4.9.15-0 30/Sept/2020

  • Improvement - Ability to see which account a customer belongs to on the customer screen
  • Improvement - Updating Quote item qty will not refresh the page
  • Improvement - Require Login for Quote Submit will now display a login form

4.9.14-0 29/Sept/2020

  • Improvement - Fixed customer attributes ampersand value being html escaped
  • Improvement - Fixed is_logged_in property for product attachment causing import error

4.9.13-0 24/Sept/2020

  • Improvement - Category Product Manage screen now shows sort order fields when category has no products
  • Improvement - Fixed order report not showing status selector
  • Improvement - Fixed discarding draft not working

4.9.12-0 18/Sept/2020

  • Improvement - Allow Mobile setting added to Team User/Role Screen

4.9.11-0 18/Sept/2020

  • Improvement - Giftcards are not going to be activated until payment is received.
  • Improvement - Can no longer resend giftcard email for giftcards that are inactive
  • Improvement - Manually activating a giftcard that is inactive will send the email to the recipient.
  • Improvement - View gift card page now has a link to order that created it (if applicable).
  • Improvement - View order page no longer has Resend Giftcard Email in the giftcard line item. Instead there is a new section detailing the giftcards that were created in the order. If a giftcard in an order has qty > 1 it cannot be partially invoiced (ex if a giftcard has qty 3 all must be invoiced at the same time).
  • Improvement - Partial invoice will now check for gift card in invoice items.
  • Improvement - Gift Card mass action cannot send email if order inactive and email never sent.

4.9.10-0 17/Sept/2020

  • Improvement - Adding deprecating message to create shipping label / packages pop up in admin shipment create.
  • Improvement - Fixed quote guest submit when require login setting is enabled
  • Improvement - Allows trials to make staff accounts. Staff account license usage will now update without page refresh.

4.9.9-0 14/Sept/2020

  • Improvement - Fixing issue with out of stock products being removed because of product price index join type
  • Improvement - Fixing wishlist not showing OOS products
  • Improvement - Adding ability to show Price Column in Advanced Quick Order as well as add Product Attributes to show as options.

4.9.8-0 11/Sept/2020

  • Improvement - Disabled ability to change customer/sales rep for placed company orders
  • Improvement - Removing grouping from giftcard admin grid edit which breaks pagination.
  • Improvement - Fixed avatax system-disabled.xml not being merged due to the enabled check

4.9.7-0 10/Sept/2020

  • Improvement - Updating totals to not show Grand Total large and bold.
  • Improvement - Adding created_at and last_used columns to giftcard admin grid.
  • Improvement - Can now use customer_email without customer_id when updating/creating accounts and locations.
  • Improvement - Added setting to only create payment records on qb invoices for specific payment methods.

4.9.6-0 10/Sept/2020

  • Improvement - Making sure Amount Paid and Total Due are last totals rendered.

4.9.5-0 03/Sept/2020

  • Improvement - Fixing issue with Add to wishlist not working for AQC
  • Improvement - Fixing issue with Order PDF template not using the value from the admin.
  • Improvement - Adding validation for Minimum Order Qty for Quotes
  • Improvement - Fixing cart discount issue when catalog prices include tax.

4.9.4-0 04/Sept/2020

  • Improvement - Report by product category now works for child products not assigned to a category (changed to use parent product category if child product)
  • Improvement - Fixed broken totals in report for variations (changed to use parent prices since they are not available on the child)
  • Improvement - Fixed report by category sql error when category filter is not selected

4.9.3-0 03/Sept/2020

  • Improvement - Customer tax class overwrite in Admin Quotes will now be used when converting to Order
  • Improvement - Fixed customer tax class overwrite in Admin Quotes not being used when the customer converts the Quote to an Order

4.9.2-0 03/Sept/2020

  • Improvement - Fixed Group Pricing upload on the Account screen
  • Improvement - Fixed company sales rep filter
  • Improvement - Adding DroidSansFallback font for PDF
  • Improvement - Added product_id to order item response for v1 rest api

4.9.1-0 03/Sept/2020

  • Improvement - Removed file type check for customer group price sheet import since it doesn't work on windows (missing file.type property) lowercased SKU in customer group price sheet upload information since thats whats expected from the uploader
  • Improvement - Added product crud roles to API v2.
  • Improvement - Adding amount due and balance paid to the totals of invoice/order email/pdf

4.9.0-0 01/Sept/2020

  • Improvement - Added SourceHanSansSC font for pdf
  • Improvement - Added weight to additional table-row template
  • Improvement - Added Item Comment from Admin Order Create to customer's cart to display on the customer checkout, success page, invoice email and pdf
  • Improvement - Adding ability for payment method to set order status when authorizing and after invoicing.

4.8.7-0 01/Sept/2020

  • Improvement - Update to swatches on table view to switch pictures when clicked
  • Improvement - Added item weight to all remaining item locations