable you to upload a file for a Customer's profile. Very useful if your customers need to upload an ID or other important document as part of their registration.

1.6.30-2 25/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - Duplication of Products will now carry over Variation information.
  • Fix - Order Comments will always wrap properly in the grid
  • Fix - Gift Card Prices sometimes did not show up when viewing the product in the Admin
  • Fix - Tier pricing percentage will now show two decimal places instead of rounding up/down
  • Fix - Tier pricing of variations was sometimes not displaying correctly
  • Fix - Adding a locale with uppercase will work
  • Fix - Breadcrumbs in the Product Admin will show the translated values of the Product Names
  • Fix - Removing items from categories that were not visible sometimes failed, should now work
  • Fix - Mobile template rendering was sometimes slow, should be improved
  • Fix - Pay with Amazon Button will now always show up in the Mini Cart and show the right icon. Used to show "Login with Amazon" now will show "Pay with Amazon"
  • Fix - Price on the front end sometimes had a space before it

1.6.30-1 - 23/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - VAT has been moved below the Address fields in Checkout
  • Improvement - PDF Printing of Gift Messages was sometimes outside the box, now is in the box
  • Fix - Analytics will now sync timezone and currency based on your store settings

1.6.30-0 - 22/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - B2B Sitewide Access Restrictions now let you set "Allow Browsing, Restrict Cart, Replace Prices with "Login to view price"
  • Improvement - The Pricing Modal (Popup) of the Options in Product Variations has been slightly redesigned to give you a better experience
  • Improvement - Qty box now appears on search results page to add to cart. This only works for Simple Products.
  • Fix - Rounding errors with tiered pricing have been resolved
  • Fix - When viewing a shipment there was no navigation breadcrumb in the Admin to easily go back to the order
  • Fix - Selecting a $0 variation made the price blank instead of saying $0.00
  • Fix - Importing "File" type customizations via CSV has been fixed
  • Fix - Product Reports now include Virtual Products
  • Fix - Search within Category was not always working
  • Fix - Search results will no longer show prices if the Access Restrictions to hide prices is enabled.

1.6.29-22 - 17/Jan/2018

  • Fix - Abandoned Cart Page said that emails were not sent even though they were - this data error has been synchronized to show you accurate results
  • Improvement - API Reindex call will automatically Refresh Store

1.6.29-21 - 17/Jan/2018

  • Fix - Abandoned Cart emails were not always being sent after the latest set of improvements, this has been corrected.
  • Fix - Indexer Scheduler should now run correctly

1.6.29-20 - 17/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - "Advanced Limited" permission now includes Import/Export CSV.
  • Improvement - Third Party App, ShipperHQ has been updated to the latest version

1.6.29-19 - 16/Jan/2018

  • Fix - Product->Attributes - "Show on Cart" would print the ID of the attribute instead of the Value of the attribute

1.6.29-18 was an internal release

1.6.29-17 - 15/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - Abandoned Carts have major improvements! Thank you for your suggestions on how to improve this feature


  • Title of the pages in the browser have been corrected
  • Fixed issues with emails not always being sent out
  • Ensured that the proper email template is sent in rare cases it was not with multi-language stores

Orders -> Abandoned Carts

  • Added an export of the items in the abandoned carts to a CSV
  • Added functionality to show a recovery email link. This link when visited will automatically fill up the cart with the contents of the abandoned cart
  • Added option to send email reminder more than once at scheduled intervals

Customers->Customer List, pick a customer and go to "Shopping Cart"

  • Ability to add Discount and/or Gift Card to a customer's cart
  • Improvement - Orders->Settings Abandoned Carts was showing the wrong settings
  • Improvement - Attributes can now be shown in the Edit Cart page as well. Go to Product->Attributes and check off "Show in cart"
  • Improvement - Attach PDF of Invoice, Shipment or Credit Memo in email. Configure this option in Setup->Emails
  • Improvement - Customer Attributes on Registrations Form have more padding around them to look nicer
  • Improvement - Added an API Endpoint to trigger a re-index. Learn more at https://developers.zoey.com/docs/reindex-via-api-call
  • Improvement - Launched Design Center v2! Learn more at https://support.zoey.com/docs/visual-design-editor-upgrade-faq
  • Fix - Index Mode was sometimes getting changed from Manual Mode to Update on Save when certain events were triggered in the admin. This will no longer happen
  • Fix - Non-shippable configurable product variations sometimes showed the mini cart having $0 instead of the proper amount
  • Fix - Resolved issues with the improvements to Order Data Export from earlier version

1.6.29-16 - 12/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - Third Party App MailChimp has been upgraded to the latest version

1.6.29-14 - 08/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - Exported Order Data will now export data in the proper base currency as columns in the CSV
  • Improvement - Export Order and Invoice Data now has item tax percent, row total including tax and item base cost as columns in the CSV
  • Improvement - Export Credit Memo Data now has the refund discount amount, refund shipping amount, adjustment refund/fee and row total including tax as columns in the CSV

1.6.29-13 - 08/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - In Orders->Settings Barcode for Invoices, Shipments and Credit Memos can now print either the Order ID or their respective Document ID.

1.6.29-12 - 05/Jan/2018

  • Fix - Saving Orders->Settings was not always working

1.6.29-11 - 04/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - Added the ability to print a barcode to the top of Invoices, Shipments and Credit Memos. You can enable this feature in Orders->Settings->Invoice&Packing Slip Design
  • Improvement - If an Order is created within the Admin it will now be marked as such
  • Improvement - Moved some items out of Setup->Checkout and into Analytics->Settings and Orders->Settings
  • Improvement - Launched new App! CardConnect
  • Improvement - Launched new App! AgeCheck
  • Fix - Default Tax Class was not always selected
  • Fix - Media Import would delete more than just the folder selected
  • Fix - PayPal could not always save form

1.6.29-10 - 02/Jan/2018

Happy New Year!

  • Fix - Could not create coupons using 2018 dates
  • Fix - Barclay Card not able to save form
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December 2017


1.6.29-9 - 26/Dec/2017

  • Fix - Unable to update "Show Variation SKU" in the Product Page via CSV

1.6.29-8 - 21/Dec/2017

  • Improvement - Configurable Products and their Variations can now be marked as "Skip Ship" meaning that they will be treated as non-shippable products and will not be shipped. To enable this feature go to Product->Settings->Inventory->Advanced Options and then change Enable Non-Shippable Products to "Yes". By default this will be "No".
  • Fix - ShipWorks (Third Party Module) updated to resolve issue when exporting Orders with dashes it would break
  • Fix - "You must agree to all of the terms and conditions before continuing" in the Checkout can now be translated

Version 1.6.29-7 was an internal release. No release notes for this version.

1.6.29-6 - 18/Dec/2017

  • Fix - Under certain B2B Settings Permutation the wrong Options for Products were shown. This has been resolved.

Version 1.6.29-5 was an internal release. No release notes for this version.

1.6.29-4 - 15/Dec/2017

  • Fix - Product Search Grid did not always return results, has been fixed.

Skipped Versions 1.6.29-1, 1.6.29-2 and 1.6.29-3 for internal releases. No release notes for these versions.

1.6.29-0 - 15/Dec/2017

  • Improvement - X-Payments (Third Party App) upgraded to the newest version (1.8.4)
  • Improvement - Permission Management for Staff Accounts now includes the ability to give access to the "Advanced" menu or to "Advanced Limited" which will only enable Reindex, Refresh and File Manager
  • Improvement - The Attribute ID have been added to the Table for those using the API and need that information to make their API calls
  • Improvement - Cache & Index renamed to Index Management and takes you directly to the reindexing page. We hope to continue to make improvements to this section.
  • Improvement - reCaptcha can now be added to your checkout to prevent bots/spam from testing credit card numbers. You can enable this under Advanced->reCaptcha
  • Improvement - Magento Migrations will now correctly map Customer Group Pricing
  • Fix - Staff Accounts can now view Abandoned Carts

1.6.28-23 - 12/Dec/2017

  • Improvement - Clicking on a swatch will now unselect it if it is selected
  • Improvement - Customer Group Pricing / Tiered Pricing is now sorted by Group Name, Quantity and then Price so it is easier to see
  • Improvement - Uploading too large of an image will show an error message now. Previously it just wouldn't upload.

1.6.28-22 - 8/Dec/2017

  • Fix - Saving Swatches did not clear all caches correctly resulting in JavaScript errors. This has been resolved

1.6.28-21 - 1/Dec/2017

  • Improvement - Gift Cards can now be purchased in multiple quantities for the same person.
  • Fix - System Configuration Forms were sometimes not saving, they are now.

1.6.28-20 - 4/Dec/2017

  • Fix - When Configurable Product Shipping Weights were set to Fixed and a Variation Value existed the Variation Value took precedence over the Fixed Value. This has been corrected.

