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Visual Design Editor Upgrade FAQ

Last updated 1/15/18

This documents relates to the Zoey v2 upgrade

This page covers common questions, information and risks about the new Visual Design Editor update, which is becoming available as of January, 2018. This page will be updated regularly with new information.

Visual Design Editor Upgrade Information

When will the update roll out?

Originally, the update was to be an automatic one rolling out to customers starting January 15, 2018. However, in response to customers requesting the ability to better control the timing of an upgrade, upgrades will take place on a site by site basis.

Customers can request the upgrade when ready, and upgrades will be conducted in the order they are requested. We encourage only customers who will be needing the design tools in the near future to request the new editor upfront. At some point we will roll out the tools to the customers who had not requested it yet, likely later in the year.

Notes about the upgrade process:

  • The Zoey team will run a pre-migration test on each site to make sure the design generally renders faithfully to the overall design of the existing site, and will resolve major issues before the migration.
  • During the upgrade to your site, the Visual Design Editor will be temporarily unavailable.
  • An email notification will be sent to the account owner upon completion of the upgrade.
  • We encourage customers and partners to review sites upon upgrade. While every attempt has been made to ensure the transition is seamless, there can and will be small shifts in site templates that may need a review or adjustment after the upgrade.

Are their risks to using the new Visual Design Editor?

There are always risks with accessing new software, which those upgrading should anticipate when requesting the upgrade:

  • The new Visual Design Editor has been tested by our team, but bugs may exist, especially right after launch. Bugs could limit the ability to implement certain features, or could temporarily create issues for customers on the front end, until they are resolved.
  • Documentation will be sparse at first, and will grow over time. Those opting for the upgrade should be comfortable digging around on their own moreso than would be expected during a normal rollout.
  • While we do our best to test during the pre-migration process, unexpected issues could pop up after upgrade.
  • Those who choose to upgrade at this phase should be comfortable with the process of reporting a bug, and giving helpful information to the support team in an effort to find and resolve the issue.

Given the risks during this phase of the process, we strongly encourage those whose designs are stable and aren't in need of immediate change to abstain from requesting the upgrade until a later announcement encouraging more customers to convert.

Conversely, those customers and partners beginning or in the middle of a build would be encouraged to leverage the new tools now to avoid any hassles during a conversion later.

If I don't upgrade to the Visual Design Editor, what happens?

Initially, for the most part, not much - the same tools you've enjoyed up until now will be available to you to continue using. You will miss out on new features in the new design tools, so we do encourage our customers to upgrade when they're planning on their next round of design changes.

Certain apps may require the new design tools over time; one of the major improvements was to make it easier for apps to hook into our designs with blocks and code of their own. If you encounter an app that requires this and you haven't upgraded yet, you will receive an alert requiring you to upgrade prior to installing the app.

We expect that by the time many of our customers encounter this need, the Visual Design Editor will be more stable, reducing the risks of making the move. We will communicate with customers periodically about where we are in that process.

If I don't request an upgrade to the Visual Design Editor, will you at some point move me automatically?

We do intend on eventually migrating all customers to the new tools, for a consistent Zoey experience for all stores. The timing of that will be determined in the future, but is expected at the time this document was last revised to be sometime later in 2018.

Who can request the upgrade?

The Store Owner must be the one to request the upgrade, through this form. Once confirmed, upgrades will be processed in the order they are received.

Once I request an upgrade, how long will it take for my site to access the new tools?

Since we will be offering a first-come, first-served approach to rolling out the tools, those who request it earlier will get them earlier. That said, we advise to expect at least some delay between the time you request the tools and the time you receive them, so please plan accordingly - request the tools in advance of any major design work if you plan on using them to update your site.

About the Visual Design Editor Upgrade

What is the Visual Design Editor Upgrade?

The new CMS makes it easier to edit the content without touching the design.

The new CMS makes it easier to edit the content without touching the design.

It is a package of hundreds of improvements and enhancements to Zoey's Visual Design Editor, where theming and design is managed. Work on this project began nearly a year ago, and with thousands of hours invested, is the largest single Zoey enhancement project in its history.

What can I expect in the update?

The new My Account design can be activated and then edited upon the launch of the new Visual Design Editor.

The new My Account design can be activated and then edited upon the launch of the new Visual Design Editor.

Hundreds of improvements and additions will be made to the editor with this update, drawn from both feedback of our customers and partners, as well as areas of opportunity identified by Zoey research.

Updates include:

  • A new CMS system that makes it easier to edit content like images or text without changing the core design
  • Dozens of new blocks for infinite design possibilities to make a site your own
  • Ability to more fully customize the design of the My Account homepage and Blog
  • Branding section allows you to set default fonts and colors globally for your site
  • Lock components together for easier drag-and-drop of sections of your site in one piece
  • Full-width elements, such as sliders, for a fully responsive design look and feel
  • Asset manager lets you upload custom code for specific pages, as well as fonts and images for your templates

Upgraded Visual Design Editor Support

If I notice any issues with my site after launch, how do I notify you?

Open a ticket through the normal process. Additional common questions will appear here over time.

Are there tutorials regarding the new Visual Design Editor?

At the moment documentation is sparse, and will be built out over time. We will be offering a webinar to go over some of the key features of the editor in February. You can register here.

Visual Design Editor Upgrade FAQ

Last updated 1/15/18