3.39.0-0 26/Sept/2019

  • Improvement - Email template variable code is now listed on all attributes
  • Improvement - Show Internal Comments on Pick List

3.38.0-0 23/Sept/2019

NEW FEATURE: Restrict Place Order To Specific Products by Attribute
This new feature has settings in Customers > Groups with an override on the customer itself to restrict the customer from placing orders with products that have different values of the same product custom attribute. For example, if products are tagged with a custom attribute called "Manufacturer", this setting allows you to block customers from placing orders with items from multiple different manufacturers.

3.36.0-0 18/Sept/2019

  • 3rd Party App Update - Mailchimp App updated to Version 1.1.17
  • Improvement - Account > Change Store - Store List is now alphabetized

3.35.0-0 13/Sept/2019

NEW FEATURE: Orders And Quotes Charts
You can now update Order Attributes and Order Status by importing a CSV File. Learn more here:
Importing Order Attribute Updates
Importing State/Status

  • Improvement - Catalog Restrictions > Hide Product Variations - Ability to set per product

3.34.0-0 11/Sept/2019

  • Improvement - Table View / Attribute Changes - When Products > Settings > Pull Through Simple Product Custom Attributes Data is set to YES, the Product Page Configurable Product Table View will automatically show any visible custom attribute on the variation product as a column.
  • Improvement - Products > Product List NEW Filter - Visible Parent - This filter allows you to show variation products only if their parent configurable product is enabled/visible.

NEW FEATURE: Orders And Quotes Charts
A new configurable chart widget has been added to the Orders List and Quotes List pages. The "Blocks" of the charts can be configured to show different data by using the same filtering interface as the Tabs or List. Drag & Drop to re-arrange and click the pencil icon to edit filters, titles and colors.

NEW FEATURE: Auto Add Product To Cart
Using Promotions > Discount Rules you can automatically add a product to a customer's shopping cart if they meet specific conditions. Use this rule type for Buy X get Y or Free Product promotions.
Learn More Here

3.32.0-0 04/Sept/2019

NEW FEATURE: Admin Order Create and Quote Profit Calculation
Enable Profit Calculation in Orders > Settings. This will add Row Cost and Row Profit columns to the Items on the Admin Order Create and Quote screen as well as a Profit total above the Grand Totals.

Cost and Profit Calculation in the Items SectionCost and Profit Calculation in the Items Section

Cost and Profit Calculation in the Items Section

Profit Calculation in the Subtotals SectionProfit Calculation in the Subtotals Section

Profit Calculation in the Subtotals Section