1.6.28-19 - 1/Dec/2017

  • Improvement - Gift Cards within Products->Gift Cards the transaction history can now be exported to CSV
  • Improvement - Order Export will now also export Order Comments left by customer
  • Fix - B2B Category Restrictions and Multi Language switching back and forth sometimes did not always reset the language to what was selected
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November 2017


1.6.28-18 - 30/Nov/2017

  • Fix - Having an attribute named "product" would break the Product List

1.6.28-17 - 28/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Variations of Configurable Products can now be individually marked for different tax classes.
  • Improvement - Purchase Order Number Added to Order Export
  • Fix - Export button in Newsletter Subscribers Grid is back under Batch Actions
  • Fix - Category Page Template was not always rendering data in the Design Editor
  • Fix - DataFlow Imports could be slowed down by Active Sales Rules
  • Fix - Decimal Quantities showed saving error when there was none. Everything saved fine, just a false error message

1.6.28-15 - 21/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Tax Rules can now exclude shipping from being calculated. You can find it under Setup->Tax->Tax Rules, click on a Tax rule and then scroll to the bottom:

1.6.28-14 - 21/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Added email address to the Order CSV exports
  • Improvement - Disable the ability for to create orders in the admin for out of stock items. You can enable this in Products->Settings->Inventory->Advanced and "Allow Orders Created In Admin To Add Out Of Stock Items" to "False"
  • Fix - Catalog Sales were not always respecting start/end date of sales.
  • Fix - Order comments could revert back the order state to a previous state if multiple users were trying to enter comments and had loaded the order screen at different times.

1.6.28-12 & 13 - 17/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Added email address to the Order Grid
  • Fix - Design Center 3rd level of category navigation did not always take the right color style

1.6.28-11 - 16/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Add columns to the Customer Grid by enabling filtering for specific Customer Attributes
  • Fix - Configurable Product SKUs did not always change when Show SKU Variation was set to Enabled.
  • Fix - Bundle Products no longer show discounts incorrectly in the cart. This was simply a text change, the discount logic was always correct.
  • Fix - When editing orders, invoices sometimes did not appear in the grid even though they were created.
  • Fix - Downloading assets uploaded by users in the admin were sometimes returning a file not found even though the file was there. This is fixed for future orders only.
  • Fix - When signing up for a trial where you either previously had an account or are a Staff User to a store would make it so you could not login.
  • Fix - Billing Portal link would sometimes not be valid
  • Fix - Logging in with a wrong username and password then with a correct username and password redirected you to the dashboard instead of the page you were prompted to login from.

1.6.28-10 - 14/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Changing the sort order of items within the order itself under
    Setup->Checkout Settings->Order Item Display Sorting
  • Improvement - Customer Notes to Invoice you can now specify whether or not to show the Admin comments. Go to Setup->Checkout Settings->Invoice & Packing Slip Design to change this.

1.6.28-9 - 10/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Third Party Apps can now add user defined attributes in their apps

1.6.28-8 - 10/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Order Grid now contains email address to search by
  • Improvement - Customer Grid now contains search by company
  • Improvement - Customer Information Page now groups the Customer Attributes into their own section
  • Improvement - Minimum height for multi-select dropdowns has been increased, hopefully will make things easier to use.
  • Fix - SOAP API V1 would sometimes route requests to account.zoeysite.com incorrectly. This has been resolved.
  • Fix - FedEx Shipping Method: FedEx requires that for shipments to Mexico the Insured Value be in Mexican Peso. The current logic up to now was to simply use the base currency of your store. If your base currency was set to Mexican Peso then this change does not affect you. Otherwise, if you ship to Mexico using FedEx and the destination country of the order is Mexico the currency will be converted to $MXN using the value in the Currency Rates Conversion within Setup->Localization->Rate->Mexico. If the currency exchange does not exist then it will send the base currency value with the NMP currency code - which could cause issues as the declared value may be higher or lower as the exchange rate is not applied. If you do not have $MXN currency setup, please do so now. We also encourage you to contact FedEx and confirm that the Insured Value is coming across correctly on your shipments.

1.6.28-7 - 09/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - In the checkout if a customer is logged in, creating a new address is now a link under the address dropdown instead of just within it.
  • Improvement - Customer Notes / Customer Comments can now be added to the Invoice PDF / My Account front end. Go to Setup->Checkout Settings->Invoice & Packing Slip Design to enable this
  • Fix - Extra ) in TITLE tags
  • Fix - Indexes were not always refreshing by themselves, hopefully now they are

1.6.28-6 - 08/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Extended Email Templates to be able to access Global Variables
Click to zoom

Click to zoom

  • Fix - Fixed the Design Center issue where saving would produce a red error message.

1.6.28-5 - 06/Nov/2017

  • Fix - B2B Attributes will now correctly show in REST/SOAP API calls
  • Fix - Bulk Actions to Active/Deactivate a Sale now work

1.6.28-4 - 06/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Order Previous/Next now respects the filtering in the Order Grid.
  • Improvement - You can now have the SKU on the Product Page switch when selecting Variations. This change can be found within the Product Interface in the "Variations" section. You can set the Default Value for new products being created in Products->Settings->Catalog Settings
Click image to zoom

Click image to zoom

  • Improvement - Breadcrumbs will now respect the path that was taken to get to them in all instances. Previously this value was cached so sometimes it would just show as HOME > Product - it is now based per session
  • Fix - B2B in certain situations was showing out of stock when the product was not
  • Fix - Adding to Cart using certain B2B Restrictions was failing

1.6.28-3 - Skipped for internal versioning update.

1.6.28-2 - 02/Nov/2017

  • Fix - If you only have one theme left you can't unpublish it. Before you could, this would break your store.

1.6.28-1 - 01/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Search Engine now respects B2B rules for Pricing with showing prices/add to cart.
  • Improvement - You can now export data about invoices, shipments and credit memos directly from the grid

1.6.28-0 - 01/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Rekko App now loads correctly

  • Improvement - Exporting 50k customers at once used to fail, not anymore

  • Improvement - B2B Pricing in Schema Tags are now hidden

  • Improvement - SOAP API now has parent_item_id, REST API now has product_type

  • Improvement - Duplicating a Category/Product Template now says it was successfully done
  • Improvement - Bundle Products did not show Tiered Pricing, now they do!
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October 2017


1.6.27-30 & 1.6.27-31 - 31/Oct/2017

  • Improvement - Exporting 50k customers at once used to fail, not anymore
  • Improvement - B2B Pricing in Schema Tags are now hidden

1.6.27-29 - 31/Oct/2017

  • Improvement - SOAP API now has parent_item_id, REST API now has product_type
  • Improvement - Duplicating a Category/Product Template now says it was successfully done
  • Improvement - Bundle Products did not show Tiered Pricing, now they do!

1.6.27-27 & 1.6.27-28 - 30/Oct/17

  • Improvement - B2B Options have been moved around for easier use. Options mainly moved to "Customers" menu.
  • Improvement - B2B Custom Registration Form can now be Centered (Setup->B2B->Registration Approval Settings)
  • Improvement - B2B Price Filters can now be set as to when to appear and the filters in general no longer "leak" data outside of the customer group that the restrictions are set to.
  • Improvement - Add to cart from the search page will now show a confirmation it was added
  • Improvement - Search will now remember the page number you are on so if you search and are on Page 3 of results, click on an item and click "Back" in your browser it will bring you back to Page 3 instead of Page 1.
  • Improvement - Order Screen now has Previous/Next and the buttons have been moved to their own row
  • Improvement - The store name (tsxxx-container) can now be prefixed for all exported CSV files. You can enable this by going to Set-up->Site Configuration->Admin settings
  • Improvement - Promotion/Sales screen got a small makeover with "is, is one of" now saying "is (singular)", "is one of (plural)" and "Website" being hidden as this was a useless setting.
  • Improvement - Category Design Templates are now Alphabetical
  • Fix - If a Product was set to track inventory but let anyone purchase it even if it was out of stock the product would go out of stock when purchased, this has now been fixed
  • Fix - Image Slideshow in Design Editor would "disappear" if an image failed to load in the slideshow. It will now show a placeholder image
  • Fix - Activating/Disabling Coupon Rules in Bulk would wipe out the coupon codes. This is now fixed
  • Fix - MSRP Pricing under certain situations was not showing up
  • Fix - Exporting 50k customers is now doable.
  • Fix - Using the Built-In UPS Shipping Method Free Shipping Option now works
  • Fix - Using the Built-In UPS Shipping Method with UPS XML did not show the proper titles for the Shipping Method
  • Fix - Warning when uploading Variation Image >1MB resolved
  • Fix - Breadcrumbs now respect External URL if set for a Category
  • Fix - Saving Meta Data (Title/Description) in the Design Editor for pages now always works
  • Fix - **Variations Sorting is now fixed. You can sort Variations by going to Products->Attributes and clicking on the Attribute you want to sort. For example "Color" for Tshirt to appear as Red/Green/Blue or Blue/Green/Red.
  • Fix - B2B Login to Restricted Product/Category will now redirect you back to that Product/Category instead of the Dashboard. Make sure you have this set in Customers->Settings->Login Options

1.6.27-26 - 25/Oct/17

  • Improvement - Category export now has the ability to export a list of your products with the Category ID's in them so it's easier to work with when having to change products to categories association. You can find this under Advanced->Import/Export->Categories and "Export Products in Categories"

1.6.27-25 - 24/Oct/17

  • Fix - Color of discount button on checkout page not always inheriting the correct style
    We skipped two versions for internal releases (-23, -24).

1.6.27-22 - 23/Oct/17

  • Fix - Category images were not always able to be deleted

1.6.27-21 - 22/Oct/17

  • Fix - Under certain B2B configurations Bundle Products produced an error

1.6.27-20 - 20/Oct/17

  • Fix - Setting an Attribute to be Exported in the Order CSV was not saving in all cases

1.6.27-19 - 19/Oct/17

  • Improvement - Changes done through cataloginventory_stock_item.update API method will now properly trigger events throughout the system. This means if you use the API to update your inventory and rely on software like M2E to synchronize that inventory to third party systems, M2E will now be properly programatically notified that the inventory has changed.
  • Fix - Edit Item from Mini Cart wasn't exactly working right

1.6.27-18 - 19/Oct/17

  • Improvement - M2E Updated to Version 6.4.12
  • Fix - Title tag was not always showing in the <IMG> tag. You'll need to click on your image so that it opens the Media Manager and then click save for the title tag to be applied

1.6.27-17 - 17/Oct/17

  • Improvement - If the Base Price of a Product is lower than the Customer Group Price of the Product, a setting has been added to dictate which price should be used. This setting can be found under Product->Settings and then Catalog Settings->Force Customer Group Price Priority. If set to Yes then the Customer Group Price will be used. No will use the Base Price. Default: No.
  • Improvement - Filter Products by Category! Simply click on Advanced->Add Filter and select Category
  • Improvement - Tax Class ID now displayed in the Grid to make it easy to find and use for CSV Import
  • Improvement - Added the ability for Attributes to be exported in the Order CSV
  • Improvement - Drag the Category Title Block into your Category Template as often as you want
  • Fix - Saving Product Page made it go to a random position on the page, no longer.
  • Fix - Compilation of Design Center Assets may have produced inconsistent behavior with what was designed. This has been resolved.

1.6.27-16 - 17/Oct/17

  • Improvement - Products->Attributes are now sorted Alphabetically!

1.6.27-15 - 16/Oct/17

  • Fix - Customer Group Specific Tier Pricing on Configurable Product Fixes

1.6.27-14 - 16/Oct/17

  • Improvement - In rare cases when using third party importing tools duplicate SKUs could have been created and then never changed. The SKU Replacement import now has the ability to use Column A as "Entity ID" and Column B "New SKU" to avoid this issue.

1.6.27-13 - 16/Oct/17

  • Fix - Remarketing App was on even if it was off, bad app!

1.6.27-12 - 11/Oct/17

  • Fix - Gift Card Price was not updating in drop down when changing amount on front end

1.6.27-11 - 09/Oct/17

  • Fix - Price Range instead of actual Price was shown in Schema when Related, Upsell or Crossell products were used
  • Fix - Pending Payment orders were not showing up in Customers My Order Page on the front end.

1.6.27-10 - 08/Oct/17

  • Improvement - Removed Default Store from DataFlow Profiles to avoid mistakes in importing data
  • Improvement - Design Template Drop Down is now Alphabetical!
  • Fix - Could not remove a Minimum Quantity Rule after it was added

1.6.27-9 - 05/Oct/17

  • Improvement - Granular controls to certain Schema Properties under Products>Settings>Inventory section ("Load product availability in page source")
  • Improvement - Import - added a simple link to upload a new file without having to go through all the menus again
  • Improvement - Email Templates for B2B New Registration Admin Email now has access to all Address Object properties (Address, City, State, etc...) by using {{htmlescape var=$address.city}} or {{htmlescape var=$address.telephone}} for example.
  • Fix - File Manage creating duplicate entries
  • Fix - Access Restrictions on Design Center Pages lost after 12 hours
  • Fix - Category Interface broken when there were no categories
  • Fix - Categories Bulk Delete was not working

1.6.27-8 - 05/Oct/17

  • Fix - Category Images were not saving in a manner that always enabled them to be deleted
  • Fix - Sometimes not all Product Information was visible on the Product Grid

1.6.27-7 - 05/Oct/17

  • Fix - Category Interface Overhaul to better persist and save data when dealing with large catalogs in the Admin

1.6.27-6 - 04/Oct/17

  • Fix - Resolved issue with Tiered Pricing not showing up on Variations

1.6.27-4-5 - 04-05/Oct/17

  • Improvement - Hide "Not Visible" in products>categories>manage products
  • Fix - New Group pricing in Edit Products no longer defaults to 0
  • Fix - B2B - Page Not showing product
  • Fix - Shopping Cart Price Error

1.6.27-3 - 04/Oct/17

  • Fix - File Manager Errors
  • Fix - Issues with Page Restrictions
  • Fix - Category Screen Saving Message Issue
  • Fix - Change homepage title not working
  • Fix - Category Interface Error

1.6.27-1 - 03/Oct/17

  • Improvement - New Columns In The Product List ('Quantity Allowed in Shopping Cart', 'Decimal Quantity', 'Design Template ID')
  • Improvement - Removed "My Recurring Profiles" from My Account Menu
  • Improvement - Google Shopping - Override Minimum Quantity in Feed Settings
  • Improvement - Added Country Code / ShipperHQ Variables on Order Success Page
  • Fix - Pay with Amazon button missing from mini cart
  • Fix - Unable to Edit Product Qty when Editing Mini Cart
  • Fix - Unable to Delete Unpublished Homepage
  • Fix - Save Setup->Site Configuration gives an error even though it saves
  • Fix - Changing customization overwrites languages

1.6.27-0 - 02/Oct/17

  • Improvement - Ability to update the weight of products by bulk actions
  • Fix - Incorrectly calculated discounts in shopping cart for configurable products
  • Fix - B2B - Page Not showing product
  • Fix - MAP not respected in meta data on page
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September 2017


1.6.26-0-9 - 20-27/Sep/17

  • Improvement - Performance (Speed) Optimization to Products, Categories and Swatches
  • Improvement - Invoices now display customer email addresses
  • Improvement - Option to set Invoice/Shipment/Credit Memo Item Sort Order
  • Improvement - Table Rates add Maximum Weight
  • Fix - Schema Price missing on Incl. Tax price
  • Fix - Facebook Pixel not firing properly on Add To Cart
  • Fix - Quickview zoom and swatches not working
  • Fix - "Title" of a Design page does not change

1.6.25-0-2 - 19/Sep/17

  • Improvement - Jirafe -> YaaS migration
  • Improvement - Search Results Now Honor B2B Restriction
  • Fix - Thumbnail Image still being loaded in Cross-Sell on FE and BE

1.6.24-0-2 - 18/Sep/17

  • Improvement - Ability to Set Quantity Increments for Specific Product
  • Improvement - Only X Left is not working properly in Configurable products
  • Improvement - Add Robots Index/NoIndex setting to Setup>Site Settings
  • Improvement - Setting Quantity Increments for Specific Product
  • Improvement - Invoices + email address
  • Improvement - SKU's on product ordered report
  • Improvement - When adding a product to a customer cart custom pricing is ignored
  • Fix - Create new customer - no welcome email/password
  • Fix - Image EPS file not downloading from order.
  • Fix - Cannot save shipping carriers (maybe other screens) in Zoey Dev
  • Fix - Color Swatches - Not Showing Product Image
  • Fix - Required validation does not work on some system config fields

1.6.23-23-28 - 1-12/Sep/17

  • Improvement - Allow 3rd Party apps to add tabs to edit product page
  • Improvement - Premier: URL Rewrites will now carry over query string parameters
  • Improvement - Create Export Dir Before Writing CSV
  • Improvement - Require Company Field in Checkout
  • Fix - Order Success Page Variables not loading when customer is a Guest
  • Fix - GIF Image Upload Broken
  • Fix - Low Stock Tab not working
  • Fix - Check out error
  • Fix - Products>Categories crashing
  • Fix - Abandon Cart Recovery sending emails for completed orders
  • Fix - Query string of Layered Navigation filters twice in URL

Featured Updates

Performance (Speed) Optimization to Products, Categories and Swatches

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August 2017


1.6.23-7-22 - 1-31/Aug/17

  • Improvement - Option to Resend Order Notifications to admin and customer
  • Improvement - Sort order for Customizations and Variations
  • Improvement - Edit My Design changes
  • Improvement - Order Success - Add Email
  • Improvement - Limit ?hints=1
  • Improvement - B2B - Address during registration
  • Improvement - Upgrade Bakerloo (Ebizmarts POS) to v2.0.13
  • Improvement - Exporting Customer Reviews
  • Improvement - Category Importer/Exporter Improvements
  • Improvement - Remove trim on SKU replace / Add zh_CN locale
  • Improvement - Category Importer/Exporter Improvements
  • Improvement - Search Product List by Shipping Weight
  • Fix - B2B email variables not working
  • Fix - Product page > hreflang issue
  • Fix - Add To Cart button on category page hiding in Tablet and Mobile
  • Fix - B2B Access Restriction issues
  • Fix - Product File Attachment Clear Cache
  • Fix - System config email template default value being saved as null
  • Fix - Category SEO won't save
  • Fix - Variable product selection "sticks" once someone makes a selection
  • Fix - Zoey Reviews Block Design settings not responsive
  • Fix - Yotpo Product Review block not pulling correct info
  • Fix - Image Alt and Title Tags not showing in CSV export
  • Fix - Product page > hreflang issue
  • Fix - Make B2B Shipping Restrictions visible in the Shipping methods
  • Fix - Sitemap issue in Google
  • Fix - Product page > hreflang issue
  • Fix - Category Page > Qty is not added to the cart
  • Fix - Quick Order Form
  • Fix - $0 price replaced by text
  • Fix - Re: Urgent - Delete item in cart is not showing
  • Fix - Product page > hreflang issue
  • Fix - Free Shipping Bug
  • Fix - Blog Page does not show full post text on the front end
  • Fix - Product showing all variations, including ones that are not available.
  • Fix - Restore disabled select style and fix cannot save unselect multiselect
  • Fix - Mega Menu - Transparent
  • Fix - DE Locale Translation Issues
  • Fix - Out Of Stock Notification not showing
  • Fix - Upsell Products Block Design and Settings issues
  • Fix - Unable to checkout as a guest in English store view > Email address issue
  • Fix - Discount rule default label breaks "Remove code" link in cart
  • Fix - Social media below the fold
  • Fix - Email templates sending messages that come though as HTML
  • Fix - Clicking Cart Button does nothing.
  • Fix - Alert colors missing
  • Fix - File Manager showing incorrect dimensions for images
  • Fix - Product Upsell Block missing preset to center info section
  • Fix - Changing Default Store when HREFLANG is enabled breaks front-end
  • Fix - USPS first class mail Update

Featured Updates

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July 2017


1.6.23-1-6 - 31/July/17

  • Improvement - Ability to set Flat Shipping Thresholds by Customer Group (premium feature)
  • Improvement - Upgrade jQuery to version 1.12
  • Improvement - Option to Resend Order Notifications to admin and customer
  • Fix - Old Price showing double
  • Fix - Pricing not changing on Tier Step pricing
  • Fix - Sitemap - English image label on French sitemap
  • Fix - Facebook Pixel viewProduct event is not firing
  • Fix - Email > New Template > New Order won't load
  • Fix - Edit My Design fixes
  • Fix - TaxJar ImportRates Error
  • Fix - Missing Product Attachments block
  • Fix - Shopping cart not appearing sometimes
  • Fix - Configurable product child tier pricing not working
  • Fix - Cannot proceed past Step 1 of checkout
  • Fix - Configurable product pricing not updating properly

1.6-23-0 - 28/July/17

New: Edit My Design Dashboard

A new and improved Design Dashboard!

  • Improvement - B2B - Restricted Pages will not appear in the XML Sitemap
  • Improvement - Add Page > category and product page
  • Improvement - Filters now have friendly URLs
  • Improvement - Ability to show "Only X Left" message on Category Page Product List
  • Improvement - Yotpo Q&A Button added to Product Essentials (Automatically)
  • Fix - Change Verbiage for Text Link "Target"
  • Fix - Auth.net Suspected Fraud Payment Update not working
  • Fix - Related Product Prices Changing with Variation Selection
  • Fix - Favicon Breaking when a new icon is uploaded
  • Fix - Template Mapper should only show if 1 theme has multiple templates
  • Fix - 2nd level drop down menu background color

1.6-22-5 - 24/July/17

New Apps from Amasty

Out Of Stock Notification
This app adds a Stock or Sale Price Notification sign-up form to your product page. It works for all product types including out-of-stock variations!
Install It Today!

Product Parts Finder
Sometimes called Make/Model/Year, this tool allows you to build a custom product search tool that helps your customer find the products they need based on multiple criteria.
Install It Today!

New Apps from AMASTY - Out Of Stock Notification & Product Parts Finder

Out Of Stock Notification
This app adds a Stock or Sale Price Notification sign-up form to your product page. It works for all product types including out-of-stock variations!
Install It Today!

Product Parts Finder
Sometimes called Make/Model/Year, this tool allows you to build a custom product search tool that helps your customer find the products they need based on multiple criteria.
Install It Today!

  • Improvement - Ability to specify where custom product attributes display on the Category Product List block (above, below, between)
  • Improvement - Add button to "View Store" in Design Editor
  • Fix - Place Order sometimes not going to Order Success Page
  • Fix - Edit My Design > Store Views drop down doesn't go all the way down
  • Fix - Product Page og: Image tag URL needs http or https
  • Fix - reCaptcha not visible in B2B registration form

1.6-22-(1-4) - 21/July/17

  • Fix - Catalog Price Rules not applying based on Customer groups General
  • Fix - Repair default extendware configuration values

1.6-22-0 - 21/July/17

Restrict Info Pages by Customer Group

Business Plus and Premium customers can now restrict Information Pages in Edit My Design by Customer Group.

  • Fix - Cart not loading in IE when adding excessive quantity
  • Fix - Variation Price Changing Incorrectly
  • Fix - Grid Rendering on Ipad / Chrome and Firefox
  • Fix - Localization - Updating the language code breaks the language
  • Fix - Product Page og: Image tag URL needs http or https

1.6-21-6 - 18/July/17

  • Improvement - SEO - Remove Trailing Slash & Fix Homepage Canonical
  • Fix - Remove Affirm Attributes from Products > Attributes
  • Fix - Meta keywords issue on category path URLs
  • Fix - Order Success Page: Qty not being translated

1.6.21-(4-5) - 17-18/July/17

  • Fix - Browse More Themes button missing in Edit My Design
  • Fix - Sales Tax breaks with 9 digit US Zip Codes

1.6.21-3 - 17/July/17

  • Fix - Product Page Image Tags for Main Image in slider not taking values from Admin
  • Fix - Swatch Image Switching Breaking on Product
  • Fix - Invoice nr. is not displayed in Order/Invoice emails
  • Fix - Category - Display of the number of products that are visible missing
  • Fix - Grouped Products – "Search & Add" not working
  • Fix - eWay credit card creates two invoices

1.6.21-2 - 14/July/17

  • Improvement - Option to create (downloadable/virtual) product that provides a non-download link
  • Fix - Attribute Value Sort ALL Alphabetically not working with Uppercase/Lowercase
  • Fix - Related Products still using Thumbnail Image
  • Fix - Single Product Block broken
  • Fix - Design editor - Errors on Product page
  • Fix - Fix Product Export Speed for Multiselects on single row

1.6.21-1 - 14/July/17

  • Improvement - Different Free Shipping Levels for B2B and B2C
  • Fix - Product Grids Missing Images
  • Fix - Invalid attribute identifier for filter ()
  • Fix - Minimum Order Value incorrectly prevents Checkout
  • Fix - Do not allow Mailchimp app to be saved as "Enabled" without an API Key
  • Fix - 2nd Opening of a Page in the Editor doesn't show loader

1.6.21-0 - 13/July/17

NEW APP - Product Page Shipping Estimator

The Product Page Shipping Estimator App allows you to display shipping rates for an item directly on the item's product page

Install It Now!

  • Improvement - Customer Group fields added to Full Order Export
  • Fix - Price doesn't adjust when customization is selected
  • Fix - Browse to product image path in CSV is missing /catalog/product after /media/
  • Fix - Only X Left: Grouped Product items don't show Product Title
  • Fix - No Comments in New Email Template
  • Fix - M2E Pro .php file replacement
  • Fix - Trial bar hides buttons at the bottom of the screen

1.6.20-(1-10) - 7-12/July/17

  • Fix - Pricing Issue - Incorrect discount being applied.
  • Fix - Payment method dissapeared
  • Fix - File Manager showing duplicated results on search
  • Fix - Invoice nr. is not displayed in Order/Invoice emails
  • Fix - Customer assigned as guest checkout when guest checkout is not active.
  • Fix - Design Editor - Code Editor window will no longer close on click-away
  • Fix - Invoice Email and PDF Invoice "Grand Total" re-worded "Grand Total Paid""

1.6.20-0 - 7/July/17

File Manager & Product Attachments

Product Attachments and File Manager allow for the upload and management of PDF and other non-image file types, and the attachment of those files to specific products for download by customers on the Product Page of your store.

This feature is available free for our Business Plus and Premium and can be purchased by users on our Business Plan.

Learn More Here

File Manager & Product Attachments

Product Attachments and File Manager allow for the upload and management of PDF and other non-image file types, and the attachment of those files to specific products for download by customers on the Product Page of your store.

This feature is available free for our Business Plus and Premium customers and can be purchased by users on our Business Plan for $20/mo which includes 5GB of storage. Additional storage fees will be charged at $10/mo for each subsequent 5GB used.

Learn More Here

1.6.19-7 - 6/July/17

  • Improvement - Upgrade M2E to v6.4.10
  • Improvement - Shipping method filter on orders page now supports Matrix Rates
  • Fix - MailChimp Cron Error Fix
  • Fix - Tier pricing not showing percentage for variations
  • Fix - Pinterest Issue - showing 90% off price
  • Fix - Minimum Order Value incorrectly prevents Checkout
  • Fix - "Only X left Threshold" breaking with variations if they don't have qty=100
  • Fix - Swatches for disabled products show in category pages

Featured Updates

New: Edit My Design Dashboard

A new and improved Design Dashboard!

New Edit My Design Dashboard

New Edit My Design Dashboard

Restrict Info Pages by Customer Group

Business Plus and Premium customers can now restrict Information Pages in Edit My Design by Customer Group.

Page Settings: Access Restriction

Page Settings: Access Restriction

NEW APP - Product Page Shipping Estimator

The Product Page Shipping Estimator App allows you to display shipping rates for an item directly on the item's product page
Install It Today!

Shipping Estimator Block in +Add Menu

Shipping Estimator Block in +Add Menu

File Manager

File Manager

Product Attachments

Product Attachments

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June 2017


1.6.19-4 - 28/June/17

  • Fix - Sales Prices from Catalog Sales not showing in cart

1.6.19-3 - 27/June/17

  • Fix - Assigning new design template to category won't save
  • Fix - Product Filters in Category>Manage Products not working
  • Fix - Category Saving Ignores System Errors
  • Fix - Gallery Images on Product Page load Alt into Title tag

1.6.19-2 - 26/June/17

  • Improvement - Orders > Full Order Export > Added B2B Attributes in columns
  • Improvement - Add Bulk Actions to Promotions
  • Fix - Page Not Available Message typo fixed in 3 themes
  • Fix - Remove "Design" link for Email Header template
  • Fix - Free Shipping Method needs to update in the checkout page
  • Fix - New E-mail templates > Order Confirmation, Invoice
  • Fix - Change verbiage for "Only XY left" - threshold on configurable products.
  • Fix - Category Issue - Filters not loading in design editor
  • Fix - Category Sort Order not working
  • Fix - Images of Configurable Product did not show up
  • Fix - Category Meta Data saving on Store View rather than default
  • Fix - Canonical tag declared twice
  • Fix - 'Invalid' Characters in URL Key
  • Fix - Bundled product doesn't show sales price

1.6.19-0 - 20/June/17

  • Improvement - Only X left Threshold for Configurable Products
  • Improvement - Checkout Phone Field Required setting

1.6.18-0 - 19/June/17

  • Improvement - Displaying Discount Amount on each Row in the Shopping Cart
  • Improvement - Ability to assign related products via CSV file in one column, separated by commas
  • Fix - Sitemap issue with duplicated URLs
  • Fix - Blog Tag Issues
  • Fix - Shipping method filter on orders page not working
  • Fix - Name of page not displaying on browser tab
  • Fix - Category Name not saving

1.6.17-0 - 16/June/17

  • Improvement - Added Order Success Variable: Customer First & Last name - Learn more: Order Variables Accessible on Order Success Page
  • Fix - Import fails when promotions->sales are active, core Magento
  • Fix - Analytics > Reports > Find Customers By SKU Report Quantity Column is misleading
  • Fix - Category Manage Products "Visible Products" Count disappears
  • Fix - Cannot Clear items from category
  • Fix - ShipStation map order comment in Zoey checkout to Custom Field 1

1.6.16-0 - 13/June/17

New Email Templates

Every store sends them: Emails that alert a customer to a successful order, shipment, new account or other such updates. Today, we've upgraded our default email templates to provide a cleaner, more modern and mobile friendly take on those emails.

If you are using Zoey's default templates, they will be enabled automatically and you and your customers can enjoy the new templates right away.

Jotform.com Block for Visual Design Editor

JotForm allows you to create your own form and collect data delivered to your email account.
Go to your Zoey account > Edit My Design and open the Information Page in which you want to embed the form. In the top left click on + Add. Under Apps select the JotForm block

Learn More here: JotForm - Create Your Own Form

1.6.15-0 - 06/June/17

  • Improvement - Ability to edit Price and Special Price from the Product List
  • Improvement - Ability to specify when orders can be calculated for revenue in Dashboard Analytics
  • Improvement - Allow users to enter Qty on products when adding to cart from Category Page
  • Improvement - Facebook OG Tags added to Products, Locale and Store Meta Content
  • Improvement - Ability to have different Categories Images for different languages
  • Improvement - Ability to choose to duplicate or discard translations when duplicating a product
  • Improvement - PayPal "Review Order Page" Design updated to match checkout
  • Improvement - Ability to have 5 level navigation when using Navigation Presets 1 and 3
  • Improvement - Ability to retrieve Customer Order Comment via API
  • Fix - Shipping Estimator should update after entering Coupon code
  • Fix - Subcategory Block should use Category External URL Redirect if set
  • Fix - Default # products selection not saving
  • Fix - Removed SID / Enable EU Cookie Law settings
  • Fix - Design: Need to refresh when changing theme name
  • Fix - Shipping method filter on orders page now shows all carrier methods
  • Fix - Categories Not Sticking When Dragged
  • Fix - Duplicated Product allows to be saved without SKU
  • Fix - Some products allow order when out of stock in Admin
  • Fix - Variation images don't change when swatches selected

1.6.14-0 - 01/June/17

Multi-Language SEO

On Business Plus plans and up you can now enable Language Codes in your URLs (example.com/fr) and enable Hreflang tags in your HTML Head and Sitemap.
Learn More about Multi-Language SEO Here

Translate Your Product Images

Upload and enable different images for your products that show when different languages are selected by your customers.
Learn More about Translating Your Product Images Here

Ability to add unique ALT and Title Tags on Product Images

We have now given you the ability to add unique ALT and Title tags to your Product Images

Category Admin Improvements

  • Improvement - Multi-Select & Bulk Actions for Categories
  • Improvement - Bulk Action: Sort Categories A-Z
  • Improvement - Bulk Action: Delete multiple categories
  • Improvement - Ability to Duplicate Category
  • Improvement - Ability to view more than 20 products per page
  • Improvement - Ability to view QTY in Categories>Manage Products
  • Improvement - Ability to sort product search results
  • Improvement - Performance Improvement (Faster load time in Admin)
  • Improvement - JotForm Component for Design Editor
  • Improvement - Ability to sort B2B Customer Attributes
  • Improvement - Easier way to view the sort order of your Filterable and Visible Attributes in Products > Attributes
  • Improvement - Added rel canonical to homepages and information pages
  • Fix - Alt Tag not showing on Product PAge Gallery Images
  • Fix - Can't change font size of a product name in List View

Featured Updates

New Email Templates

Every store sends them: Emails that alert a customer to a successful order, shipment, new account or other such updates. Today, we've upgraded our default email templates to provide a cleaner, more modern and mobile friendly take on those emails.

Jotform.com Block for Visual Design Editor

JotForm allows you to create your own form and collect data delivered to your email account.
Go to your Zoey account > Edit My Design and open the Information Page in which you want to embed the form. In the top left click on + Add. Under Apps select the JotForm block
Learn More here: JotForm - Create Your Own Form

Multi-Language SEO

On Business Plus plans and up you can now enable Language Codes in your URLs (example.com/fr) and enable Hreflang tags in your HTML Head and Sitemap.
Learn More about Multi-Language SEO Here

Translate Your Product Images

Upload and enable different images for your products that show when different languages are selected by your customers.
Learn More about Translating Your Product Images Here

Product Image Title Tags

We have now given you the ability to add unique ALT and Title tags to your Product Images.

Category Admin Improvements

We've added some great new features and given a much needed performance boost to your category pages. Features include: Multi-Select/Bulk Actions, Sort A-Z, Duplicate, Redirect Category Links to an External URL and tools for searching/filtering/sorting category products.


1.6.13-0 - 26/May/17

  • Improvement - HTML/CSS/JS Validation - Admin will be notified before saving any custom code in Edit My Design if there are any errors in the code that could negatively impact the store.
  • Improvement - New Validation for custom Javascript Editor which will block saving if HTML such as <script> tag is added.
  • Improvement - New setting to block or allow rendering of custom HTML or execution of custom Javascript in the HTML Block.
  • Improvement - Ability to Cancel/return 0 subtotal orders
  • Improvement - Removed "Price as Configured" in Bundle Products if not necessary
  • Improvement - New Customer Settings Page
  • Improvement - Setting to export full image paths in product export. Setting located in Products > Settings
  • Fix - Update Adyen Mastercard logos
  • Fix - Exporting Products does not filter correctly
  • Fix - Footer Newsletter Sign-up not redirecting back to last page viewed
  • Fix - B2B Registration URL Missing
  • Fix - Move User Defined HTML Head Above Javascript/CSS
  • Fix - Sorting options for each Category not saving
  • Fix - Product image not showing in Shared Wishlist Email
  • Fix - Newsletter subscription needs to check agains subscriber list

1.6.12-0 - 24/May/17

  • Improvement - Admin Page Load Performance Enhancements - Products List, Product Edit and all Configuration Pages now load faster than before.
  • Improvement - New setting to allow import of Multi-Select product attribute values as comma separated arrays in a single cell rather than as multiple rows. Admin has ability to change delimiter from comma to semi-colon. Setting located in Products > Settings
  • Improvement - Allow Admin to set Default Tier Pricing for Configurable Products with Custom Pricing.
  • Improvement - New settings for Out of Stock Threshold to allow for decimal values with rounding up or down for whole number quantity products, and ability to allow products to sell-through the threshold down to a quantity of 0. Settings located in Products > Settings
  • Fix - Change Attribute Verbiage from "Options" to "Values
  • Fix - Tier Pricing not displaying correctly
  • Fix - Custom Attribute Values removing 0s from numbers
  • Fix - Image Sitemap not respecting settings for different languages
  • Fix - Sub-products (Variations, Group or Bundled Items) not getting Sales Rule applied properly

1.6.11-0 - 22/May/17

Ability to Delete Attribute Values

  • Improvement - Ability to Delete Attribute Values via CSV
  • Improvement - Ability to Delete Attribute Values via Bulk Actions in Admin

Learn More

  • Improvement - Mailchimp App Updated to v1.1.6
  • Improvement - New (tax) display setting for Abandoned Cart Email
  • Improvement - App: Google Re-Marketing App - Business Type Custom
  • Improvement - Added Order Items variable to the order success page variables
  • Improvement - Change Schema.org Pricing to include Special Price
  • Fix - Change "Best Value" to "Manual" in Products>Settings Sorting
  • Fix - Tier Pricing not displaying correctly on configurable products
  • Fix - Shipping method shows in order success page for Gift Cards
  • Fix - Available Product Listing Sort By doesn't save.
  • Fix - SQLSTATE[22003] error when trying to delete products
  • Fix - Exporting Products does not filter correctly
  • Fix - Contact Us Template is showing HTML tag
  • Fix - Preventing the removal of starting "0"s in numbers for Custom Attribute Values

1.6.10-0 - 15/May/17

Facebook Tracking Pixel App

Get App

  • A simple way to integrate Facebook's Tracking Pixel and Conversion Code

Social Media Login (Facebook & Twitter)

Get App

  • Offer Log-in with Facebook and Twitter options for your customers during Registration or Checkout

Schema.org Product Page Updates


  • item_condition Product Attribute added which will add the itemCondition MicroData
  • Prices with commas will now follow schema.org guidelines
  • Fixed Various issues on Category & Product Page with microdata

Product Sale Notification in Shopping Cart

If a product is on Sale (Special Price, Tier Price, Group Price, Discount Rule etc...) it will now show the original price and percent (%) discount on the shopping cart)

  • Improvement - Swatches on Category Grid will now change product image
  • Improvement - Product Sharing will now work when changing store view

1.6.9-0 - 11/May/17

Products: Select Categories with "Tree View"

Switch between Search And Tree view when selecting categories for your products.

  • Improvement - Blog Post Edit Screen now uses new WYSIWYG Editor and Media Manager
  • Improvement - Automatically Import Currency Rates on Schedule
  • Improvement - B2B > Needs Locale Email Settings
  • Improvement - Warning or limitation to upload images bigger than 1MB
  • Fix - Payment Methods: Better validation for "numeric only" fields
  • Fix - Inaccurate State in System Config Website Scope (and possibly Store)
  • Fix - Admin system config error when saving payment method (AngularJS)
  • Fix - Magento migration fails on SOAP, no error
  • Fix - Theme Fonts and Colors missing Alerts Section
  • Fix - Add hyphen to automatic created Gift Card Codes
  • Fix - Update Category Products Sort Message
  • Fix - Paying a GiftCard Product with a Gift Card will not reduce the GC amount
  • Fix - Format problem in French language, section: /sales/order/history/ in the backend
  • Fix - Nosto/Tagging: Fatal Error on 'sales_order_save_commit_after' observer sendOrderConfirmation
  • Fix - Payment Method > Braintree > Disable won't work
  • Fix - Italics in Blog showing on backend but not frontend.

1.6.8-0 - 10/May/17

  • Improvement - Product Images In Sales Email Templates will now show child product image
  • Fix - Images will not be unnecessarily "sized-up" if they are large enough to fit
  • Fix - Invoice PDF needs to show Gift Card code and amount
  • Fix - Right Click on Order Page > Open new tab - Issue from 1.6.7-0 release
  • Fix - Category Links on blog post page removing blog directory from URL
  • Fix - Navigation dropdown in small desktop & table view is cut off
  • Fix - Currency Not Changing on Homepage Featured Product Block
  • Fix - Wishlist/ Compare "separation line" needs to be removed
  • Fix - Blog Image doesn't show when shared on Facebook.
  • Fix - Header Navigation stacking in Visual Design Editor but not front-end

1.6.7-0 - 09/May/17

Ability to sort Attribute Options Alphabetically

Attribute options used to be sorted manually with drag & drop, move to top or bottom. But now we are giving you the ability to sort attribute options alphabetically with one-click.

Product Image XML Sitemap

Boost your SEO by enabling the image sitemap to add your product images to your auto-generated XML sitemap. Settings Located in the XML Sitemap App: https://www.zoey.com/apps/xml-sitemap

Ability for Admin to choose specific sorting options for each Category

Choose which Attributes you want available for sorting for each category in Products > Categories > Manage Products

  • UPDATE - We have stopped supporting .ico uploads for favicon
  • Improvement - Invoice will now show Gift Card code and amount
  • Improvement - Ability to specify Gift Card email language when sending from admin
  • Improvement - Config. Products - Make Variation price text-box larger and easier to use
  • Improvement - URL Rewrites will not carry over query string parameters
  • Improvement - Select All or Multiple Select Check Boxes For Adding products to bundles
  • Improvement - Enable Product Images In Sales Email Templates (Setup > Emails > Sales Emails)
  • Improvement - Ability to Right Click on Order Page > Open new tab
  • Fix - Order Success Page not respecting Shipping Tax Settings
  • Fix - Typo in Order Success Default text
  • Fix - Incorrect location of VAT on Order Success Page
  • Fix - Error when adding Bundle products to cart from the Category Page.
  • Fix - Adding Giftcard/Discount In Checkout Not Refreshing Shipping & Payment Options
  • Fix - B2B customer attribute fields not translating.
  • Fix - B2B - Restricted Access Login page Error Message missing styling
  • Fix - My Account page > Default Shipping Address overlapping
  • Fix - Subscriber filter makes Batch Actions show twice
  • Fix - Category Links in Blog Posts return 404 page
  • Fix - Add to Cart under Last Ordered Items (My Account) not working
  • Fix - Variation Products not individually respecting manage stock
  • Fix - Error when trying to edit design with too many HTML blocks
  • Fix - GiftCard causing negative Grand Total in Checkout
  • Fix - Invoice format is different when dowloaded in Batch Actions vs. Invoice settings
  • Fix - Thumbnail Carousel Images don't always load
  • Fix - Payment Gateway add new method link to app store should open in a new tab
  • Fix - Product Title in Admin not showing product name
  • Fix - Setting product title to 'bold' sets the attribute name to 'bold'

1.6.6-8 - 07/May/17

  • Improvement - Continue Shopping option to go back, or go to homepage
  • Improvement - Improve Import Error: Product Type is invalid or not supported in rows
  • Fix - Export duplicates data
  • Fix - duplicate products do not save new images
  • Fix - Gift Card balance being reduced twice by same amount when used for an order.
  • Fix - Decimal Stock Quantity Behavior in Add to Cart
  • Fix - Photos not working on duplicate product creation
  • Fix - Gift Card amounts are not adjusting when Subtotal changes
  • Fix - Gift Card apply to tax/shipping setting

1.6.6-7 - 05/May/17

  • Improvement - Replace "Last Modified" column in abandoned cart grid w/ "Date Created"

1.6.6-6 - 04/May/17

Google Shopping Feed Auto Generate

Google Shopping Feeds will Auto-Generate so Google can fetch latest data.

  • Improvement - Manual sort order update by CSV
  • Improvement - Option to select or exclude categories/products for export
  • Improvement - Orders: "Send Email" button should also work after automated email was sent
  • Fix - Products>List Visible tab should respect "Show Out of Stock Products" setting

1.6.6-5 - 03/May/17

  • Fix - Update core translation for 'My Downloadable Products'
  • Fix - Premium Matrix Rate: Order Page shows method title instead of option
  • Fix - Category Manage Products visibility should show "Search Only" products as not visible

1.6.6-4 - 03/May/17

Clear all button added to shopping cart

  • Improvement - B2b Custom Customer Attributes not showing up on New Order form
  • Fix - "Create Account" page opens in the middle of the page instead of the top

1.6.6-3 - 02/May/17

Ability to translate google reCAPTCHA

  • Feature - Newsletter reCaptcha missing from settings
  • Improvement - Misc. Additional Translation Support
  • Improvement - Premier: Add dispatch/delivery date & delivery time to order export CSV
  • Fix - Product Rate Shipping in product page missing a dropdown
  • Fix - The restricted function for product does not seem to work in the quick order application

1.6.6-2 - 02/May/17

  • Fix - Drag and drop not working for images
  • Fix - API roles page not loading

1.6.6-1 - 02/May/17

  • Fix - Return Analytics > Insights for users

1.6.6-0 - 01/May/17

Import Alt Text/ Image Label with CSV file

Import Alt Text/ Image Label with CSV file

  • Improvement - Update M2E Pro to version 6.4.8
  • Improvement - Update all occurrences/usage of '_media_lable' to be '_media_label'
  • Fix - M2E - Attributes not showing in M2E Attributes List
  • Fix - Uploading images for new/duplicate products just adds the placeholder image
  • Fix - Mini shopping Cart error
  • Fix - Orders Placed from API is not displaying email address field in Zoey Admin Order Detail
  • Fix - Force Captcha on Newsletter Subscription / Reactivate Newsletter Success Email
  • Fix - Tax & Shipping Estimator not visible on frontend
  • Fix - Quick Order From translation in French store views breaks Cart Summary
  • Fix - Premier: Add country (Sint Maarten) to country list
  • Fix - Product List columns not showing data
  • Fix - No email addresses on abandoned carts from logged in users

Featured Updates

Ability to Delete Attribute Values

Admin users can now delete attribute values from their products using Bulk Actions or a CSV Import.
Learn More

Facebook Tracking Pixel App

Get App
A new app has been launched that provides a simple way to integrate Facebook's Tracking Pixel and Conversion Code.
Learn more here

Social Media Login (Facebook & Twitter)

Get App
A new app has been launched that allows you to offer Log-in with Facebook and Twitter options for your customers during Registration or Checkout!
Learn more here

Translations Import

The translation importer allows you to import a CSV of translations for global site elements like your checkout, shopping cart, log-in/forgot password pages and success/error messages.
Read more here: Importing Translations with a CSV

Category "Tree View"

When creating or editing a product, you can now manage it's categories in Search or "Tree View" mode.

New "View Category Tree"

New "View Category Tree"

A-Z Attribute Options Sort


Ability to sort Attribute Options Alphabetically

Ability to sort Attribute Options Alphabetically

Attribute options used to be sorted manually with drag & drop, move to top or bottom. But now we are giving you the ability to sort attribute options alphabetically with one-click.

Product Image XML Sitemap


Product in XML SiteMap with Image

Product in XML SiteMap with Image

Boost your SEO by enabling the image sitemap to add your product images to your auto-generated XML sitemap. (https://www.zoey.com/apps/xml-sitemap)

Sorting options for each Category


Ability for Admin to choose specific sorting options for each Category

Ability for Admin to choose specific sorting options for each Category

Suggest Edits

April 2017


1.6.5-8 - 28/Apr/17

  • Fix - Redirect customer to PayPal to choose another funding source when PayPal declined a payment with error #10486.
  • Fix - Saving a new/duplicated product with images, saves the wrong images.
  • Fix - Export CSV Delimiter Option
  • Fix - Newsletter Subscription Checkbox not visible on checkout
  • Fix - Abandon Cart: over 100 abandon carts per day.
  • Fix - Order Status not displayed in Order List
  • Fix - When purchasing Grouped Products, the Simple Product Images do not show in the checkout.
  • Fix - Schema.org Error on Product Page
  • Fix - Unable to translate "Company" in the Checkout

1.6.5-7 - 26/Apr/17

  • Fix - BigCommerce Migration Image Issue

1.6.5-6 - 24Apr/17

  • Improvement - Update eWay to 1.4.1
  • Fix - Customers can register even if reCAPTCHA enabled
  • Fix - eWay credit card creates two invoices

1.6.5-5 - 21/Apr/17

  • Fix - flush cache on mailchimp save
  • Fix - Need to hide Klevu API settings and set-up guide
  • Fix - Remove orphaned install script within Pixafy/Pixmagego module

1.6.5-4 - 20/Apr/17

  • Fix - Repair Klevu Provisions for Trials

1.6.5-3 - 20/Apr/17

  • Fix - Switch out invalid version monitoring email

1.6.5-2 - 18/Apr/17

  • Fix - Updated MailChimp/Taxjar Removal Hooks
  • Fix - Gift Card Confirmation Email Rejection
  • Fix - disable Newsletter subscription success email

1.6.5-0 - 18/Apr/17

Upgrade MageMonkey Mailchimp for Magento (New Module)

  • Fix - Product/Image Association CSV Import Bug
  • Fix - Can't process orders due to disabled Braintree method
  • Fix - URL Key Generating strangely
  • Fix - Generated product URL keys are not dupe-checked

1.6.4-1 - 17/Apr/17

  • Fix - Shopify Migration Orders Pagination Bug
  • Fix - code_pool error from EW cache

1.6.4-0 - 13/Apr/17

Adding re-CAPTCHA to Newsletter Subscription

1.6.3-0 - 13/Apr/17

  • Fix - Category Access Restriction Not Hiding Restricted Categories from nav
  • Fix - Secondary users -> My account broken
  • Fix - Multi-Store owners can switch to non existent stores
  • Fix - B2B Email template doesn't capture information
  • Fix - 301 Redirect drops query string
  • Fix - Customer Created Date in the future
  • Fix - Time stamp/date inaccurate for account creation

1.6.2-2 - 10/Apr/17

  • Improvement - PayPal not working reliably
  • Improvement - Integration with Tax Jar updated
  • Improvement - B2B restricted category will now hide from Navigation
  • Fix - Revert/modify sendmail Security Patch
  • Fix - Braintree not functioning

1.6.2-0 - 07/Apr/17

Apps Marketplace

New way to add Apps to your store at Zoey.com/apps

Google Customer Reviews

Google Trusted Stores migration to Google Customer Reviews

  • Fix - Integration to new Google Merchant Center

Featured Updates

MailChimp for Zoey App


Upgrade MageMonkey Mailchimp for Magento (New Module)

Upgrade MageMonkey Mailchimp for Magento (New Module)

Connect MailChimp to your Zoey Store with the MailChimp for Zoey App

Apps Marketplace


Apps Marketplace

Apps Marketplace

Zoey has just released our new app marketplace at zoey.com/apps where you can browse, filter, search and directly add new apps to your store! This Article explains how to add new apps.

Google Customer Reviews


Like Google Trusted Stores, Google Customer Reviews will offer a survey opt-in that allows your customers to provide high-quality feedback about their shopping experience on your site. However, the new program will not offer purchase protection. We’ve made this change to help us better focus our support on getting you quality reviews and seller ratings, the 2 major keys to driving more traffic to your site.

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March 2017


1.6.1-1 - 29/Mar/17

  • Fix - Importing 2nd Address Line
  • Fix - Remove setting for subcategory in header display - 27/Mar/17

  • Fix - Stripe 'Pay by Card' payment option showing up twice
  • Fix - SQL State Error during Product Import
  • Fix - Minimum Order Amount with PayPal Express
  • Fix - Category sort order not working
  • Fix - Wrong word in Localization > Currency > Options
  • Fix - PayPal Credit doesn't have sort order setting
  • Fix - Translations are not being added/picked up

1.6.0-4 - 24/Mar/17

  • Fix - Aftership app manage page is blank
  • Fix - CCAvenue Breaks Checkout

1.6.0-3 - 24/Mar/17 - 23/Mar/17

3rd Party Code moved to Vendor File Structure

  • Fix - FAC Payment Gateway Update
  • Fix - Post Affiliate Pro returns 404 error
  • Fix - Latest version of Klevu

1.5.25-0 - 15/Mar/17

  • Fix - B2B - Quick Order setting page broken
  • Fix - Setting fractional qty for "Qty for Item's Status to Become Out of Stock"
  • Fix - Product Image Sort Order doesn't save

1.5.24-0 - 14/Mar/17

  • Improvement - Enable POSIM Logging
  • Fix - Klevu update to 1.2.12

1.5.23-0 - 07/Mar/17

Extend Recaptcha to Contact Us & Reviews

  • Improvement - Schema.org updates for Category Pages
  • Fix - DC Success Page doesn't have correct order number

1.5.21-0 - 01/Mar/17

  • Fix - Fix frontend iteration count 100 Error

Featured Updates

Version 1.6 - 23/Mar/17

Zoey Version 1.6 has added support for our Developer Network to build and launch Apps for the Zoey App Marketplace.

Suggest Edits

February 2017


1.5.19-0 - 28/Feb/17

  • Fix - Fix for log-in redirect from log-in page
  • Fix - B2B - Payment and Shipping method Admin restriction optional
  • Fix - B2B - Bundled & Configurable Product - Pricing Not Updating with Selections
  • Fix - B2B - Typo in B2B > Registration Approval Settings > Email Alert Settings
  • Fix - B2B - Registration Pending Email is not sent
  • Fix - B2B - PW recovery Link missing on B2B login page
  • Fix - B2B - Quickview not displaying Add to Cart button for restricted products
  • Fix - CSV export of related products not working
  • Fix - After Customer Login it always redirects to Dashboard
  • Fix - Category Images Won't Save
  • Fix - Magento EE Migration Support

1.5.19-0 - 27/Feb/17

  • Feature - Global setting to default fixed/custom pricing on Configurable Products
  • Fix - B2B - Bundled & Configurable Product - Pricing Not Updating with Selections

1.5.18-1 - 17/Feb/17

Small & Thumbnail image functionality deprecated

1.5.18-0 - 16/Feb/17

  • Fix - Fix for VCS Payment Method

1.5.17-0 - 16/Feb/17


  • SECURITY - Open Redirect Vulnerability
  • Improvement - Braintree Token Caching to reduce page-load time of product page
    • Fix - Broken thumbnails images
    • Fix - Fixed error: Illegal scheme supplied, only alphanumeric characters are permitted

1.5.16-0 - 13/Feb/17

1.5.16-0: Change base URL 302 to 301

1.5.15-8 - 10/Feb/17

  • Fix - Fixing cdna9

1.5.15-7 - 10/Feb/17

  • Fix - Image Compression optimization & HTTP/2 cdn endpoint

1.5.15-6 - 09/Feb/17


  • SECURITY - Security Patch - SUPEE-9652 v2
    • Fix - New Customer in admin is assigned to "Admin" not to "Website"
    • Fix - Map Headers function in Dataflow Profiles not working
    • Fix - B2B - Customer Attribute fields missing on Registration page
      1.5.15-6: New setting in Customers>Settings to Sort Customer Addresses by Name
      1.5.15-6: Product sorting optimization

1.5.15-5 - 02/Feb/17

  • Fix - Option added to Products>Settings to disallow special characters in Product URLs

1.5.15-4 - 01/Feb/17

  • Fix - Added 301 follow links to image download product import

1.5.15-3 - 01/Feb/17

  • Fix - Exported Table Rates shows 3 character country codes
  • Fix - Logo not saving (Draft)

Featured Updates

1.5.18-1 - 17/Feb/17 - Small & Thumbnail image functionality deprecated

The database can still store Small and Thumbnail image values, but they will not be used in the admin or front-end of any Zoey store anymore. The Image (known now as the "main image") will be used everywhere and re-sized using image service.

Suggest Edits

January 2017


1.5.15-2 - 31/Jan/17

  • Improvement - Performance Optimization for Catalog Sort function
  • Fix - Shopify Migrations due to large product IDs
  • Fix - Product URLs using special characters during CSV import
  • Fix - Translations not saving
  • Fix - B2B Registration screen was not picking up translations

1.5.15-0 - 26/Jan/17


Remote code exploit - Zend Framework email

  • Improvement - Performance Improvement, reduce TTFB by 500ms
    • Improvement - Support for spaces and dashes in CC Number Fields
    • Improvement - Product Preview link now uses URL Key if properly indexed
    • Improvement - Added PayPal setting "Skip Order Review" to better support Checkout Terms & Conditions feature
    • Improvement - Added new Font for PDFs to better support Japan Characters in Invoices
    • Improvement - Add setting to sort regions by Region Code or, Name in Setup > Checkout Settings
    • Fix - Remove RSS App from App Store
    • Fix - Missing UK county (Berkshire) Adde
    • Fix - Abandoned Cart Link returns white page

1.5.15-0 - 25/Jan/17

  • Fix - Issues with Credit Card number forms

1.5.14-8 - 23/Jan/17

  • Fix - Duplicating Theme and editing unpublished one updates original theme.
  • Fix - Product URLs allowing special characters
  • Fix - Amazon Payments breaking 1st step of checkout

1.5.14-7 - 20/Jan/17

  • Fix - Fixed issues with App pages loading a blank page

1.5.14-6 - 20/Jan/17

  • Improvement - Platform File Structure changes

1.5.14-5 - 18/Jan/17

  • Improvement - Platform File Structure changes

1.5.14-4 - 18/Jan/17

  • Improvement - Platform File Structure changes

1.5.14-3 - 18/Jan/17

  • Improvement - Platform File Structure changes

1.5.14-2 - 17/Jan/17

  • Improvement - Platform File Structure changes

1.5.14-1 - 17/Jan/17

  • Improvement - Platform File Structure changes

1.5.14-0 - 12/Jan/17

Ability to import product images from external URLs via CSV

1.5.13-5 - 09/Jan/17

  • Improvement - Added two Product Media templates that groups product gallery images into a slider
  • Improvement - Product ID added to Admin Product Search, Admin Advanced Search and CSV Export
  • Improvement - dded ability to use Gift Cards for orders placed in the Admin
  • Improvement - Added "send line items to PayPal" setting to better support multi-currency, tax and discount issues
  • Improvement - User now has control over Product Gallery Media Background
  • Improvement - Allow user to edit filter navigation colors for "x" and "clear all"
  • Improvement - Font color in My Account now uses Theme Fonts & Colors
  • Improvement - Box/Strip background color appearing on some pages, not others
  • Improvement - Added drop-down arrow for Mobile Currency selector
  • Improvement - Ability to sort more than 20 Group Items in a Group Product
  • Improvement - Bulk Action: Added ability to set products to be taxable
  • Improvement - Bulk Action: Added ability to Bulk Edit all Price attributes
  • Improvement - Bulk Action: Added Cost of Manufacturer to Bulk Edit
  • Improvement - Bulk Action: Performance Enhancement
  • Fix - Cancelling changes to a HTML block will still save the changes
  • Fix - Fatal Error: 400 Cookies too large fixed
  • Fix - Duplicating Pages does not keep everything as it is
  • Fix - Checkout ZIP code field shows as required where it doesn't apply
  • Fix - Refunding an Out of Stock Item updates quantity but still says Out of Stock
  • Fix - Updating with Bulk Actions disables Sales rules and auto-sets product to be Visible
  • Fix - Abandoned Cart feature sends wrong scope email
  • Fix - API/v2_soap is_in_stock not working

1.5.13-4 - 06/Jan/17

  • Fix - Update currency code from ZMK to ZMW

Featured Updates

Major Platform Structure Changes

Zoey has made major back-end structural changes as we being launching our Developer Platform. these changes have no impact to the Admin or End-user but will allow for the launch of our Developer toolkit and Apps Marketplace.

Import Images from URL

Import images to your products without having to upload them to your Zoey Server.

Suggest Edits

December 2016


Featured Updates

1.5.13-2 - 28/Dec/16

  • Improvement - Cart & Account reduce min-width to 20px
  • Improvement - Clean up: Order page > Order Status filter drop down
  • Improvement - Add Homepage to Sitemap.xml
  • Fix - Shipment Importer - Skip Invalid Rows
  • Fix - Wrong name on Launch Center
  • Fix - "Depends" system config bug (failing to handle multiple values)
  • Fix - Spacing on the Newsletter block inconsistent
  • Fix - Special Characters won't display in invoices
  • Fix - Filter results box outline cuts off in mobile view
  • Fix - Category image preset 2 does not load image on front-end
  • Fix - Images on wishlist page skewed and blurry
  • Fix - Magento code has wrong currency for Zambia Kwacha
  • Fix - Moving Text Toolbar makes buttons disappear
  • Fix - Switching store-views in DC says there are unsaved changes
  • Fix - Change error screen during updates
  • Fix - Page name gets overwritten in design editor
  • Fix - Placing order in admin duplicates customer
  • Fix - Tax & Shipping Estimator shows restricted shipping options (B2B)
  • Fix - Support special characters in Invoices
  • Fix - Checkout ZIP code field shows as required where it doesn't apply
  • Fix - Social Share Block empty in backend
  • Fix - Abandoned Cart Email Template Setting - Not editable for each language.
  • Fix - Abandoned Cart Recovery Settings Breadcrumbs Order link goes to 404
  • Fix - 2 page invoices are printed overlapping on one page

1.5.13-1 - 21/Dec/16

  • Fix - Cannot Save Product Variations

1.5.13-0 - 21/Dec/16

  • Fix - fix error in parsing bg image property with full http(s):// value
  • Fix - Out of stock bundled products do not show out of stock message
  • Fix - Side Bar Navigation Will Not Collapse
  • Fix - Broken/Missing image leaves 1px box in DC that can not be clicked
  • Fix - Category Page - Small Images blurry on mobile
  • Fix - Wrong Base Curency Symbol showing in Price Fields
  • Fix - Invoice prints shows SKU and price overlapping
  • Fix - SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '517-133' for key 'UNQ_CATALOG_PRODUCT_SUPER_ATTRIBUTE_PRODUCT_ID_ATTRIBUTE_ID
  • Fix - Remove link from category page to old Reviews page. Link to Product Page
  • Fix - "Edit Item" link missing in Cart Page

1.5.12-12 - 19/Dec/16

  • Fix - Product Report do not show individual child SKU only parent
  • Fix - Remove the underline on social media hover
  • Fix - Associated Product Price , instead of .
  • Fix - "Only X Left Threshold" setting does not appear on the Product Page when enabled
  • Fix - Remove Analytics > Reports > Search Terms from interface
  • Fix - Product Image Zoom - strange behavior
  • Fix - SKU search for adding related products not returning results
  • Fix - Admin order creation: State is not populated
  • Fix - Featured Products widget appears to have no logic to its sorting
  • Fix - Blog is using H2 tags, instead of H1
  • Fix - Gift Card Email Template sending wrong subject line
  • Fix - Saving new attribute in product CRUD as not visible sets wrong visibility value
  • Fix - Alt Text for Logo not working

1.5.12-11 - 15/Dec/16

  • Fix - Newsletter subscribers missing
  • Fix - PayPal - Shopping Cart - Message
  • Fix - UPS Maximum Package Weight error
  • Fix - configurable product price js error
  • Fix - Edit My Design: Box Block pop-up "Learn More" link doesn't work
  • Fix - Attributes - Used in Product Listing tooltip no longer needed
  • Fix - Incorrect date on website

1.5.12-10 - 14/Dec/16

  • Fix - Store HTMLSitemap - lacking Canonicals
  • Fix - SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry
  • Fix - WYSIWYG Editing Issue

1.5.12-9 - 13/Dec/16

  • Improvement - Slider Images now accept Alt Tags
  • Improvement - USPS Shipping labels can't be translated
  • Improvement - Ability to translate Log-in, Create Account, Forgot Password, Reset Password and Empty Cart pages.
  • Fix - Product Image Zoom - strange behavior
  • Fix - Overlapping Text on first page of checkout
  • Fix - Bulk Action Delete doesnt work with "Select All"
  • Fix - Breadcrumbs doesn't work well on categories and product details page
  • Fix - Drop down sort options does not drop-down if you click on the black arrow inside of the dropdown.
  • Fix - duplicating product causing product to go out of stock when saving
  • Fix - Category Sort Order not applying correct settings
  • Fix - Code Editor window won't open
  • Fix - Jirafe Missing Product Names - Re-Send Product Data to Jirafe
  • Fix - Stock Item missing when duplicating products
  • Fix - Checkout Freezing
  • Fix - Edit Text Glitch

1.5.12-8 - 09/Dec/16

  • Fix - PayU ignoring DB Fix

1.5.12-7 - 09/Dec/16

  • Feature - [New Payment Gateway] PayU
    • Fix - Fatal Error - Zoey_Catalog_Model_Category_FieldMapper::map()
    • Fix - Remove core admin notification Magento
    • Fix - Mobile Header won't apply translations
    • Fix - Tax Rate Region Wildcard not working for UK
    • Fix - Image thumbnails won't show up in m2e pro listing
    • Fix - Google Trusted Store not showing on all pages
    • Fix - Product sales price not applying

1.5.12-6 - 07/Dec/16

  • Fix - Analytics > Insights > Non-Sellers: Not showing product images
  • Fix - Pixafy Logo in Manage Languages tool tips
  • Fix - Exported Table Rates shows 3 character country codes
  • Fix - Remove Analytics > Reports > Search Terms from interface
  • Fix - Bundled Products - With custom pricing won't save customization
  • Fix - B2B copy is the same under Quick Order Settings and Customer Group Minimum Order Amounts
  • Fix - Google Tag Manager app broken
  • Fix - Price display with and without VAT with Configurable Product
  • Fix - Duplicate content in blog
  • Fix - Gift Card Email Template not pulling correct store URL
  • Fix - Ebizmarts POS not auto-invoicing
  • Fix - Single Product Block Images Stopped Showing in Editor
  • Fix - Add Support Link to "Column names have duplicates" Import Error
  • Fix - Cannot select the "design" option of the mobile header
  • Fix - REST API - Oauth unable to login
  • Fix - Unpublished Homepage
  • Fix - Quickview not working from homepage
  • Fix - Product Variations saving with required options
  • Fix - Google Adword Conversion Tracking App not loading on new Order Success page

1.5.12-5 - 01/Dec/16

  • Fix - HTML from a Customization Description showing on product page & checkout
  • Fix - Jirafe Memory Issue
  • Fix - Coupon code/ rule field can't be removed, nor coupon entered

Importing Shipments & Tracking Numbers

The Shipping and Tracking # importer allows you to export a file with "shippable" orders and use it as a template to create shipments and import tracking numbers.